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Anyone and everyone with half a brain said so at the time. The domestic trials did nothing and would have led to unnecessary deaths.

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So pathetic.

I was there (in Ohtemachi) on Friday night to see if I can get one of the thawed and unused vaccines just prior to closing hour. I was told “no way” because the site is only for those 65 and above. So ridiculous.

There was no one getting vaccinated but masses of bureaucrats and administrators just hanging around.

Our taxes are paying for this. Our livelihoods are suffering because of this.

So, so, wrong.

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

It is awful. So ridiculous.

I went to the Ohtemachi site last week at 7pm to see if I can get a shot from amongst the dethawed ones they will throw away at the end of the day. They turned me away and said “No. Only 65 and above are permitted.” What tools. Total bureaucratic incompetence. There were a bunch of self-important officials with clipboards, bags of empty counters, and basically lots of people hanging around doing nothing. Total abject waste.

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