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This young lady is an example for us all. Only her health matters now. And for all of us that is the only thing we should think about. She will, in this new challenge to her, and with her courage and positive attitude, set a further example to all of us and her fellow athletes in particular.

my support and respects, young lady

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

this is of course totally unacceptable ane the woman should apologize in writing to the athletes concerned.

what is more worrying is that not a single Japanese athlete has condemned this. Neither did Mss Osaka and her comments would make a big difference here. That she has not heard it? Unlikely. Furthermore the organisors should make amends by supporting an African youth club. They did the right thing to react in public but more action from them is needed.

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Posted in: Calls mounting for JOC chief Takeda to resign amid scandal See in context

it is the role of Dentsu which has to be reviewed. They monopolise in a very unhealthy way relations with all sports federations , controling bid committees, organising committees, marketing, sponsorships, management, endorsements, licensing, franchising, investments, tv rights, media in Japan. And They do so from a power position but with very little real expertise. They use muscles, not brains. It was Dentsu advising Tanaka San to make the payment knowing full well that Mr Han’s company was an empty box

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Posted in: Mother, two daughters, aged 6, 4, found dead in car in apparent murder-suicide See in context

This woman was desperate, for whatever reason. It is wrong to take her children with her, but she could not see that anymore.

We, specially, foreigners, in Japan, must try and help more. It is difficult for me to really understand Japanese people and I come here for 30 years and live here a total of 11 years.i try.

On the other hand Japanese people in general do not open up to foreigners. Combine that with an ever more selfish attitude from all people and there are more and more people feeling isolated and desperate.

I have no solution, I can only try to help when I see where I can help. But must of us, could try harder, that includes myself

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They can’t survive. Not in the us and not in Japan. They entered to late and bring nothing new. Just like e-bay failed the first time and will fail again.

key is the ease of payment and use of the platform in general.

I give them 2 years max and they are gone

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Posted in: Japan's 2018 farm, fisheries exports hit record high for 6th straight year See in context

the buyers of the export products are paying a fraction of what we pay here in Japan for apples, strawberries... why can i buy Japanese strawberries in Hongkong at less than half price from Japan?

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Posted in: Asahi buys Fuller's beer business for $327 million See in context

Amazing, paying 327 USD for NOT owning a brand.  It is a global license Asahi buys, and with it, an old factory building which can only serve as a museum in a couple of years.

Asahi is panicking on the decreasing sales in the home market and overpays for this property. The brand has very little expansion potential. British beers are not the best fit for international market unless they are commonwealth markets and there, the brand is already represented.

In general, beer sales are decreasing, not only in Japan and growth markets are few.  Asahi should have bought the pub and hotel business from Fuller's but they are not crazy, they keep that, meaning they hold distribution control. Asahi could have pushed it's beers and other brands through that channel, now, they even depend on Fuller's to keep the distribution in the Fuller pubs and hotels. Sure, there will be , as part of the contract , an assured period of distribution guarantees, but still, Asahi does not have that long term control.

Anyway, there is an history of Japanese brewers overpaying for international brands, and this is one o them.

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Posted in: Over half of Rugby World Cup tickets already sold See in context

I always said about a third of the tickets will not be sold. LOC2019 will force them on to the local governments and host cities. Quite Some tickets will be returned by federations like Italy, Fiji, Canada and the dedicated travel agents.

i think instead of 26 billion sales organisors should be happy making 20 to 22 billion from their tickets. But that is still good , only mistake has always been to hype the whole event too much and now expectations that have been raider can not be met.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney tells fans: Don't be like me and eat too much See in context

the worst Sir Paul Mccartney ever wrote still easily beats anything that is put out today under the name “ music” .

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

I would give up my Belgian citizenship immediately for a Japanese pasport. I have done enough for Japan to earn one while my country’s Embassy staff has stolen my 2 dogs , get cover from the Ambassador himself. If that sounds incredible, i agree. Still , just as true.

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Posted in: Shop selling sharkskin products hoping to revive tsunami-hit city See in context

There is no need for argument.  This is simply disgusting.

Sharks are fantastic animals. Yes, there will be accidents with people , it's unavoidable, but it does not justify the totally out of proportion murder of these beautiful animals. 

Yes, they bite, so do lions, snakes, crocodiles… but.. we are the ones who can think, put things in proportion, understand an animal that has instincts, not thoughts.  Than, it is one thing to kill them to eat, another to sell their skins and portray them as trophees. That is barbaric. 

Sad, just sad

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Posted in: Premiership Rugby sells minority stake to private equity firm See in context

What next level ?

When CVC bought F 1 , it was already a money-making entity and CVC basically only had to empower Mr Ecclestone to make it more so. I guess CVC , not really risk takers, has already a nice tv deal and an exit strategy lined up. If not, they will loose a bit of money but if this does not work, pro rugby is finished in the UK.

It is possible CVC will bring in one of the sports marketing big companies to sell global tv rights of the PL league, but it is not football. we will have to wait and see, i guess.

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Posted in: 9 more med schools involved in misconduct after another admits exam rigging See in context

Nepotism is everywhere and detrimental to society. It leads to or is a symptom of, decadence.

But not only in Japan also in my country Belgium where half or more of the politicians are sons and daughters off.. elected in by interest groups wanting to keep a status quo as their insurance to hang on to power.

And where a few families run the economy for decade after decade by well placed nephews and nieces. I have been given a fair chance in Japan and I took it and I return what I can to society. Only the theft of my 2 dogs, my brothers and the inaction by the legal system is what I can not accept so I am getting them back myself, in Japan.Point here being, yes, some people need to fight harder than others and more obstacles are placed in front of some people, but overcoming problems is a life long endeavour that only stops with dead.

There is always going to be nepotism and favoritisme, we don’t need to nag about it, but fight it. Count on no one, friends are people whom have not yet converted into enemies. Sad but just as true.

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Posted in: Komusubi Takakeisho wins 1st career championship See in context

Always nice to see a new star born. I expect him to make oseki, maybe not yokozuno, that will depend in part on the strenght of others from his generation. But a composed, clever and strong young man doing himself proud. A happy family tonight and a great ending to the tournament. While i miss half of my family it gives great comfort to see others happy.

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Posted in: Japan beats Russia 32-27 in World Cup preview See in context

A very important win for the japan fans to keep faith in a good outcome for the Blossoms during RWC. It was close. Too close for comfort as Russia was leading the entire game and will gain self confidence for the RWC opening game. Still Japan is the clear favourite to get off to a winning start. A pity for the organisation that HKG did not make it as it would have brought thousands of HKG fans to the stadium. Officially representing 2 of the finalists, one in the same group as Japan, and as a japan resident, i want Japan to do well as the future of rugby in Japan largely depends on a good outcome.

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Posted in: Do you think stores should stop providing customers with plastic shopping bags for free to reduce plastic waste? See in context

I am always taking my own textile bag when i go shopping and one or two paper bags i reuse several times from supermarkets. The paper ones i get when i bought more than planned. Every super in Japan has paper bags and plastic ones.

but the struggle is trying to stop the cashiers from pushing plastic bags, disposable plastic spoons, chopsticks, tissues etc on to you.

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Posted in: Japan, EU sign massive trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs See in context

Thank you, Mr Noakes, for a professional analyses. I agree fully with you. The EU side will actually drop all tarifs on cars and spade parts While Japan will remplaceer current taxes and duties with others or complicatie import restrictions even further while keeping duty free quota ultra low. This is not a win win but a Japan ko victory and i Congratule the Japan negotiators. And by the way cheddar comes from the uk if the origin clause will aplly on the product and there is such a thing as brexit

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Posted in: Death toll reaches 195; more than 60 still missing in flood-hit areas See in context

Miss Yarrow, you are absolutely correct, i have no experience whatsoever with “ disaster humor “ and i am glad i dont . I see nothing funny about 200 dead people and thousands loosing their homes.

And i am not your “ mate “ , but Mr Maes to you

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Posted in: Death toll reaches 195; more than 60 still missing in flood-hit areas See in context

Like many here, I feel for the horse, but in the meantime it is safe BUT I find those of you making bad jokes here totally out of line. Most likely around 250 people have died. I hold an animals life very dear.  But this is a time for respect, not bad jokes.

I find Japanese people very tolerant for the, to me, obvious criminal negligence by local and federal authorities. There is no way, that , even a disaster of this magnitude, should claim this many lives in one of the worlds richest and most advanced countries. This is still a time to try and save and recover lives, after and only after, there have to be serious questions raised. Pointing fingers is not going to solve anything but this was , to an extend, avoidable and should never happen again, anywhere in Japan.

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Posted in: At least 50 dead as record rains prompt mass evacuations in southwest Japan See in context

Zichi, your arguments are valid and just as correct as mine.  I am also in Japan since long,  this is the 2nd time I live here and I am staying here, but I still consider myself a guest, as I am not born in Japan, even though I did and do my part to earn the privilege to live here. I created even a J league team out of nothing. 

Devoting our lives to Japan is in part true as well, on the other hand, I get back a lot from this country.  love/hate relationship in part, you know that feeling. My dogs were stolen here, my brothers of 11 and 8 years. I know who has them but I can only hope the people who took them, understand their mistake, all other ways, I have tried. I try not to hate them, but to show they are wrong. I understand people's sorrows and problems better because of this and try to help others instead of fighting people and waste negative energy as they know they are wrong but can not find the courage to admit it to themselves or whom are scared to be seen " loosing " by returning them to me, while actually they would win, doing so. Don't get me wrong, I do al I can every day to convince them. These 2 are my family.

You are right again that i can go and do more and not being handy is not an excuse not to. I will go next Sunday after I determine how I can spend that day usefully. You are right, thank you for making me realise it.

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Posted in: At least 50 dead as record rains prompt mass evacuations in southwest Japan See in context

As foreigners living in Japan, we talk too much, complain too much because, at the end of the day, we are guests here and all happy to live and be here. 

So, my wife and I offer to take in 2 people, aged, young, couple,... for up to 3 months while their house is being repaired or cleaned.  And no, we are not rich, we do not have a big house, but we can manage this. Me going there to help, would be more than a nuisance than a help as I am not very practical and I would be in the way. So this is what i can do. 

Those whom think prayers help..maybe.. not my place to say..but it certainly is not enough to excuse yourself from doing anything else

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Posted in: Froome calls on skeptical fans to let him ride Tour in peace See in context

And ever arrogant and a big mouth and lying. He should get 18 months suspension and humbly accept his punishment for clear cheating. Only sky money and lawyers got him off. He is a disgrace to the sport

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Posted in: Federer faces ID crisis in switch from Nike to Uniqlo See in context

Roger Federer is a great player, has excellent management, and he is as close to perfect as any brand Ambassador can be.

Uniqlo already got their money’s worth. And he will get a deal with Nike on shoes and the RF sub brand. Nike is in check mate position, if they are clever and not emotional, they will just take the shoe/rf deal. Mr Federer will only play this and maybe next season anyway

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Posted in: 3 WWII Japanese Navy subs found almost intact in Sea of Japan See in context

”found” is funny. The entire event was filmed by the allied forces when they sunk them and their positions were registered. Everything about those vessels is documented and they were nothing but iron hulls when they were scuttled

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Posted in: What's your prediction for the Belgium-Japan World Cup game on Monday? See in context

Belgium will win with 5-1 if they put pressure from the beginning. If Japan can survive the first 25 minutes it has a small chance, but this is the worst Japan team in 25 years and a worse coach.  I am not referring to the last game but to all the games played under him.  He does not have a clue what to do.

They lost the preparation games, and besides all the hype, they could only manage a win against a side with one man down for 87 minutes. Not Japan's fault that, but it did show the weakness of the team. Only against Senegal they played well.

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Posted in: Have you had any bad experiences using Airbnb? See in context

I tried air BNB in japan.  Never have I received what was promised.  And I did not take cheap ones, no. 

Before my dogs were stolen from me, I went with the dogs, where they agreed to take pets, they afterwards wanted more money, not that anything was broken or it was dirty, just more money. 

Tv's don't work, cleaning is not good…. nothing good to say about Airbnb, they should be forbidden. Just as Uber. Both operating on the margin of legality and causing a lot of harm.

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Posted in: Cavani scores twice as Uruguay ousts Portugal 2-1 See in context

France - Uruguay could be the best game of the tournement

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Posted in: Samoa thrash Germany to move within sight of World Cup See in context

Not good news for Japan but of course expected and predictable like almost everything in rugby for national teams. Still Japan can beat them.

8 countries, or regions in the world , play top rugby, 3 or 4 passable rugby, the others are amateurs having fun( nothing wrong with that) and try to naturalize as many NZ, Australian and South African players as possible.

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Posted in: Original SoftBank dog Kai-kun passes away at 16 See in context

I hope he was happy, loved by his owners and he enjoyed most of work he is a thin line between the dog enjoying it playfully or him being used and abused. My life and my wife’s are destroyed since our dogs were taken from us and those who took them refuse to show humanity in returning them to their loving family. We try everything , really everything to get our brothers back home. We ask eveyone to help us. My boys love their family and they are torn from it and from eachother. It is heartbreaking. We kindly ask everyone to support us

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Posted in: Japan cosmetics firm Kanebo seeks to promote 'J-beauty' to world See in context

Very good decision to stop the tupperware and amway style sales and to streamline the product range. Cosmetic sales is all about marketing, not quality.

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