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Posted in: Struggling WeWork mulls bailout deals with SoftBank, JP Morgan See in context

The only realistic survival opportunity is through Softbank. They have the pockets, the will and the potential to turn this mess around.

However, Wework will have to be reduced to maybe a third of its current size and than grown again on solid footing instead of air and cheap talk. It will take anything from 18 months to 5 years, to make any money for Weworks and JP Morgan does not have that patience and it would be hard for them to push their clients into stepping into such a situation unless, Softbank leads the way. 

But Softbank has the power to go it alone, and if they decide not to take their losses and cut Wework loose they will not want to share their hard work and efforts with JP Morgan, sitting on the side , risking little looking for big gains. If I was at WeWork, I would be very nice to Mr Son, right now.

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

Scotland is absolutely correct to challenge loc2019 and irb for this shambolic non-organisation. That things went well thus far is no excuse, that is the norm for a worldcup organiser. But first challenge to their efficiency and preparation and it is chaos.

6 years to prepare and the contingency plan was to move games for 20km ? When could that ever have worked ? Obviously not in a typhoon, certainly not for an earthquake as the alternative stadium would have to undergo stability checks. Very unlikely in a case of volcanic eruptions... so.... when would it work ?

For everyone of the 48 games a contingency should have been in place and thanks to Japans geographic form, it was possible to do so. And this decision in this case could have been taken 4 to 5 days prior to the games as the typhoon has been announced for as long. Teams, fans( partly),press, broadcast, could all have been relocated.

It is unacceptable for IRB And Loc2019 not to reschedule all games. Unworthy for any worldcup organiser specially one proudly boasting for years about contingency plans for all eventualities.

Of course people’s safety comes first but using it as an excuse is poor skills.

People will actually die in this typhoon and damage repairs will take weeks if not months, so, the real human thing is to cancel the rest of the worldcup and for all teams, players, organisers fans, to help with the reconstruction in the form of physical help or monetary. The latter i am sure they will do.

But bad organisation skills should not be camouflaged with this typhoon. THAT is disrespectful to all, most of all to the people whom will suffer in this typhoon

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Posted in: O'Shea rues 'horrible' end to Italy's World Cup campaign See in context

Ever since I am professionally involved in rugby I hear only talk about FairPlay and rugby family. Really?

In that case the solution is as simple as it gets. Australia and others refuse to play unless all group matches are played and rescheduled. No matter what punishment IRB or Loc2019 threatens with, they can never be enforced or the World Cup ends here and rugby is finished.

All the teams he teams need to do is stand firm and stand together.

As rugby claims to be different, now is the time to proof it.

Might also spare a thought for the real rugby family, the fans !

Logistically , including broadcast, it is a challenge but certainly very possible.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Outright shambles and a scandal.

And making the decision on Sunday about the Japan game serves only one purpose, the qualification of Japan. That game can be postponed now. Till Monday. No problem at all. So could the Saturday games. Since the winner of the Japan game will face NZ, they would have the same restdays before quarter finals.

lets see, IRB, JRFU, Loc2019, 12 host cities and staff, 35000 volunteers, STH, IMG, Dentsu and JTB, but not possible to simply reschedule 3 games ?

Apart from the fact they had 6 years to prepare for this eventuality, of which the organisers said they were fully prepared for.

Are the “ organisers “ also reimbursing the airline tickets, hotels and other expenses of the foreign ticket holders ?

Why cancel 2 games, 2 days in advance and the Sunday game on Sunday only ?

Yes, there is a big difference between Italy and Scotland, the first not even dreaming they can beat the All Blacks and qualify while the Scottish are favourites to qualify against Japan.

This is pure incompetence under the umbrella of safety. Good management will not compromise safety and still have those games played

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Posted in: Business mood in Japan sours to six-year low as trade war bites See in context

As a business owner in Japan I can and will hit back. In 2 ways, by reinvesting less profits into the market and by cancelling several entertainment expenses which are not directly increasing our revenue.

We are taxed enough in Japan as it was.

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Posted in: Moment of truth coming for Brexit with time running out, EU and Britain say See in context

Mr Kipling, in 2018, Uk government official statistics shows 46,6 % of Uk’s total export went to the EU partners. Surely that is the number to look at because when exports decline that has an enforced impact on GDP

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka changes coach for second time this year See in context

Her main problem is not her coach but herself. She has not been able to coop with her star status and already believes she knows best. She does indeed need a better coach than the one just fired but more than anything she needs a good manager who teaches her how to talk and present herself. And a good psychologist.

In the past 9 months she has been more concerned with her hair and looks than her tennis. She does not have the grinta anymore, no more hunger to win, she is playing the public more than her opponent. That is 10 years to early. She needs to stop flirting with camera ‘s and trying to be “cute” and listen to her team, providing she hires the right experts and not “ yes” men and women.

She has little time left to find herself and she actually worries me.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 unveils Paralympic torchbearer uniforms See in context

What an incredible disrespect towards Paralympics athletes and lesser abled people in general.

it proofs once again the complete disconnection with reality by the loc2020 , not to mention the enormous pr and marketing blunder this represents. Most worrying however is the lack of complaints about this from the Japanese public.

A disgrace

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

There is no debate.  If they win, they are Japanese, if they loose, they are foreigners

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Posted in: E-commerce company Mercari takes majority stake in Asian champs Kashima See in context

strange for j league to accept such a sale. Mercari can only hope to become profitable in Japan but the declining population and worsening economy makes that unlikely. Sumitomo has much deeper pockets. The team might go down with the company.

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Posted in: UK and Sapporo bond over beer and rugby See in context

It is becoming pathetic to read always rugby and beer in one sentence. If the sport is only an excuse to poor down pints of lager , than why bother with the rugby at all. Paper crane folding for rugby fans is also a good one.

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Posted in: Lao Airlines to launch Vientiane-Kumamoto service in November See in context

Not so strange. Kumamoto needs agricultural workers, they will come in on student or tourist visa’s and work in Kumamoto where the local authorities will look the other way.

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Posted in: Skating tips See in context

She gets a dog in Japan while my 2 beautiful cocker spaniels are stolen from me in Japan, and that is not on tv

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Posted in: Colonial-era Korean laborers want Mitsubishi compensation See in context

two things

1) I still have to read of the first Korean to resign from his job at a Japanese company in South Korea. Strange that they think it is ok to keep taking their money.

2) I don't think 2nd generation or further down should be allowed to ask compensation on behalf of the family members whom where forced to work for Japan, unless those workers are still alive. There must be an end sometimes. 

I find myself here mainly on the Japanese side of the argument.  Although I disagree with the counter measures Japan has taken and will take. It is a perfect opportunity here for Japan to take the high moral ground. One not to be missed.  Kono San is an intelligent man and he should not give in to party pressure from LDP but stick to his own principals. He has already disappointed me once with this childish insistence for non Japanese to write the Japanese sir name first.  Everyone here uses a first name to address foreigners.  Should we be offended ? It is not polite in Europe to call someone by his first name unless they invite you to do so.  But a bit of flexibility goes a long way.

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Posted in: 15-year-old Gauff's magical journey continues at Wimbledon See in context

A great champion is Born. Not only because of these 3 wins but because of the way she did it. This is a number 1 and she will stay there for a long time.

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Posted in: Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, Miki Sudo win annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest See in context

should have made it an Olympic sports for Tokyo2020, could have meant 2 more medals( chocolate of course)

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Posted in: Online fashion retailer Zozotown develops foot-scanning tech for perfect-fitting shoes See in context

Invents ??? Make me laugh.  Since decades sports shops and specialty shoe shops have these machines to scan your feet.  Only way to make sure the shoes you order are a good fit for you is , to go try the model in a brick and mortar store or to order the same model you already have. 

And unless they make the shoes to measure, it is only a gadget, nothing more.

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Posted in: Some Rugby World Cup host cities unhappy with tight security rules See in context

None of the training camps or host cities are dealt a fair deal, nor by The Loc2019, nor by JRFU, nor by IRB. On the other hand, i warned most of them and none listened. Most of them are just used to pick up bills with no or few ROI. They should all have dealt directly with the teams, as there is nothing preventing them from so. No point in complaining now. It is too late anyway and yes they are right, no one will know or remember where the teams stayed or trained but they only have themselves to blame

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Posted in: Organizers vow to keep beer flowing at Rugby World Cup See in context

what an utter nonsense this article. I guess the writer is snuggling up to Heineken and the Loc2019 to assure at least his flow of beer is not interrupted and he is assured of the nice parti invites.

That’s all you can think about concerning the worldcup rugby? Beer and the fables of sold out games ?

they might not be violent hooligans the rugby fans but that does not make them gentlemen. Far from. But I agree that a loud drunk is better than a violent drunk

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Posted in: Nintendo takes Mario Kart company to court for 2nd time and wins yet again See in context

I personally saw 2 incidents in the past month. One of the carts parked right outside Shibuya station minus one back wheel and an accident close to Hibiya where police was taking notes and the drivers all sitting on the sidewalk.

these things should not be allowed on the streets if only to protect all other road users.

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Posted in: Rebels smash Sunwolves 52-7 to boost finals hopes See in context

I saw the game, it was really embarrassing for Sunwolves and it's fans.  The only trial came after a kick clearance going wrong for The Rebels.

Japan has never had, nor will it ever have, the pretended following, exposure, participation or fanbase, that is pretended by LOC2019, or JRFU.  On the contrary, the domestic players and fan base is declining.  And i am afraid that the worldcup 2019 will weigh financially so heavy on JRFU that it will have to go in administration in 2020. How come nobody asks the obvious question about " how many new players have registered with JRFU in 2019  ?  The very first question that should come to mind with every self respecting journalist. if a worldcup does not grow your players base, than, what will ?

Also, rugby is not growing in Asia.  The only continent where rugby can grow and blossom, economically and in participation numbers is North America. In Africa participation can grow but not commercially.

The sooner rugby accepts that it is a side kick to baseball, soccer, golf, tennis…. the better it will be for rugby

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Posted in: Kanazawa aiming to become esports mecca to attract young people See in context

Very shortsighted and self deceptive. People playing these video games, usually are city kids, not country dwellers. It won't work. 

I have no problem with these people decision to play computer games, I only object to calling it sports. It is detrimental for physical and mental health. Those who like to play these games or support those playing them professionally must not be in self denial about that. 

I smoke cigars from time to time but I know it's bad for me and I accept that.  Calling it esports instead of computer or video games, does not change the facts that, playing this at professional levels is bad for a person.

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Posted in: Rakuten profit jumps fourfold on $1 billion Lyft stake gain See in context

I always said Mikitani is running Rakuten into the ground. Lyft is longterm an unsustainable business concept and he has overpaid for many foreign acquisitions. Rakuten mobile will fail, he entered that market too late and the 3 big guys will counter him on pricing moves if he tries that. The shrinking population and an outdated website will hurt the core rakuten business, amazon will do the rest. His branding and corporate image efforts in sportsmarketing are madness with no strategy between the different sponsorships. Rakuten will be one of the first big victims in the next financial crisis

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Posted in: International rugby fans set to descend on Japan for Rugby World Cup See in context

At the very least i may hope the LOC2019 does not belief its own hype.

The tickets in The Netherlands will be bought either By the strong Japanese expat contingency or by English people. I don’ T think you will see more than 100 dutch showing up for the Rugby worldcup. The German sales where in anticipation for a possible german qualification, same there, but maybe 200 people will come. Brazil, again, most likely for Japanese people’s end use or Brazilian contingent in Japan. Pls stop creating these over expectations which will not Materialise. And about the 10’s of millions of fans in China and India... go play a Super rugby game there and see who shows up

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Posted in: Proposed 'World League' shake-up causes player concerns See in context

Irb’s only concern here is commercial, not players.

A child can tell you that the flying between time zones and weather differences and the hustle of travel will take a huge toll in the 2nd half of this competition.

Besides, it is just more of the same. Always the same 10 teams playing each other. It offers nothing new.

This is impossible for the players and they know that at IRB so, why go ahead with it ? ... precisely. Money. IRB can not live from a worldcup alone.

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Posted in: French rugby deaths an 'unusual spike', says World Rugby chief Gosper See in context

One reason totally ignored is that in the youth categories you have huge differences in weight, height, strenght between the players with kids weighing 55 kgs and others 90.

lowering the tackle height from shoulders to waste is a must! For neck injuries.

but it will increase concussions by the tackling player either because of contact with hip or knee of the tackled player or when they fall and the tackling player is hit by the tackled player.

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Posted in: At least 500,000 foreign fans expected to visit Japan for World Cup See in context

Inbound travel will drastically change ??? While i dont believe his 500.000 number to start with, even if so, 500.000 on 7 million ( sept/nov) do not make a drastic change. Every mayor sport event, and its my business, usually means a decline in overall visitor numbers for the country. Let’s wait and see. Nz, uk, australian numbers will be up. But you will see a drop in South korean/ Taiwan and maybe even Chinese numbers.

Keep hyping numbers can lead to big disappointments. It will be a good tournament, leave the superlatives away.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmers show their support for stricken Ikee See in context

This young lady is an example for us all. Only her health matters now. And for all of us that is the only thing we should think about. She will, in this new challenge to her, and with her courage and positive attitude, set a further example to all of us and her fellow athletes in particular.

my support and respects, young lady

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

this is of course totally unacceptable ane the woman should apologize in writing to the athletes concerned.

what is more worrying is that not a single Japanese athlete has condemned this. Neither did Mss Osaka and her comments would make a big difference here. That she has not heard it? Unlikely. Furthermore the organisors should make amends by supporting an African youth club. They did the right thing to react in public but more action from them is needed.

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Posted in: Calls mounting for JOC chief Takeda to resign amid scandal See in context

it is the role of Dentsu which has to be reviewed. They monopolise in a very unhealthy way relations with all sports federations , controling bid committees, organising committees, marketing, sponsorships, management, endorsements, licensing, franchising, investments, tv rights, media in Japan. And They do so from a power position but with very little real expertise. They use muscles, not brains. It was Dentsu advising Tanaka San to make the payment knowing full well that Mr Han’s company was an empty box

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