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Posted in: Use of smartphones wasting more kids' time, wrecking their brains, says doctor See in context

I see kids and young adults look for their electronic assistants as a first problem solving tool, rather than applying knowledge, cognitive thinking or logic. That is very worrying because it stops them even more to think for themselves which already is not the biggest Japanese talent.

But teachers also prefer the students to be allowed the use of their mobiles and other Electronic aids. Easier for them, and one of the main reasons they want to allow them.

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Posted in: ANA to add budget carrier Peach to loyalty program as leisure demand rises See in context

Close Peach down. Horrible seating arrangements, busses to terminals, terminals far off... rather stay home than fly them

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Posted in: Tokyo government provides coronavirus home recuperation sets with instant ramen, curry, and more See in context

I agree, great idea, could have been better thought through but respect and support from me

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

Funny.nobody cares or thinks about the private companies needing to pick up this bill and about the fact that the rest of the world will be working as from jan 04th and so the loss of business will be important.

mand of course still everyone will return from holiday the same 2 days, only a week later.

i never understood the myth of hardworking Japan. Never lived in a country with more national holidays and most employees now do take Up their, and rightly so, holidays.

the economy in Japan is the worst I have seen it and this extra week is a luxury Japan can not afford

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy said to be freezing development of regional jet See in context

14 years of delay, the plane is an embarrassment to Japan. It is already outdated and obsolete. Just cancel it, get done with it, move on. Nobody is going to order even if it ever gets into the market.

put one of the test planes in a museum and paint another pink and hand it to me so i can give to my wife next month for her birthday. Make at least one person happy.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

Laughable and windowdressing for useless politicians only. It won't change anything as business is done between companies and depends on offer and demand from the consumer. Except for one month of “ british weeks” and sales we will quickly see prices tick up again. Never seen any price decreases after the signing of the EU- Japan deal. And no one can be serious thinking Burberry and others will lower their prices.

Any advantages will be happily swallowed up by the importer/distributor/retailers and us consumers will need to be content with a “ free tasting” of a nearly invisible bit of stilton and a drop and i mean 1 drop of sparkling wine in a plastic fingerhood instead of a glass, just enough to wet only your underlip but not for a taste of anything.

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Posted in: JR East to bring forward last train departures on 17 lines in Tokyo See in context

They should do the opposite and ask government to cover one train between the hours of midnight to 05h00 and then full schedule again.

That will make for more spending at bars, restaurants…  Earlier trains, means less retail spending.


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Posted in: Japan expects fewer newborns in 2021 as pandemic affects pregnancies See in context

Doesn't anyone here think that the young Japanese women in Japan want to live their own lives and enjoy themselves before being locked down by having a child ?  Or want to enjoy a career and some independence ? Young Japanese fathers are mostly not really sharing the burden of child raising.  They only help out when they want or feel like it but the wives can not choose, they are were the buck stops. 

And they want time for themselves before they become mothers.

Finally, less people in Japan will be a blessing in the mid to long term, not a problem.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers show security and COVID-19 countermeasures See in context

Testing in unrealistic circumstances is only window dressing. During the Olympics you do not have 50 people wanting to get into the stadium but 50,000. 

And as someone mentioned here, October has around 20 degrees C and late July closer to 40 degrees C. 

But the staff needs to be kept busy, the officials must look responsible and the media oblige.

The one important part is that the Olympics must be fun and a party, if you can not have fun or a party with friends for any reason, than why have the Olympics ?   

It is already impossible to expect a " normal " Olympics with new waves now in Europe while in the US the wave has never receded.  From China, nothing can be believed.  

It will be impossible to hold qualifiers again in normal conditions and who is going to travel from abroad ?  No fans, at best the officials, some of the sponsors guests, media as they find it always hard to resist a free trip, and of the course the athletes and close families possibly.

But the international, global friendship event that the Olympics originally were meant to be will be less so than ever. And already the Olympics are only about business under the cover of sports. Time for a complete and total revamp and reset.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

a cowardice and ridiculous comment from Nestle. Only reasons to increase or maintain margins over less sales. Not only the bad economy but the shrinking number of consumers makes marketing go this way. We have a saying in marketing which is an absolute rule: never lie but certainly never say the truth.

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Posted in: Rice ball erasers round out and reveal their filling with every mistake you make See in context

I admit, nice gadgets idea

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Posted in: JTB sells chat system to reduce contact between hotel staff, guests See in context

So, fair to say minimum 300,000 yen.  for what ???  

The staff to busy ? There are mostly few guests and too many staff.

Use my cell phone to ask for service or a question answered in a hotel ?  Download an app so JTB can bombard me with ridiculous, old fashioned and bad commercials and promotions ? Or the hotel ?

JTB, clueless, no creativity, a dinosaur refusing to become extinct, kept alive by money transfusion from a clueless government, booking nearly all their travel through JTB.  Wonder why ?      

Like JAL, they should have gone long time ago to the graveyard of obsolete companies.  ANA and HIS would have easily picked up the slack.

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Posted in: Bright rice See in context

Ridiculous,  light pollution and a waste of , no doubt, government money. 

It is shameless and thoughtless. Is that the best they can come up with to promote themselves.

With me, in any case, it works counterproductive.

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Posted in: Japan to join forces with U.S., Europe in regulating Big Tech firms See in context

Join ?  Or kiss their backsides ? There is a difference. 

Furthermore I agree that japan should look inwards first.  A lot of this comes down to defending Rakuten against Amazon and trying to keep Japans protectionist systems in place. 

What about breaking up Dentsu or Sumitomo, Mitsui, etc...

Or modernising the archaic banking system and in a timely manner, not like " we will combine the my number card with the drivers license…. by 2026

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhones for faster 5G wireless networks See in context


for SMS, checking website and the odd picture mostly work related.

So, i do not use about 90 % of an i phones capacity. Conclusion, i am a snob

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhones for faster 5G wireless networks See in context

I have been buying i lhknes because i am a snob, skip usually one release, so my wife and I have together 8 phones in use, although only 3 each with active numbers. We checked and we have 5 workable chargers. I do not use earphones, my wife does. I , strangely enough hse my phones mostly for calling, calling

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic village may have COVID-19-focused health center See in context

Mr Vinke, you have a good point there but i am in favour of several hotel bubbles close to the training and competition venues for each sport. Only about 70 % of athletes use the olympic village anyway as some competitions are very far from Tokyo and top athletes find no rest in the village. Besides that golfers, tennissers etc.. expect more than a cardboard bed.

the cknstant in and lut of athletes makes tracing nearly impossible at the Village. Athletes do not stay there all at the same time. They come and leave depending on the competition schedule. Like, all swimming in the first week, track and field in the second and so on

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic village may have COVID-19-focused health center See in context

Putting the car before the horse. Their should be No Olympic village. It is anyway an outdated concept which only serves as one of the big money makers for the LOC and construction partners, letting first make LOC pay for the building, later making more money selling it off to individual owners.

The excuse that it is a place for athletes to mingle, is just that. Athletes can ( could, before the pandemic) meet any where these days and do all year round. It is during the pandemic completely irresponsible to use an Olympic village.

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Posted in: Johnson says prepare for no-trade deal Brexit; cancels talks See in context

This spells the end of the UK, not only as an economic power but as a nation. Scotland will leave and Northern Ireland will revolt after being pressed into poverty.

Johnson and his cronies are still thinking that “ Britain rules the waves” and that illusionary platform will doom the country.

He will go down in history alright but For all the wrong reasons

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Posted in: With eye on China, Suga seeks tighter ties with Vietnam, Indonesia See in context

China under Xi, who thinks of himself as an emperor or a new Mao is a danger for everyone. Lucky Trump has understood that. The rest of Asia must react now like India and Taiwan do. And Hongkong.

Akie, how about signing with your real Chinese name instead of hiding while you spread your propaganda

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Posted in: South Africa pulls out of Rugby Championship See in context

Lets take a moment to applaud a brave decision by the Springboks SA federation.

They choose players welfare over badly needed money. Of course they also want to save pride by not playing with an ill prepared team but this decision deserves respect.

Finally not just talk but a responsible decision.

I salute them

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Posted in: 11 founding clubs named for Japan's 1st women's pro soccer league See in context

Commercially, no chance in a million to ever become or remain independent. Dazn does not have money to throw at this but i expect j sports or others might take a risk on it.

The teams owners will have to put their hands in their pockets a bit more every year to cover the losses.

A semi pro league is the way to go for women football. Lets see if i was wrong in 3 years time

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Posted in: Landlords in U.S. are getting squeezed between tenants and lenders See in context

If you want to find sympathy for me with real estate owners, banks and mortgage companies you will have your work cut out for you.

Calling them sharks is an insult too those imperious animals.

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Posted in: Fast Retailing forecasts record net profit for fiscal 2021 See in context

I hope to remember this forecast one year on. I respect and i am impressed with Yanai San and his business genius but i think Uniqlo will not make the record profit forecast for 2021. That because Korea will see higher losses and maybe a full pullback and the dependence on China is a 2-way cutting sword.

Europe and the US will not recover in 2021. Japan sales will also further decline and the GU brand will have to. be shut down. BUT i applaud the new style shops, like the Harajuku station one, the efforts on the environment.

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context

Do not forget that Dentsu constantly has staff members attached to the PM

office as advisors. And that Dentsu is the exclusive marketing agency to the Olympics LOC , J league and the main agency to the baseball league and most teams.

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Posted in: Dentsu lobbied for and funded campaign for Tokyo Olympics, documents show See in context

And now Dentsu is charging the domestic sponsors for 1 extra year of sponsorship money which is mindblowing and should be illegal. These companies have signed up for an event and that event has not been delivered. If anything these sponsors are entitled to a partial rebate and an apology. It is completely immoral and unethical and in conflict with normal procedures.

Dentsu always eats from both sides. They are exclusive marketing agents to j league aswell and minority shareholders in DAZN, holder of j league tv rights at the same time. Conflicts of interest are everywhere

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Posted in: Hunting for unicorns: Japanese start-ups see hope on horizon See in context

Do not forget the very high total taxes for small companies in Japan. Japan is very inventive on finding new ones.

And the Kafka administration and bureaucracy. I get 2 letters a week from the pension department, feels like they have a whole floor just to annoy my companies which are small.

Banks which seem determined to make life as difficult as possible with regulations dating back to the middle ages. The only government organization in Japan doing a great job is the post office. Nr 1 in the world.

The telecom companies with their overpriced subscriptions are another problem.

And of course the real estate owners with ridiculous one month fees for doing absolutely nothing. KEN asked me for a 173 month deposit once and had no problem telling me that was for foreigners only. This is not a typo. 173 months

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Posted in: China's imports, exports surge as global economy reopens See in context

I don’t buy anything from China for years now. As soon as my wife and I see its made in China we leave it. No exceptions.

even the Chinese people buy as much they can out of China, certainly food , cosmetics, medicines and not because it is cheaper abroad.

every other economy should redraw production from China until they become a true member of the international society and learn that it comes with responsibilities

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Posted in: Bach and Mori give pep talk to heads of Olympic delegations See in context

There will be no Olympics but the IOC must be seen as making “ all possible efforts” or insurance will not pay.

The LOC 2020 or Tokyo city, Tokyo Prefecture, JOC however have no cancellation insurance. So they have a genuine interest in trying to make it happen however misguided it might be in view of bigger issues, being the virus, no more economic benefits as no foreign ticket holders to visit, much reduced high end hospitality.

the only right thing to do at this point is for Tokyo and Japan to cut its losses and stop throwing good money after bad.

But I am only a global sports marketing expert, nobody listens to us. Much like the virus experts and the politicians.

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Posted in: Subway bad manners See in context

Bad bad gaijin

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