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Posted in: Do you think alliances like the G7, G20, the Global South, or even the United Nations do anything to stop wars and other conflicts around the world? See in context

They are parasiting, self serving organisations and the members only interests are expense accounts, todays menu and free travel

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Posted in: Which country's national anthems do you find the most stirring? See in context

The UK, Russia and France.

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Posted in: Fireworks festivals in Japan dim their lights amid financial woes See in context

where are all the part time ecologists ?

fireworks are noice, light and smoke and chemical polluting events.

they are costly, boring and repetitive

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Posted in: Westin Tokyo refurbishes lobby, international restaurant See in context

The Westin Tokyo is overpriced with no respect for the customer and bad service.

the socalled Chinese restaurant is a complete rip off.

the only good thing about it is the cigar shop.

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Posted in: There's too much guesswork in renting an Airbnb; company trying to fix that See in context

Air BNB is a parasitic company avoiding laws and social ethics.

it is also unsafe and abuse is frequent.

it should be shut down

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka set to make her tennis return at the Brisbane International See in context

Funny you should mention that, Fighto, I am indeed a sports marketing expert with a company in Asia, 2 in Europe and one in the USA. And I worked in tennis and still do for a long time. Sponsorships, athlete management, Tv rights negotiations, merchandising..

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka set to make her tennis return at the Brisbane International See in context

She will return overweight and mentally unprepared. She was a great player, top talent but her career is over. She returns to keep and in the hope to extend her sponsor contracts.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro's company found liable in gender discrimination lawsuit filed by former assistant See in context

These are the glory days for parasites. As a boss you can pay salaries but do not ask your staff to work for it or you get taken to court

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Posted in: Jones says he is interested in coaching Japan, but has not had job offer See in context

Eddy Jones has only one interest .. Eddy Jones.

he has failed in everything since he left Japan and is now begging to come back. It would be the end of Japanese rugby or rather it will speed up the end of Japanese rugby

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Posted in: WeWork seeks bankruptcy protection See in context

Nokigiri,,thank you for sharing the note from Wework Japan.

what they say about recovering your deposit is clear and it means: NEVER.

which is the normal procedure in Japan.

for the rest it is the usual tactic here. Head in the sand, the storm will pass us by.

obviously it won’t. Which company, when they are not SoftBank affiliated, would still sign a lease with WeWork and risk loosing your deposit, office and incur more removal costs?

no impact on Japan ? Wework Japan should know that business people rent their space and they are generally intelligent people. And office space is easily available now in Japan. Better and cheaper.

as others said here, one profiteering no good company down, now the Ubers and Deliveroos and house rental companies to follow

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Posted in: New Beatles song set to reach number one on UK singles chart See in context

I am an absolute Beatles fan and glad to say so. Now and then is a great song although I can hardly say so objectively. Like most Beatles songs, the more you hear it, the better it gets

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Posted in: Landowner seeks understanding over Jingu redevelopment See in context

It is a crime against future generations but when has that ever stopped greedy Japanese developers.

I can not even understand that one human being or animal for that matter would contemplate destroying that beautiful avenue

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Posted in: Can factory chicken really help save the climate? See in context

Disgusting and inhuman. This farmer should be locked up and his business closed down

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Posted in: How to find good real estate agents in Japan See in context

Naming the agency would of course incur immediate removal of the post. I was once asked to pay 175 million yen deposit for a 2 year rental contact or the equivalent of the house market value. No, no misunderstanding, I still have the paperwork. The rent was 850.000 per month for a 2 year contract. But nearly all Real estate agencies have different prices and conditions for foreigners. That is for a foreign family. When one of the partners is Japanese it is different.

no protests are accepted. I complained with real estate organisations, consumer organisations, local authorities, press and police. All ignored or refused

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Posted in: New men's global rugby competition starting in 2026 announced See in context


even with 20 teams there are game results with a 100 points difference.

there are basically only 12 teams globally that play on the top level and even that is stretching it.

in these 12 you could say only 8 can ever be world champion but the other 4 can , on a good day once every 4 years, create a surprise.

the difference between nations is only growing.


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Posted in: JAL announces int'l fare fuel surcharge for tickets issued between December and January 2024 See in context

Fuel surcharge is a con job. Allowed and supported by governments all over.

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Posted in: Japan to extend gasoline, energy subsidies through April See in context

These are presents, not subsidies to the politicians friends. Companies which support with generous donations the political parties. Companies of which the politicians hold shares

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Posted in: WTO warns of 'first signs' of trade deglobalization See in context

Great. Too much one way traffic by too many countries.

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Posted in: UK, Japanese, Italian partners agree on next steps for fighter jet See in context

Why worry so much about details. It will never be build except for maybe 2 or 3 prototypes. The delays will make it obsolete long before it goes into production.

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Posted in: Have you ever knowingly bought food products from Fukushima Prefecture since the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant? See in context

No but I have seen a vegetable store owner remove and replace the stickers from Fukushima vegetables on packages.

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Posted in: 2025 Osaka World Expo aims to be first in the world to allow dogs, possibly cats too See in context

We have a saying in Belgium” not a cat to be seen” which refers to a deserted place. Japan wants to avoid that. This anachronistic pork barrel event serves only greedy politicians and friends

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Posted in: WeWork warns it might go out of business See in context

About time. Nothing but hot air. Overpriced and overhyped. Everything costs extra money. The business model was ripping off real estate owners and clients

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks atomic bombing's 78th anniversary after hosting G7 summit See in context

Japan has no regrets it started the war. Only that it lost the war. Thank god it did not have nuclear arms, it would dropped all they had on the USA.

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Posted in: Japan corporate bankruptcies highest in 5 years in wake of pandemic See in context

What is so strange. Which country with a yearly net loss of 800.000 people would not see its retail sector suffer ?

it will only get worse. Especially also for the telecom sector. Few deceased people need mobile phones, restaurant sectors and real estate will continue to fall notwithstanding the lies and fake statistics from Mitsui, Ken , Mori and Sumitomo.

Many local broadcaster will have to close or integrated in the National mother companies, etc.. all unavoidable results of the demographic situation

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Posted in: Yamashita re-elected as JOC chief; voices discomfort over Sapporo bid See in context

It happened under your watch, Yamashita San. And everybody in the business knows that bribery and corruption is Dentsu’s business mode.

but federation officials and politicians are among the first to profit.

journalists in Japan will not write the facts passed on to them as they are afraid for repercussions and missing out on invitations.

the mayor of Sapporo had already hired Dentsu again to promote the bid.

my company was bullied out of Japan because we were to efficient and refused to pay bribes.

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Posted in: Which martial art would you recommend to someone wanting to learn a means of self-defense? See in context

An automatic pistol

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Posted in: Top executive quits Nissan in new leadership turmoil See in context

Of course. When foreign managers become successful the Japanese feel threatened, frustrated and insulted. Ghosn the obvious example. I was also bullied out of the country by immigration, pension,tax and health authorities no doubt pressured by Dentsu.

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Posted in: Japan to ease airport rules for foreign private jet arrivals See in context

Please… ordered by MGM and kindly delivered with the help of the Osaka governor.

casino request… oeps.. IR Resort of course

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Posted in: Japan says it will destroy any North Korean missile that violates its territory See in context

As long as the Japanese army , navy or airforce is aiming at the rocket NK has nothing to fear.

politically also playing in the cards of NK by threatening to shoot down an announced launch.

Not surprised to see Japanese politicians fall for any trap no matter how obvious

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