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Posted in: Local gov'ts worry over virus spread at shelters after torrential rain See in context

Why does government not put these people up in hotels ? They are all near empty and can use the government money while these people would get respectfull housing.

And indeed it is a disgrace Japan is so I’ll prepared while natural disasters are certainties in Japan.

these are African conditions in the worlds 4th biggest industrial nation.

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Posted in: Koike looks set to be re-elected Tokyo governor even as coronavirus cases rise See in context

Koike. No doubt. The only politician with backbone, character and intelligence who took on the LDP and won.

She has proven to be head and shoulders above the rest. I do not always agree with her policies and decisions and her stand in the foreigners in Japan discussions. The only one to match her intelligence and to stop her becoming a future PM is Suda San but he is an LDP apparatchik.

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Posted in: JAL to resume all domestic flights as early as October See in context

I am not surprised to hear this kind of nonsense from Jal, a company only around because of massive government bailouts.

There is no commercial sense in restoring the full domestic schedule by October. And even less for an airline manager to think it a good idea to get his yield and seat occupation down by using bigger aircraft. And by the way how are you going to do that if you return to a full schedule? There would not be spare planes around. Unless you use the international fleet but those planes are configured differently.

but Mr Honda can always ask more money from government.

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Posted in: Japanese bank predicts years of gloom for tourist hub Osaka See in context

What would a Japanese local bank manager know about the global outlook. They are not really known for their business sense.

it will take a decade to recover for Osaka, if at all. It is wrong to try and look to get back to the past. Businesses must adapt to any real situation and not dwell on what was before. Any company must focus on making money in the current business year and not hope for success in the future only.

Osaka will shrink because of Japans declining population, foreign visitors now have other priorities and that will remain so for much more than 2 years. And geo political situations are also changing which will mean less Chinese tourists anyhow. Osaka is stuck with a complete anachronistic event , the 2025 world expo and must make the best of it and that will mean serious out of the box thinking and Creative marketing. That means foreign expertise. The 2021 world masters games must be cancelled. But the city in real big trouble is Kobe, where foreign companies will start packing up and move to Tokyo or out of Japan all together with their national or AP headquarters.

in brief, good managers do not think about getting back to past situations but to thrive in new ones.

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Posted in: ¥10,000 luxury tomato juice released in Japan See in context

Sick and decadent.

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Posted in: F1 blasts Ecclestone's 'black people sometimes more racist than white' comment See in context

Ignoring or denying that among black people there are also racists is not the way to tackle the racism problems from whites against other coloured people.

Mr Ecclestone made a lot of sensible comments in that interview among them he said schools have to ingrained equality into everyone and make people understand colour does not matter.

He I is also correct about the statues, they should be used to educate people about the failures, genocides, murders and all other crimes against humanity. But frankly if we would remove all statues of those world figures who have blood on their hands we would not have many left. And we would be erecting even less.

Napoleon, all Roman emperors, kings, politicians nearly without exceptions, would see their statues removed.

I personally could not care less what colour or nationality people have. And Mr Ecclestone, and I do know him, neither. He has many mistakes but he is also one of the most intelligent and rational businessmen and visionaries in his sector ands not a racist.

So before all these “political correct “ people are going to start trashing him here and on other media, I support him. There are many more racists among whites than among blacks but we certainly do not hold the exclusively on racism. Japanese citizens should also look twice within their past , and present. It is so degenerate, so neanderthaler thinking, to even make any negative distinction on the basis of colour of people. And it shows 3000 yers has thought us nothing, that every generation makes the same mistakes over and over and that “ civilisation” is stil just a word

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand to co-host 2023 Women’s World Cup See in context

This can not be a stand alone event. That’s reality. Of course FIFA’s sponsors will support it and 6 or 8 local sponsors will join. Tv money will cover the rest but more so because sponsors will want to make a public show of gender equality and social correctness.

and while I am all for co-hosting , why this ridiculous number of stadiums again . 8 is enough, 12 ridiculous. Co -hosting should help save costs not create more.

Problems in supporting and growing women’s football will be emphasised by organising In Australia-NZ as foreign visitors will bark at the costs.

Yes fans from Japan and South Korea will travel. And from the USA but from Europe or South America ? Colombia would have been worse of course.

The choice in itself for Australia-NZ is fine but blowing up the event to a height it does not deserve will make the fall hurt more.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics must firm up $3.3 billion in sponsor income See in context

Absolutely disgusting, immoral and unethical for an organisor to even contemplate to ask for more money from sponsors to an event the organisers have decided to postpone. If anything, these sponsors have the right to reimbursements or compensation for the delay. Seeing the particular circumstances asking the sponsors not to ask compensation is correct and I am sure all would agree.

The torch relay should not be expensive at all and has special sponsors, saving on that is unnecessary although reducing it in size makes sense, it has become a ridiculously stretched out project.

Dentsu once again shows it’s greed and has learned nothing from its recent scandals or finds itself above the usual rules and outside of moral obligations. They should be making the rounds of sponsors to bow and apologize for the delay, ask for understanding NOT for more money.

the delay does NOT require a lot more money it requires expertise and professional management from the organisors

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Posted in: Japan 2019 left huge legacy, says World Rugby CEO See in context

Great legacy ?

46000 jobs created ?

loving rugby is no excuse for ridiculous exaggerations if anything at all this very wishful thinking is rugby’s major problem

Rugby is down in Japan in numbers of teams and player registrations. Of course many kids had a one team try but few stuck with it.

The Sunwolves were kicked out of Superrugby. I think that a mistake but it’s a fact.

growth in Asia ? Where ?

Rugby is globally on the verge of financial collapse and the Ceo would do better to address problems than to spread the usual wishful thinking.

I challenge E&Y to a meeting about the “ facts” in their report.

Rugby is helped by realism and professionals not by dreams and empty claims.

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Posted in: European business lobby calls on Japan to ease travel restrictions See in context

The expats Mr Mroczek is talking about are actually new colonists. They do not really live in the country where their companies send them. They live from holiday to holiday in Japan and they now cry for mama because they can not have their generous holidays for Easter, , summer holiday, Christmas etc...

if the concern was really about the job, they can sent, for these few months, Japanese colleagues. Or do they think they are not good enough? In that case sent them home and let them stay there permanently. Not only Japanese multinationals employ Japanese managers so let These Japanese people show their skills and go abroad for the job.

I have lived in 12 foreign countries and always took the bad with the good. I understand I am a guest and I am allowed to stay as long as I adapt to local standards. That does not mean, I need to become Japanese but I have to respect the country , it’s people and contribute more than a native Japanese to earn the right to live here. And I am very critical, disagree a lot with Japan but in the end, I want to live here and Japan let’s me.

in this case i find myself to agree with the Japanese government( I rarely do) from the moment they made humanitarian exceptions to let PR’s back in. Leisure and business can wait and adapt.

The expats mr Mroczek is talking about can leave and should not come back. They do not live in Japan, they are on a pitstop here as part of their career planning and after they return or go on their next posting will not have understood anything about Japan as they were just here in between holidays. Mr Mroczek can better occupy himself by telling me where those promised price reductions on cheese and wine went too ?

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Posted in: Who's in charge at Nissan? COO's allies push to give him shared CEO role See in context

So, still a mess at Nissan and 2 co CEO’s would mean more confusion and infighting.

Mr Gupta wants to focus on commercial vehicles while companies are not renewing their commercial fleets.

yes, Nissan needs to restructure but into what ? Cutting, deep cutting is necessary but where is the rebuilding strategy ? If it is commercial vehicles I am afraid it will end bad.

The main problem for Nissan is their horrible marketing and lack of competent sales people. Their cars, vans, light trucks are no better or worse than their sector competitors but marketing is horror.

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Posted in: Nissan cuts more shifts at car plants in Japan due to low demand See in context

And still they don’t get it. The only way to survival is real deep cuts and that means closing 1 , more likely 2 domestic planes and optimising capacity at the remaining ones. But Nissan is to political for that, a headless “ leadership” does not help. I mean closing the Barcelona plant but keeping the UK one open is pure stupidity. The Barcelona plant is operationally cheaper and there is something called Brexit on the way. I guess in Yokohama they think that’s a kind of new fastfood.

Only the Japanese government can save Nissan if they do a JAL bis number but Toyota will not like that. Nor Honda and Mazda. At least under this “Ceo”.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 board member says another delay should be an option See in context

He has no clue about organising such an event, but he wants more time to fill his pockets and those of Dentsu.

One does never leave Dentsu.

And he knows perfectly well that another delay is completely out of the question. For too many reasons to mention here.

The amount of 2 to 6 billion yen is complete fake news which someone launched one day and everyone has taken over without ANY justification or a cost breakdown. 

I say again, it costs only between 150 and 250 million USD NOT 2 to 6 billion and I challenge everyone to give me the cost breakdown for even 2 billion USD.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked 3rd most expensive city in world for expats See in context

Tokyo is expensive because of the taxes on salary and businesses and housing. But housing is made expensive mainly for expats by a few very dubieus real estate Companies such as Ken. With ridiculous rents, deposits which indeed are very rarely ever returned and the new scam of forcing you to use a “ guarantor” company” also 100% owned by Ken. In any other country that would be illegal. The guarantor fee Replaces for them the old key money.

For the rest life in Tokyo is cheaper than in most main global cities. In any case those of us having lived in many countries will agree London Le by far the most expensive city to live in.

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Posted in: Formula 1 cancels races in Azerbaijan, Singapore, Japan See in context

Was it really too much trouble for JT to complete this article with a reaction from the Suzuka organisers ?

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Posted in: Japan's economy bottoming out, says Aso See in context

I hear about recovery ever since 1997 and it has never happened. In the retail sector, problems are only at the beginning. Tourism is at rock bodem , I agree, travel in all forms as well. But industrial output will remain low, service sector will need 10 years to partially recover. Real estate sector woes mostly still need to start. Both office as residential.

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Posted in: Harry Potter theme park to open in Tokyo in 1st half of 2023 See in context

Not a chance, against Disney in the Tokyo Rea with ever declining population but particularly because the Harry Potter craze is over and the new generations are much less interested

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Posted in: Koike to declare candidacy for re-election as Tokyo governor See in context

I keep it simple.

With all her faults and knowing her stand against foreigners, I support her for Governor Mr of Tokyo and future PM. She is head and shoulders above the rest.

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Posted in: Two-thirds of sponsors unsure about 2021 Olympics: poll See in context

Complete nonsense. None of the LOC local sponsors should pay 1 extra yen. This is just more Dentsu bullying.

mand for the gloc

bal sponsors there of course no problem as they have long running engagements with the IOC.

the only extra cost for local sponsors should be activation and servicing cost but they should not pay one extra yen in sponsorship fee to LOC

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Posted in: Weightlifting could lose spot in Olympics, says IOC's Bach See in context

The ioc is aware since decades of doping and corruption in weightlifting. As always they only act if and when caught out and ignoring the problem is no longer possible. Weightlifting must get kicked out of the Olympics immediately for at least Tokyo and Paris

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Posted in: Nearly 250 jobs to go at Nissan's UK plant See in context

The beginning of the end. Nissans management does not realise it’s only and small chance of survival is to retrench to the few markets they earlier indicated. They have to redraw completely from manufacturing in Europe and the UK. Somebody pls also inform them in Yokohama about Brexit.

by doing half a job Nissan is prolonging it’s dead struggle and suffering only.

cuts to the bone , immediate return to operating profits by finding the floor level of sustainable sales is the only remaining small chance. From there look at growth again maybe from 2024/25 with new competent management

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Posted in: Age of enlightenment See in context

Is there a requirement for all these big Buddha statutes to be such ugly eyesores? Made out of cheap materials.

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Posted in: 2 more Atlanta officers fired after students pulled from car See in context

Would mixed race police patrols help ?

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Posted in: FIFA ranks Australia-New Zealand as best 2023 Women's World Cup bid See in context

I will believe in women’s football and equal pay once they can generate their own sponsorships and Tv contracts at the same level too.

the quality of top women’s football is around 2nd amateur division in most countries. At best. Of course not socially correct to say these this but nevertheless, a fact.

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Posted in: Movie theaters, shuttered for months, plan July reopening See in context

They should have opened drive in theaters on major parking lots and other locations.

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Posted in: Singer Hikaru Utada opens a discussion on racism on Japanese Twitter See in context

The self denial is incredible here. Racism no problem in Japan ?

Do you want to ask the Chinese, Koreans, Nigerians etc who live here ?

I am Kaukasian , well off, but to rent a House KEN asked me to pay a deposit which was the equivalent of 23 years rent. I wanted a 2 year contract. When asked if they asked this also from Japanese people , the answer was “ no, it is only for foreigners. “

that despite I could show my monthly revenue being 6 times the rental and I was paying more at a current property for over 2 years.

of course they don’t do that to major multinationals and their staff.

complaining to government anti racism desks or consumer “ protection” offices is useless. They only say these are “ misunderstandings “ and communication problems

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Posted in: Large-scale retail facilities add life to Toranomon Hills Business Tower See in context

More of the same. Japan does not have a single big surface luxury supermarket. Most of them look shabby, small, outdated and with very limited choice. Lucky we have Costco.

The other outlets are also more of the same. And if a Line app is considered an innovation in Japan, we are in trouble

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Posted in: adidas promises 30% of new U.S. hires will be black or Latino See in context

While I applaud support for all initiatives to support the underprivileged, colour should never be the determining factor. Jobs have to go to the best qualified, the most motivated, the best suited. People who were denied an education or in social difficulties can be trained, supported by Adidas and then, when they have acquired the right skills hired. Setting a % of hirings according to race is a form of racism.

It is much better for Adidas to build for example instead of football academies an Adidas employee academie with a mixture of normal school curriculum, physical education and practical work skills thought so that underprivileged youngsters get the help they need early in life

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Posted in: World Rugby unveils qualification format for 2023 World Cup See in context

Why bother ? Same names as always, the 2 America’s that’s The USA and Canada. Oceania , Tonga,Samoa.

we will have 1 or 2 countries differ from 2019.

Only 10 candidates max for those 4 remaining places.

qualifiers only for the tv money.

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Posted in: Formerly Mario-themed go-kart rental service opens crowdfunding to save their business See in context

This “company” should have been closed by government a very long time ago. It is completely irresponsible. They are dangerous. The drivers have no experience, they are dangerous for other road users and it would be traumatic for any driver to have an accident with them.

a go cart does not belong on a public road.

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