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Posted in: Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona dies at 60 See in context

At a time like this, only respect is the right action.

he was indeed the greatest player of his generation although his career was too short. As a Belgian I remember him rolling up the entire Belgian defence on his own at the worldcup and at that time that was the best defence in the world.

No, he could not handle his godlike status but that was sad and not a subject for jokes. He suffered and he did not get the help he needed before the point of no return. He was an impossible man to work with but he could not help himself.

in general I find comments on this site about people passing away or getting hurt disrespectful. Misplaced jokes or remarks do not make you look “ cool” only low.

about the hand of God, in many instances, goals are incorrectly allowed or disallowed but referee mistakes are part of the game. Always will be.

I conclude to say thank you to Mr Maradona with regrets for the hard live he had, partly his own fault but mostly a victim of his own success

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Posted in: Japan to give tax breaks for long-term foreign residents to attract financial experts See in context

Sad if Japan thinks this makes any difference. Far too little to change anyone’s mind.

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Posted in: Biden appeals for unity in Thanksgiving-eve address See in context

Biden is not President yet, only from January and it is not Presidential behaviour to act as a President before he has been confirmed.

He had 8 years to do all he says he will do now.

I am not a Trump fan but I fear Biden will proof to be worse for the USA.

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Posted in: Suga under pressure over Abe scandal See in context

Suga was a loyal Abe supporter but now he is PM. And as ever politician he will not hesitate, if needed, to throw Abe under the bus.

but I think this “ scandal” is a storm in a cup and a politicians in fight. There are worse crimes Abe should answer to like the purchase of the land for the school. I think Mrs Abe has a lot to answer too aswell

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants serving alcohol to shorten opening hours for 3 weeks See in context

Koike has proven to be a big disappointment. She is , like all politicians by definition, selfish and calculated. And is preparing for a run as PM. And everything from pandemic to Olympics has to fit that purpose. Last time I have ever believed in a politician.

Suga is already showing signs he can not take the stress as topman just as Abe couldn’t but he had Suga as righthand and he deflected a lot away from Abe. Suga has no such person.

By the way, anyone knows what happened to Aso ? Have not seen him for weeks.

these “ measures” are to little too late. Lucky the vaccins are coming, the only hope now for us here in Japan

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Posted in: Australian Open 'most likely' to be delayed See in context

It should be cancelled because most of the players will not travel. The players normally go 2 to 3 weeks early for the preparation tournaments.

I said just a few days ago here the Australian Open will not happen and it won’t.

Reasons besides the players is a full calendar and Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Thiem, Zverev, and the ladies prefer to stay in Europe and not spent 20 hrs on a plane. Twice.

And Roland Garros and Wimbledon MUST go ahead on their normal dates this year or tennis is dead. Then there are, or not, the Olympics this year. So, where shall we move 3 weeks into ? Because that is what the grand slam players need to minimum invest in the Australian open and the only time to do that is as scheduled. Postpone it also means killing of 4 or 5 smaller tournaments in Europe scheduled after the Australian Opens normal timeframe.

Sorry but will not happen in 2021.

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Posted in: The pandemic is driving non-regular workers and the self-employed into a corner, and that the government must implement measures to protect their jobs. See in context

Japan should respect its own people and raise the minimum wage to 2000 yen an hour. And no, that is not just easy to say for me as I own 3 businesses in Japan. Government should lower ridiculous high taxes for employers on conditions of higher net salaries for employees and no one working for more then 6 months in the same job should be on a temporary contract with protection against arbitrary dismissal after 6 months by shady employers. Companies who can not do this should close as they are not viable businesses. BUT employees should in some sectors, be willing to work harder for better pay. I doesn’t stop to amaze me that in bars or restaurants in Japan the numbers of waiters is triple from my country and waiting times for service still longer and no , I am not in that business. Of course good basic salary and tips are great incentives.

I am a very strong supporter of good pay and social protection but I also say that the hard working, high productive Japanese worker is more the exception than the rule

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Posted in: Do you think the media should post the number of coronavirus infections each day? See in context

They should be published but only if they are correct, in the correct context with regards to number of tests and guidance on the circumstances that cause rises or declines.

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Posted in: The art of moving See in context

Japanese removal companies are the best in the world , indeed provided use trained staff. Nowadays there is more chance for that , just before the pandemic you would get one expert teamleader and maybe one more experienced person, the others trying their best but always working hard. Despite a bad experience I must say that also Crown and Asian Tiger can be very good.

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Posted in: England to cut travel quarantines to 5 days with tests See in context

That defeats the whole purpose of quarantine except for supporting the hotel industry for 5 days

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Posted in: Nissan to sell redesigned Note compact car in Japan as it looks to restore profitability See in context

Plain ugly, characterless. But that latter problem goes for all cars these days. Take the logo’s of any brands of cars from Kia to Mercedes and impossible to see from the outside which is which. Horrible contraptions in stead of the beautiful design marvels in the years till upto the 80’s.

I rather walk.

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Posted in: Japan's ramen shops struggle to stay open as COVID hammers small firms See in context

One of the other main problem is the sudden disappearance of 34 million tourists overnight, the majority of them mostly eating in the cheaper restaurants with a few more expensive meals during their stay. Another the declining population, it is not difficult to understand that 500.000 less Japanese every year, and that decline increasing, means less business. Finally Japan has too many restaurants, far too many and that will get adjusted. Sadly the chains will weather that better than the individual ones. That website connecting owners with newcomers is good. Would also be good to have one for owners in trouble to combine their efforts and save 1 out of 3 restaurants by working together in the surviving one. In time that might make it possible for 1 or both of the closed ones to start again.

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Posted in: China, Japan to cooperate in reviving virus-hit economies See in context

This China can not be trusted. In every possible way they want to gain power over other nations. They are destroying and silencing other nations and cultures.

i prefer to think this is not the will of most Chinese people but only that of a minority. Time will tell and I am stil waiting to see Akie reveal his real name. If you are that proud of the current regime and actions from your country , stand up and be counted

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Posted in: New Zealand leader Ardern offers virus know-how to Joe Biden See in context

Before putting the NZ PM up for sainthood maybe we should consider a few facts.

in a country with about 5 000 000 people and a large surface, biggest city only 600.000 , it is a lot easier to prevent infections as distancing is a part of normal daily life. Same can be said for Finland.

I don’t take away from their achievements I just want to relevante things.

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Posted in: Sumo advisory board issues warning to yokozuna duo for missing tournaments See in context

About Takanohana, he was always in conflict with the sumo board as has later become very clear.

But you are right and I redraw my comment, it was insensitive

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Posted in: China voices eagerness to contact 11 TPP member nations for entry See in context

Keep China far away from any possibility to further bully and control south east asia and the pacific.

if not stopped now we better start considering learning Mandarin as soon we will be forced too anyway

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Posted in: Coronavirus stokes fears for UK music industry See in context

If i have to see a concert online i can put on a good concert Dvd with better quality than livestream , which despite of all the hype, still does not deliver constant quality.

or a good LP or CD. Nothing can replace however the trill and emotions of live music, opera, classic, rock, blues, no matter the genre.

i do think however that too many mediocre performers have been kept going because of government subsidies for decades. That also goes for theatre.

but weighing pro and contra i rather have some of my taxmoney waisted on the minority of artists that do not deserve it then to wipe out the entire cultural scene.

the pleasure i have gotten from great live performances over the entire spectrum of arts heavily outweighs the few times i felt disappointed. I still recall with pleasure concerts of 1,2 or 3 decades ago while disappointing ones were quickly washed away with a few good bottles of champagne, single malt , wine, or beer.

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Posted in: Gov't aims to abolish income cap on subsidies for fertility treatment See in context

3 sensible comments ahead of mine. I find that all people, responsible potential parents that is, should have a legal right on all possible help to make their wish come through.

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context

I think most Americans know that their decisions have consequences and as far as i know Americans they accept those consequences when confronted with them.

that is one of the things one must admire in Americans while, like all off us, they have their weak points.

But they face things head on.

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Posted in: Is the Big-Three era in tennis drawing to a close? See in context

That is not a question but a certainty with them being 39,34 and 33 but not just yet.

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Posted in: Sumo advisory board issues warning to yokozuna duo for missing tournaments See in context

Cracaphat. I agree with you. They are both near the end of their career and have a good long life waiting for them so they don’t want to risk getting COVID. And I think both want to stop as the winners of one more tournament and then go. And of course, 2 Mongolian born wrestlers and one can ask what if they would have been Japanese born? Would they get this warning .

I think Kakuryu might now retire but Hakuho might challenge once more

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Posted in: Sapporo, Osaka preparing for temporary exit from travel subsidy program See in context

I wished I never have to hear another politician here saying the word” responsibility “. Suga is escaping his by refusing to call a halt to the campaign and call for restrictive measures. Koike is pointing at the national government and does nothing herself. The mayor and governor of Osaka should both have gone already after the defeat in the Nov 4th election.

of course closing down retail must be compensated but directly to the business owners and staff. Not filling the pockets of Dentsu, JTB, and others.

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Posted in: When a vaccine that is proven to be effective against COVID-19 becomes available to all, will you take it? See in context

with no professional medical expertise , i see no other way but to trust the makers of the vaccine. I am much more concerned for the handling and execution of the vaccination in Japan.

It is always a small risk to take a vaccine, specially a new one, but i think it would be a bigger risk not to take it

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Posted in: G-20 summit ends with support for COVID-19 vaccines for all See in context

Nothing but talk and talk. Only one guy took a decision again and the right one. Trump. By going golfing.

and he was also right to leave all those international organisations which only exist to give nice jobs to otherwise useless nieces, nephews and other parasites

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Posted in: Remote Japanese island 'getting energy' from Vietnamese students See in context

The islanders only care for the cheap labour, it is a form of modern slavery.

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Posted in: Starbucks' sole sign-language outlet in Japan reaching out to locals See in context

Finally something to feel uplifted about without reservations. Great from Starbucks, my respects and gratitude to them.

Applaus, standing ovation

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Posted in: Travel campaign suspension details to be unveiled in a few days See in context

From Wednesday lockdowns Japanese style will be unavoidable in most parts of the country. These 3 days alone will quadruple the cases, if of course any testing is done.

The intended opening of travel with some other AP countries will be suspended either by Japan or those countries.

i wonder if the word “ decision “ in Japanese means the same as in English.

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Posted in: Suga tells G-20 Japan will lead international efforts on climate change See in context

a lot in Japan is “ recyclable “ but only a very small % is actually recycled.

with only 2 working reactors most energy comes from polluting plants.

i sometimes think Japanese people eat plastic for the amount of it used, mostly unnecessary.

if Japan will in the future become less polluting that will only be because of the declining population and shrinking economy, not because of efforts

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Posted in: 50 pigeons found dead in Kumagaya See in context

they rather trow away tons of uneaten food from supermarkets rather then let poor animals eat a few crops. Sad

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