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Posted in: Shionogi says COVID treatment did not meet endpoint in late-stage trial See in context

Nothing ever changes in Japan. Just the methods and the subjects but corruption drives the nation

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Posted in: Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics? See in context

I agree with DeanzaZZR

maybe with the correction of the winter games being shared by Norway, Sweden and Finland.

but how are the poor members of the IOC executive committee going to fill their pockets then ?

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Posted in: Japanese leaders are gutless. They've always been gutless. They haven't fought for real sovereignty for that matter. See in context

Oliver Stone is correct about Japanese politicians being gutless, he only chose the wrong example, there are hundreds of better occasions to prove that point

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Posted in: Japan's service industry reeling from part-time worker crunch See in context

Let me help you explain, in part, Gene.

a lot of these people not working these “ jobs” have descended into criminality, prostitution, are homeless or otherwise lost to a positive role in society. Others go back to living with their parents.

The hardest and most unthankful jobs are most often paying the least. So, people working them constantly shift from one to another sometimes literally just for a dollar more. It’s a never ending carousel from 7-11 to mc Donald’s, Starbucks, back off the kitchen…

these “jobs” will constantly be open because they are not real jobs. They use and abuse people at the lower end of society.

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Posted in: Private-sector advisers urge proper BOJ response to weak yen See in context

the Japanese economie is sinking and we can expect an even bigger real estate disaster than in China. Prices are still artificially kept up by the mega construction companies by swallowing the vacant units rather than let the market adjust properly. Even they can not keep doing that but they hope against hope that sales and rents will improve before this particular bubble collapses. In vain

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Posted in: Understaffed businesses are turning to such innovations as touch-panel order devices, food-serving robots and self-service checkouts, instead of taking on new workers. See in context

Mr Neil,

Not everyone has the intellectual or physical or financial means to study to a university degree. Manual jobs will always be there. And I for one feel manual labour should be much much better rewarded.

indeed touch panels don’t call in sick they just go out of order or are temporarily unavailable. They suffer software glitches or network problems.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

I know Mr Wainaina from his athlete days. He has been living in Japan most of his life.

I would describe him as a nice, polite man. He made a mistake. He owes up to it.

Mr Wainaina will apologize and more so, he will mean it.

Sending him away from Japan for this clear mistake will make Japan a poorer nation.

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Posted in: Maglev project in focus as Shizuoka election campaign starts See in context

Completely useless project. Except for politicians and businesses filling their pockets.

the cost and nuisance far out way the benefits. if any.

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Posted in: Understaffed businesses are turning to such innovations as touch-panel order devices, food-serving robots and self-service checkouts, instead of taking on new workers. See in context

Of course everyone makes his choice. We go to a restaurant for the service and atmosphere, of course for the quality of food.

qr codes only and we walk. Robot or self cash out and we walk.

I do ‘t use the machines in supermarkets nor for airline check in. What many call convenient I call cheap and lack of service.

I have not seen prices come down by doing half of the work myself.

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Posted in: Japan's service industry reeling from part-time worker crunch See in context

Pay people salaries instead of beggar money and you will have enough workers.

Japan keeps exploiting in particular foreign “ students” rather than paying just compensations for hard work.

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Posted in: There are now fewer locations, primarily in non-urban areas, that have profit potential. Franchisees are hesitant about opening new outlets under such an environment, with society aging and labor shortages worsening. See in context

Smaller, compact and automated so less services and choice. How is that convenient ?

On the other hand opening between 06am and midnight is long enough to remain convenient and profitable. Between 12 and 06 the customer flow is too low. Of course for restocking convenient.

mand there are simply to many stores in the city centers also to remain profitable with the sharply declining population.

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific economies are key to raising global economic growth and the region is facing a variety of challenges such as poverty and disasters caused by climate change. See in context

Asia pacific economies WERE key to raising global growth. They are now the cause of sliding growth. India Ab mind South east Asia, with the US are the growth engines now. Taiwan and to lesser extend , South Korea stil contributing. Japan, China, Hongkong, are all diminishing economies

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Posted in: Starbucks founder Schultz says company needs to refocus on coffee as sales struggle See in context

Starbucks is a great concept with an excellent franchise system but it does not have good coffee and is expensive. That is why sales are now down when people struggle to make ends meet

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Posted in: Nippon Steel delays closing of acquisition of U.S. Steel until late this year See in context

US steel will be heavily subsidized in case trump wins. In the run up to the elections trump will use this and Biden will have to make the promise to keep US steel independent that he can’t go back should he win.

Anyway Nippon steel brings nothing to the table but the purchase money and soon US steel will be reduced or closed. Japan wants to control a competitor and try to eep prices up. Very funny to see “ Fighto “ complain about protectionism. Very.

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Posted in: Daniel Radcliffe says he is 'really sad' over Rowling's transgender stance See in context

I fully agree with Ms Rowlings

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

A politician who speaks the truth by calling Japan xenophobic. What is the world coming too

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Posted in: Yen falls to lower 155 zone against dollar after suspected intervention See in context

What is wrong to work till you are seventy or more when you like your job ? And if you don’t you are throwing away 1/3 rd of your lifedoing things you hate. Never understood why people think happiness starts with retirement. Rather the onset of a slow death.

And why does the BOJ not announce market interventions ? It would deplete the reason if they did it before and cause a knee jerk reaction to the yen if yhey did it after. In any case, it’s useless and will see an averse effect as the market perceives it as weakness

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Absolutely pathetic that there needs to be a government campaign replacing common sense.

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Posted in: Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah 'with or without a deal' as cease-fire talks with Hamas continue See in context

To me Israël is right until I hear one, just one Palestinian apologies for Oct 7th. All I saw were, and not only Hamas, Palestinians celebrating on Oct 7Th and after and not one has so far apologized.

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Posted in: G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility See in context

Japan Will pretend to abide and blatantly ignore the agreement.

only because of a sinking economy and depopulation will pollution diminish in Japan

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Posted in: China coast guard confronts Japanese politicians in disputed East China Sea area See in context

Under Xi, China is completely untrustworthy, and should not be allowed to continue its aggression in the Pacific. It must be stopped. If Japan says these islands are theirs it must stop weening like a baby and pull Papa USA sleeves for help.

But grow a pair and stand up for itself. Like Taiwan does and China will redraw. A coordinated Assertive action with the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan and China will run. As they always do.

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Posted in: No 'East Side Story' musicals for Gen Z foreign delinquents See in context

Another blatantly racist, nationalist and misogynist statement and article.

garbage on the streets was also always blamed on the foreigners till that was completely rubbished during covid when there were no foreigners ( except the residents) and the streets more dirty then ever.

crime by Japanese teens does not always get reported or gets shelved or dealt with without involving police or city authorities. A foreign teen even looking at a bike can get thrown in jail with the keys lost

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Posted in: Does beer taste better from a bottle or a can? See in context

Definitely bottle or barrel. A can is to thin to retain the fizz.

the best beer companies do not sell in cans.

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Posted in: There’s still plenty of room for expansion in the pet treat market. See in context

Japanese people do in general not love their pets as we understand it. They use them as high grade stuffed toys. To play with them for an hour and. To lock them up in a small cage in their apartments for the remaining 23 hours.

the pet shops and pet cafes are a disgrace and should all be closed down by authorities but they do not care. Socalled animal rescue organisations steal dogs. Breed them to sell them.

May dog only contributes to the industry with vet fees and leash. He eats good food which my wife cooks. Not the cancer causing industrial pet food.

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Posted in: ANA enjoys record earnings on robust tourism growth See in context

the overcharging will come back to bite them.

every tourist boom is temporary. Especially with the surrounding countries economies also declining with the exception of Taiwan. But they do not have the numbers.

min top of that all neighbors have declining populations just as Japan.

let them enjoy it while it lasts

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Posted in: Japanese city loses residents’ personal data, which was on paper being transported on a windy day See in context

The sad part of this funny story is that it does not surprise any of us living in Japan for a while.

having said that, it can happen to anyone. I am also not the most practical guy in the world.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan keeps interest rates unchanged despite pressure over weak yen See in context

The BOJ is powerless. If they raise interest rates many companies now on the verge of bankruptcy will go over.

the Japanese state itself would need to spent even more on interest repayments and it can’t.

an intervention at this point would only give a temporary reprieve to the yen. Days or a week but the economy would even sink further on higher interest rates.

Japan’s only saving grace now is to become Asia’s and the world’s Disneyland. It has all the ingredients for it. Beautiful nature, food, drink, weather( winter and summer).

the yen will keep falling and so will Japan, indeed soon to the fifth economy and within 3 years out of the top 10.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel keeps getting longer. And darkness creeps up more and more.

Taiwanese companies are eating up Japanese companies at a record rate and Japan subsidizes them because they do not know what to do.

high end tourism is the only way out.

In Spain tourism is 12 % of GDP. But Japan has more trumps to play, but as usual, it does not know how.

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Posted in: He hippo in Japan zoo turns out to be a she See in context

On a serious note. All Japanese zoo’s should be closed as they are no more than prisons for animals with little overcrowded cells for the inmates.

the same goes for all the aquariums. But for the Japanese people as long as they look cute , they don’t care about the happiness of the animal

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Posted in: Gov't estimates Jan 1 quake cut Japan growth by ¥115 bil See in context

On the contrary. Natural disasters contribute long term to the economy. Private housing and factories get rebuild or repaired. Toyota has extra capacity elsewhere. New cars are bought, furniture. New infrastructure and elec/Water/ communication works. Retail in the area will indeed suffer for a while. But only for a short period.

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