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Miss Yarrow, you are absolutely correct, i have no experience whatsoever with “ disaster humor “ and i am glad i dont . I see nothing funny about 200 dead people and thousands loosing their homes.

And i am not your “ mate “ , but Mr Maes to you

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Like many here, I feel for the horse, but in the meantime it is safe BUT I find those of you making bad jokes here totally out of line. Most likely around 250 people have died. I hold an animals life very dear.  But this is a time for respect, not bad jokes.

I find Japanese people very tolerant for the, to me, obvious criminal negligence by local and federal authorities. There is no way, that , even a disaster of this magnitude, should claim this many lives in one of the worlds richest and most advanced countries. This is still a time to try and save and recover lives, after and only after, there have to be serious questions raised. Pointing fingers is not going to solve anything but this was , to an extend, avoidable and should never happen again, anywhere in Japan.

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Zichi, your arguments are valid and just as correct as mine.  I am also in Japan since long,  this is the 2nd time I live here and I am staying here, but I still consider myself a guest, as I am not born in Japan, even though I did and do my part to earn the privilege to live here. I created even a J league team out of nothing. 

Devoting our lives to Japan is in part true as well, on the other hand, I get back a lot from this country.  love/hate relationship in part, you know that feeling. My dogs were stolen here, my brothers of 11 and 8 years. I know who has them but I can only hope the people who took them, understand their mistake, all other ways, I have tried. I try not to hate them, but to show they are wrong. I understand people's sorrows and problems better because of this and try to help others instead of fighting people and waste negative energy as they know they are wrong but can not find the courage to admit it to themselves or whom are scared to be seen " loosing " by returning them to me, while actually they would win, doing so. Don't get me wrong, I do al I can every day to convince them. These 2 are my family.

You are right again that i can go and do more and not being handy is not an excuse not to. I will go next Sunday after I determine how I can spend that day usefully. You are right, thank you for making me realise it.

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As foreigners living in Japan, we talk too much, complain too much because, at the end of the day, we are guests here and all happy to live and be here. 

So, my wife and I offer to take in 2 people, aged, young, couple,... for up to 3 months while their house is being repaired or cleaned.  And no, we are not rich, we do not have a big house, but we can manage this. Me going there to help, would be more than a nuisance than a help as I am not very practical and I would be in the way. So this is what i can do. 

Those whom think prayers help..maybe.. not my place to say..but it certainly is not enough to excuse yourself from doing anything else

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And ever arrogant and a big mouth and lying. He should get 18 months suspension and humbly accept his punishment for clear cheating. Only sky money and lawyers got him off. He is a disgrace to the sport

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Roger Federer is a great player, has excellent management, and he is as close to perfect as any brand Ambassador can be.

Uniqlo already got their money’s worth. And he will get a deal with Nike on shoes and the RF sub brand. Nike is in check mate position, if they are clever and not emotional, they will just take the shoe/rf deal. Mr Federer will only play this and maybe next season anyway

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”found” is funny. The entire event was filmed by the allied forces when they sunk them and their positions were registered. Everything about those vessels is documented and they were nothing but iron hulls when they were scuttled

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Belgium will win with 5-1 if they put pressure from the beginning. If Japan can survive the first 25 minutes it has a small chance, but this is the worst Japan team in 25 years and a worse coach.  I am not referring to the last game but to all the games played under him.  He does not have a clue what to do.

They lost the preparation games, and besides all the hype, they could only manage a win against a side with one man down for 87 minutes. Not Japan's fault that, but it did show the weakness of the team. Only against Senegal they played well.

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I tried air BNB in japan.  Never have I received what was promised.  And I did not take cheap ones, no. 

Before my dogs were stolen from me, I went with the dogs, where they agreed to take pets, they afterwards wanted more money, not that anything was broken or it was dirty, just more money. 

Tv's don't work, cleaning is not good…. nothing good to say about Airbnb, they should be forbidden. Just as Uber. Both operating on the margin of legality and causing a lot of harm.

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France - Uruguay could be the best game of the tournement

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Not good news for Japan but of course expected and predictable like almost everything in rugby for national teams. Still Japan can beat them.

8 countries, or regions in the world , play top rugby, 3 or 4 passable rugby, the others are amateurs having fun( nothing wrong with that) and try to naturalize as many NZ, Australian and South African players as possible.

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I hope he was happy, loved by his owners and he enjoyed most of work he is a thin line between the dog enjoying it playfully or him being used and abused. My life and my wife’s are destroyed since our dogs were taken from us and those who took them refuse to show humanity in returning them to their loving family. We try everything , really everything to get our brothers back home. We ask eveyone to help us. My boys love their family and they are torn from it and from eachother. It is heartbreaking. We kindly ask everyone to support us

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Very good decision to stop the tupperware and amway style sales and to streamline the product range. Cosmetic sales is all about marketing, not quality.

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Finally. A real journalist, great story made better by the professional work of the journalist. Just as impressive as the lady. Very selfish but direct.also that, exceptional. 2 great hope giving facts in one

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Ground control to planet F 1...

fans want to see real racing instead of car parades

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Both companies should be closed down. They are operating on the verge of illigality. They do not offer enough protection to staff, partners or clients and they are parasite companies, taking advantage of slow regulators and loopholes.

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Indeed, only in Japan can you make people happy telling fairytales.  In a country were a dog rescue organisation steels peoples dogs, everything is possible though.

There is simply no way Japan is going to get close to beating Ireland and about 0,12 % change of beating Scotland.  Then there is Samoa ( most likely) and that is a possibility. 

It is already a farce that the opening game will be Japan-Russia.  I do understand the rational of course but what neutral rugby fan wants to get up or stay up to see that game ?

I do understand the coach, he has to talk like that. But the whole rugby world cup first round is a waste of time, I can give you 7 of the 8 and probably all 8 quarter finalists rights now. 

Here we go :  New Zealand/ Ireland / Australia / Scotland / Wales / South Africa / England en France ( only one not fully confirmed) Would be great to have a worldcup with 2 groups of 4 of these teams. And then 2 half finals.  Regretfully..there is the money issue.

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JFA replaced a bad coach with a worse one. The man has no personality and tetterred on the brink of a heart attack from the first minute.

He did not see that Japan was loosing the game in the midfield. Made the wrong substitutions as a consequence. Japan’s main weakness is and always has been the goalkeeper, and I see no one better than Kawashima unfortunately, 2nd problem the inability to score.

If the coach had any personality he would not have played this game. It was always a mistake. They should now go to Russia and play 2 games there, not in other European locations.

Lucky, so lucky FIFA went mad and wants 48 teams in Qatar or this would have been Japans last worldcup.

But Japan could get hit hard in the group games.

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I would like the authorities to check the gps in taxi companies, I am convinced they are manipulated and do not show the shortest route

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Great for her.  My 2 dogs were stolen from me in Japan. They are my 2 brothers, George and Jagger, 11 and 8 and I am organizing a march to get them back. I tried everything else. They are my family, I miss them, my wife misses them every day and they are waiting for me.

It is horrible to have your family stolen from you, in this way, for no reason.

We ask for everyone's help to join us in the March in July, to bring them back to their home and family.

thank you all

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Dont worry, the game against Ghana will have a “ controlled “ result.

but Switserland is going to trash Japan in Russia , Paraguay is an inconsistent team.

Japan2018 is one of the weakest teams Japan ever send to a worldcup and i think the last time Japan would qualify if the next worldcup would not have 48 instead of 32 teams.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan soccer coach Halilhodzic to sue JFA over sudden firing See in context

i agree with bogva here.  Every coach knows that his appointment is temporary from the moment he signs it.  Japan has not been playing well and yes, they qualified for the Worldcup but that is a must with every coach for Japan in the Asian confederation.

What Hallilhodzic is doing is immature and strange for such an experienced professional.  If he got compensated according to his contract than he has to move on. I understand his frustration, everyone working in sports has the same frustrations sometimes in their careers, wetter as athletes, coaches or managers.

Now creating instability for the team is not the right thing to do. He must be silent at least until Japans elimination of this years World Cup, that is professional behavior. And it will give him standing.

I actually agree with this removal, although it should have come much earlier and in a much more respectful way. Wetter his replacement is an improvement is a much different matter.

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Posted in: We want to encourage consumers to choose food products approaching their use-by dates. See in context

They better reduce the ridiculous prices on foreign cheese, so They do not have to throw 50% in the bin. But must keep these prices high or the japanese “ cheese “ would not sell at all.

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Posted in: What do you think about foreign tourists, dressed to look like characters from Nintendo’s popular Mario Kart series of racing video games, driving along Tokyo streets? See in context

It is simply irresponsible to allow these carts on the road.

for one, the drivers are not used to them and can not control them as they should.

What is to be considered is a pedestrian or an other road user being involved in an accident with them.

The Nintendo issue is simple, it is a clear infringement on their license rights so they will win the court case.

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They used to be excellent in business class. Used to be.

Now it is even impossible to exchange your miles for products unless you pay on top of your points an amount almost equal to the retail price. Pure robbery.

And my mileage points where taken even though I could prove I was in the medical impossibility to make the flights.

i regret, because, it is the shortest route into Europe from Japan and they were helpful bringing my two dogs into Japan, ( regretfully later stolen from me) .

Helsinki airport could be convenient but in the last 10 years I have always seen it “ under construction “ . The European business is a joke. Always overcrowded

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With every loss the comments get more and more glossy and positive, seems they always loose undeservingly, yet , scores are what count. 30 points losses are not close.

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It’s one of two replica’s

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A moral victory ? Loosing 33-11, against their B team ?

A proud fan whom does not mention his real name in a comment. Not very proud.

and by the way, i do hope the game was halted during the lighting storm as it is totally irresponsible to play in those conditions, endangering players, staff and fans lives

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I totally agree with the firing of Hallilhodzic,  he was absolutely lucky to scrape through the qualifiers.

And ridiculous decisions to play Mali and Ukraine , and play them in Belgium.  And not calling up a number of the Japanese players, working in Europe. 

For once, a brave and correct decision from JFA to be applauded, depending of course on whom they are going to call in to replace him.  They need a foreign coach, not Japanese, they can not perform on such short notice. And they need one with name, to get the respect quickly from the players. 

Half of the job is done in the correct way by JFA, now the other half

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Voice over is a huge problem and handicap for the Japanese youth to learn English.  Young kids assimilate almost without thinking , the spoken English and the Subtitles. That is , if the subtitling is up to scratch. I am a Belgian, far from perfect at English but I did get the feeling for the language from watching American and US tv series. Sadly, as it was a mix of the 2, I also mix , till today, US and UK expressions. 

It remains very sad that the Japanese youngsters seem to speak less and less English instead of more and better. Take Ohtani, he should realise that part of his career and part of his commercial success depends on his control of English, particularly in his chosen sport of baseball. 

Voice over, besides not doing much for the English speaking ability of the Japanese people also ruins 90 % of the enjoyment of non-Japanese programs and movies. 

But, hey, I am not going to play Don Quichote, I know nothing will change. Part of the charm in Japan

And I do love it here.

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