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American's focus on the "I/Me", and its resulting selfishness has never been more noticeable, and troublesome, as since the pandemic, manifesting as resistance to masks because it's "an infringement on my rights, or is uncomfortable", and now as objections to the vaccine because "the government can't tell me what to do", or "I'm not putting THAT in my body".  It's all about ME.

The Japanese vaccine reluctance, for the same reasons as some Americans, about putting foreign objects into their body is a hypocritical individual act in a country with the societal norm of being a "We" culture. They too are only thinking about "Me" when it comes to the vaccine.

The pandemic is not primarily about the individual:  it's a "We/Us" problem if there ever was one. A global "We/Us". Getting a vaccine is not about "me"... it's essentially about saving the planet and the global population.  

I would expect this attitude from the selfish Americans, but I'm surprised to see it in Japan. I guess we're more alike in some ways than we think.

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Japan's current COVID "problem" should also be viewed relatively to the rest of the world. The case numbers may be going up, but by most countries, they are still incredibly low, both in new cases and in deaths. The US has 10 times as many cases per 1M people, and 10X the number of deaths. All the European countries also have significantly more cases+deaths per 1M persons. Japan is also doing far better than Asia and the World on average. Good that Japan has high standards, but the problem seems to be less than it's being made out to be. If only Japan could get its vaccination rate up!

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There is something incongruous about the premise of using "mindfulness" and meditation as a corporate tool, which, by definition is fundamentally and ultimately about making money. The monetization of meditation is not only cynical, but it misses the point. If it made all these people better members of society, then great; however, I'm not sure that's going to happen. Being simply "mindful" is meaningless unless one is mindful of the right behavior.

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If the purpose of this app is for, "....foreigners wishing to learn Japanese". But the website is only in Japanese, so how are foreigners wishing to "learn" Japanese supposed to use it?

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