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Posted in: Japan's economy contracts 3.6% in 3Q on weaker spending, trade See in context

Print more money

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Posted in: Biden warns Putin of unprecedented sanctions if Ukraine attacked See in context

whatever. Putin must be shaking in his boots

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Posted in: Johnson announces tighter restrictions to stem spread of Omicron in UK See in context

2 years on and the same tired and pointless measures being taken.

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Posted in: Germany's Christmas markets in limbo as COVID resurges See in context

This never ends. Covid here to stay as are our pretty ineffective responses.

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

Crank up the money printing some more

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Posted in: Taliban appeal to U.S. Congress to release Afghan assets See in context

They will get their money. US will get little or nothing in return.

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Posted in: FedEx relocates pilots from Hong Kong over city quarantine rules See in context

Poor HK. Becoming more and more like PRC

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Posted in: Only 30% of Japanese drivers stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, survey says See in context

Drivers here are pretty random

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Posted in: Japan to increase daily border cap to 5,000 people from Nov 26 See in context

About time.

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Posted in: Emmy moments: Not the Pandemmys — but hardly normal, either See in context

Where's AOC to make a much needed political point?

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Posted in: K-pop stars BTS dip into global diplomacy at U.N. gathering See in context

The UN needs global reach? Isn't that kind of its core thing? Do BTS fans really care about the UN?

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Posted in: U.S. to end travel bans for vaccinated passengers See in context

Joe Biden has got the virus on the run and now is allowing sensible policies to be introduced.

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Posted in: Pentagon reverses itself; calls deadly Kabul strike an error See in context

They constantly lie and the media just swallows it whole. Sad state of affairs. No one will be held to account for the error nor for the lying.

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Posted in: Biden, world leaders push climate action See in context

Leader of the Free world

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Posted in: FIFA intensifies push to stage men's World Cup every 2 years See in context

All for the money. Sporting ruling bodies eventually all go this way.

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Posted in: Clint Eastwood back in the saddle at 91 for 'Cry Macho' See in context

Big fan of his but his last few movies have been disappointing.

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Posted in: Office air quality affects workers' cognitive function, study shows See in context

This needed a study? Surely air quality effects have been known for decades now.

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Posted in: Computing pioneer Clive Sinclair dies at 81 See in context

Genius. And a player too.

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Posted in: Biden angers France, EU with new Australia-UK initiative See in context

Like a few subs are a threat to China

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Posted in: Fate of California Gov Newsom hangs on recall vote See in context

Go Gavin! Represents everything good about California.

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

The headline gives a totally false impression of huge numbers. Covid hysteria never ends in the media

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Posted in: Dubious of Trump's sanity, U.S. general secretly called China: book See in context

People really think that Orange would/could just unilaterally launch a nuke? And people really like an unelected military guy acting like this?


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Posted in: U.S. tennis star Sloane Stephens shares abusive social media posts See in context

Abuse is a common currency on social media. Pitiful. However the constant media attention to this or that person receiving abuse and death threats and similar is silly. Just plays into the desire of those losers who send this rubbish for a thrill of publicity or similar.

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Posted in: South Korea launches homegrown submarine-launched ballistic missile: report See in context

Time for the US to withdraw from SK. I am sure they can make a great success of it.

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Posted in: Int'l body calls on Japan for stronger anti-money laundering actions See in context

FATF are imposing ever greater burdens on the world's banks with ever diminishing returns in terms of the actual prevention of money laundering. So many unregulated channels for sending money now. and still the huge "private wealth" industry where a lot of the laundering goes on.

The burden banks bear is to a great extent passed on to us ordinary account holders through cost and annoying checks when sending money or periodic reviews of our identity etc.

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Posted in: Brazil bank robbers strap hostages to cars during deadly raid See in context

Ingenious if callous. Brazil another example of a "democratic" country sliding into ever greater lawlessness.

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Posted in: Planet in peril: Global conservation congress urges wildlife protection See in context

Entirely agree. This is a noble cause that will also likely fail in the face of ever growing human population and concurrent habitat destruction.

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Posted in: Lee 'Scratch' Perry, reggae and dub wizard, dies at 85 See in context

great musician. Eccentric as hell. Good combination.

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Posted in: What is the best way to prevent pedestrians, glued to their smartphones, from stepping carelessly into oncoming traffic, falling off train platforms or bumping into each other on the sidewalk? See in context

Not only phone addiction. Generally people here seem to be pretty unaware and aimless in the way they walk and perceive their surroundings. Not sure what can be done. Maybe more "ki o tsukete" announcements.

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Posted in: Biden pays respects to U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan See in context

The Taliban could have used one of those drones that thenUS allegedly left behind to take out the US leadership. Yes, i noticed him looking t his watch. Probably missing his bedtime.

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