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Posted in: Why it's OK if we don't know results on election night See in context

I await the results of the next election with bated breath. Will be fascinating to see where the whining is loudest.

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Posted in: What do you think about the recent spate of high-profile protests by climate activists who have attempted to vandalize major works of art in museums? See in context

Kind of pointless. not sure what the message is..... Take that, dead artist!!!!

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Posted in: Fed unleashes another big rate hike but hints at a pullback See in context

4% still not enough. And I don think that the Fed has either the ability or the cojones to do much more.

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Posted in: Japan, Italy agree to keep sanctions on Russia, support Ukraine See in context

What a bombshell announcement. When we expected them to say that they are changing tack.

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Posted in: Biden implores voters to save democracy from lies, violence See in context

This whole ẗhreat to democracy thing feels a little bit overdone. Democracy seems to be carrying on regardless of the rhetoric. over the last many years

I am, however, constantly amazed at just how unconvincing and inept Biden appears to be when he makes a speech. He could make you believe anything if he says the opposite.

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Posted in: Migos rapper Takeoff dead after Houston shooting, rep says See in context

My gosh! Poor him. Ended up being a bit of a hard landing.

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Posted in: In Hong Kong, world bankers urged not to 'bet against' China See in context

Hong Kong will never be the same again after the last almost 3 years of Covid madness and the ongoing political repression from PRC.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing jewelry store while heading to work See in context

Indeed. Professor Moriarty lives!

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Posted in: Japan reports 70,396 new coronavirus cases See in context

Close the borders. Lock things down. Issue more proclamations. This is serious.

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Posted in: BOJ members stick to monetary easing amid lack of wage growth See in context

More insanity. Admission of the total misguidedness of their policies over the last decades.

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Posted in: Milley: China more aggressive, dangerous to U.S., allies See in context

Not a particularly inspiring General. Bit Milley Vanilley to watch. He is still fretting about the morals of his army and doing little or nothing to reassure the world that America is back (!!??).

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Posted in: Fed set for another big rate hike with economy on knife's edge See in context


The Fed is to some extent forced to print money if the government continues with huge deficits. Only way to fund the deficit is to print the money and buy the bonds. Not enough private demand for treasuries when the Fed is artificially manipulating the interest rates to keep debt service cost low. One reason why their bluster about raising rates can only go so far - maybe 4%? Above that the US budget becomes unsustainable, with debt service eating something like 30% of tax revenues.

So even if the Fed doesn't take its marching orders from the WH (a big if, but....) they are still forced to print.

and money printing = inflation = rising prices.....

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Posted in: Next UK leader likely to aid U.S. in event of Taiwan contingency: experts See in context

This article is just ridiculous. Who is even asking this question?

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Posted in: Japanese, Irish leaders agree Russia must face 'severe consequences' See in context

Less Guinness and less sake for the Russians. Soon they will be begging for peace.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt says retirement still a long way off See in context

He is a big star in a big movie. and it is set in Japan. Seems newsworthy to me, at least by the standards of modern media.

BP has done some good stuff (including AJ)....

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Posted in: Putin, in Tehran, gets strong support from Iran over Ukraine See in context

Surprised he hasn't offered to sell nukes to Iran.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving children at home alone for 10 hours while she played pachinko See in context

I was often left to my own devices at home or elsewhere growing up.

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Posted in: Japan reports 66,745 coronavirus cases See in context

Meh. So over this continued telling us people are sick.

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Posted in: Japan’s first lamb bistro to open in Tokyo’s Harajuku area See in context

Sounds like a chain. No mention of who the chef(s) is/are?

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Posted in: Britain to work with Japan on new fighter jet program See in context

They should call whatever they finally cobble together the Zero mk2. That is what will likely result from this "alliance".

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Posted in: J Lo and Ben Affleck tie the knot in Vegas See in context

Why they don't have one of those celeb labels

LoBen? BenLo? Jaffleck. C'mon media!!

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Posted in: Pacific Islands ask international court to rule on climate See in context

Theatre. won't make a bit of difference.

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Posted in: Putin heads to Tehran for talks with leaders of Iran, Turkey See in context


India is a dictatorship? South Africa is a dictatorship? And lots of others I can't be bothered to list.

Putin may suck, but this wholehearted admiration for some of the US allies (poor Ukraine?) and for the way Ol' Joe and his minions have tried to deal with Putin's aggression is not very admirable either.

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Posted in: Asian shares, except Tokyo, slip as investors eye inflation, earnings See in context

Things can only get....... worse?

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Posted in: Don McLean looks back at his masterpiece, 'American Pie' See in context

Vincent was his greatest, but AP also a masterpiece.

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

We have become so fixated on Covid when it is almost inevitable that it will behave like any other endemic virus (flu?) and mutate and throw up new variants that will make old vaccines and all the other silly "safety measures" essentially redundant. We never used to go crazy like this when we had previous spikes in flu or whatever.

Sure it was an unknown but now we know mortality and how to treat it, surely time to stop this fixation on cases etc.

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Posted in: U.S., allies aim to cap Russian oil prices to hinder invasion See in context

Another stupid idea to get headlines but that will achieve nothing.

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Posted in: Wholesale prices in Japan jump 9.2% as imports see record surge See in context

And they have to keep on printing and managing interest rates at almost zero as otherwise the whole government budget goes down the chute.

Monetise the debt and inflate the currency - only way out.

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Posted in: Japan reports 94,493 coronavirus cases See in context

Why the fixation on masks and the other measures that didn't work before? Increased infections with minimal serious cases is a bit of a nothing really.

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Posted in: China says it 'drove' away U.S. destroyer that sailed near disputed isles See in context

WW3 on the horizon. Where's Maverick when you need him?

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