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Robert Nishimura comments

Posted in: 81 dengue fever cases reported in 15 prefectures See in context

Unfortunately, mosquito larva can survive the winter season. Since the mosquito season is almost over, the dengue cases will drop and we won't hear another word about until next summer when they all hatch. The only way to prevent a future epidemic is by destroying their breeding grounds: standing water. Dengue is typically carried by tropical mosquitos, not those native to Japan. This is something entirely new and could potentially be an epidemic next year if not taken seriously. The "hundreds of people" that come to Japan every year that may or may not have an infectious disease is a mute point if dengue has infiltrated Japan'e native mosquito.

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Posted in: 81 dengue fever cases reported in 15 prefectures See in context

Where I'm from, dengue is a year-long threat, and for many people a right of passage. I had it when I was a teen. It was like having the worst flu mixed with bad acid. We had insecticide trucks roams the streets spraying gawd-knows-what in the air everyday. It doesn't work! The number of cases never dropped. Emptying pools of stagnant water is the only way to curb mosquitos from breeding. I'm disappointed that j-media have not made it a point to teach this simple method. However small, if you see something (e.g. trash) collecting rainwater, dump it before it becomes a mosquito orgy. Perhaps if there wasn't so much trash around this would not be an issue.

Besides, mosquito season is nearly over so suck it up Japan.

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