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Robert pearce comments

Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

Did anyone think that his foot might have slipped off the clutch?

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Posted in: Hello Kitty set to keep you safe while driving… as a dashboard camera See in context

The road and cars are a dangerous place to be.

People who decorate their cars ( mostly women in their 20s )

With Cute and Cuddly garbage have an out of touch of reality problem and need a wake up call .

A few hrs seeing Road Trauma victims broken bodies might get in in their pea size brain to focus on the road insted of the Cute and Cuddly garbage in their vechiles.

Its almost like putting a fluffy children's toy on a sub machine gun !

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Posted in: What are the most popular Japanese TV shows? See in context

Ha !

I through my TV out the window a few years ago.

All mindless rubbish !!

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Posted in: Japanese airlines keep most domestic flights despite few passengers See in context

Another dumb move by the Japanese ...Your starting your first week of lock down so why are domestic air travel still a thing ?

Whats wrong with you guys ??

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Posted in: Police officer fired for bag-snatching See in context

Charges were dropped cause he was a cop....

Wanna be a bully?

Like beating up and standing over people?

Want a get outta jail card?

Join the Police Force.

Disgusting behavior from police that are supposed to help you..

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Posted in: Japanese firm offers spouses apartments to avoid 'coronavirus divorce' See in context

I love my wife very much.

But unfortunately she can't keep her hands off me now at home all the time...

Day and night all she wants is ...

Well you know. .....loven...

I need time to catch my breath and rest.... Shes treating me like a peice of meat... im not a machine for god sake....

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

slack government. ...

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Posted in: Australian police put a 90-day limit on draconian virus measures in NSW See in context

Up the Aussies !!

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Posted in: No. of coronavirus infections in Japan passes 1,000 See in context

Head line should say "Passes Known Cases"

There be 10 to 20 times more more than that as proven in other countries.

All best japan and her people.

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Posted in: Why haven't the Tokyo Olympics been postponed already? See in context

Its still a bit cold in Japan at the moment.

The guy in the picture is rubbing his hands together keeping warm.

There aint no way Japans going to hold the games on time.

How people going to get there for starters ?

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Posted in: An unusual mixture of chocolate and cheese See in context

Id give this a try....Sounds lovely.

I know it sounds silly but im quite fond of

"Choclate and Garlic." ...

Dont laugh as they go together nicely.

Hmm, Wonder how the whole 3 of them would go together ?

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Posted in: Diamond Princess quarantine critic says Tokyo Olympics should be halted See in context

Japan think games are going ahead ?

Hahah !!

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Posted in: Virus-stricken airlines face bailout or bust See in context

CEOs of these large companies pocket outrageous amounts every year and then want bailing out...?

Its happen before and it shouldn't happen again !

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Posted in: Subaru sets mid-2030s target to sell only electric vehicles worldwide See in context

Where Subaru go ?....

Ho...They tryed to build only electric cars and the world wasn't ready for them.....

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Posted in: Google CEO calls for regulation of artificial intelligence See in context

There be no controling this tec....

There to much benefit and $$$ involved.

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Posted in: As coronavirus spreads to more Chinese cities, WHO calls emergency meeting See in context

Gov said here in Australia that they were keeping an eye on it and we had nothing to worry about. ....

If our gov said that..... Thats when you should be worried.

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Posted in: Japan low altitude satellite registered in Guinness World Records See in context

"How low Can you go....!"

All the best to Japan Today into the new year !

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Posted in: Decade in review: What the smartphone has wrought See in context

I love my phone and the entertainment it provides.

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Posted in: Japan begins accepting applications for local 5G service licenses See in context

5g will save more lives than it takes. ....

Like all technology.

Its coming if you like it or not so don't give yourself health problems worrying about it.

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Posted in: New Zealand to end gun buyback sparked by mosque shootings See in context

What a wonderful way to criminalize thousands of people who want a gun for personal reasons that dosent fit gov regulations. ..

This is all an excuse to disarm the population so safer for police to "think" they know that theres less likely to be a gun on the premises. ..

New rules dont equal protection from criminal intent.

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Posted in: Facebook firm on message encryption despite pressure See in context

Always using child porn and terrorism as an excuse to end privacy near got cameras in my socks draw..

Gandad said that the gov will never be happy until we're all locked up in little boxes slidind a plate of food under the door at meal time....

More rules every day !

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy sets record by passing college-level math test See in context

Amazing !

Good on yar little fella.

I hope you succeed in all other aspects of your life..

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context

What a beautiful woman .

Lovely smile...

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Posted in: Trial of Chiba man accused of fatally abusing 10-year-old daughter to begin Feb 21 See in context

Absolutely horrible, i feel for this little girl .

Sounds like his wife was next on his hit list.

Hang this monster as he dosent belong to live.

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Posted in: Sniff... sniff... does Japan have a problem with odors? See in context

"Bottom burps" are a concern. ..

Dropping them in public transport can be quite troublesom for some passengers .

The old "ring stinger" can come in handy when wanting to clear a packed elevator.

Its better to give than receive, so dont feel bad if someone leaves a "floter" in a taxi next time yar jump in one.

Big line up at the supermarket checkout ? No problems,

Dont feel shy to let a "trouser trumpet" loose to shorten the que.

Dont like little children at family gatherings ?

Remember, their noses are quite often level with the site of distarge if standing near them.

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Posted in: Tech route to greener cities only 'smart' if residents follow See in context

Our council charges us for 3 recycling bins to save the planet. Then dumps it all in one big hole.

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Posted in: Yakuza are getting old, facing future without a pension or retirement pay See in context

Crime dont pay.....

Thats unless your a Politician.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Love how news of this is quiet in words newspapers.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

How dare you !

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Posted in: Labor-short construction industry investing in AI and robots See in context

I love these experts talking about robots in the building industry.

None have ever hammered a nail let alone spent any time on a building site .

Ive spent all my working life on building sites and i can tell you

Yar wont be seeing any robots in the near future getting in the road of men working on a busy building site .

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