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Posted in: Apple to raise app prices in Japan, eurozone, other markets See in context

Fighting the war on climate change and environmental damage !

Higher the price means less people will use them equals less damage to the environment.

Imagine...all those old apps not making their way to the landfills or ending up in the world's oceans...

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Posted in: Man arrested for possessing gunpowder near U.S. Embassy in Tokyo See in context

Didn't Biden brag saying any patriots using gunpowder to bring down the government was wasting their time ?

Said they need F15s and Nuclear weapons..!

Typical sad Lefty set up trying to deflect / destract news on a failure of government.

They can't even do that right !

Good one Brandon.

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Posted in: World going in 'wrong direction' as climate impacts worsen: U.N. See in context

Sounds like the UNs looking for more $$.

Crying how the "Sky is falling" generally generates the members of the UN a pay rise .

Thusly contributing to "Climate Change."

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Posted in: Keep calm, cut the air con - Japan's energy saving is model for Europe See in context

Welcome to "Agenda 21, 30"

Where you will use less and like it..

Like it or not !

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Posted in: Shooter says he believed Abe promoted religious group that bankrupted his mother See in context

I'm an old guy, a nobody in this world

Living in a Aussie outback small town.

But I'd like to say

I liked Abe .

I liked his soft smiling face.

There was something about this man that you could put trust in..

I'm so sorry it had to end this way for him.

The world can be a cruel place sometimes.

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Posted in: Last of Japan-made matchbooks to end production this month See in context

One thing in life is always certain....Change.

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Posted in: Deaths and injuries in road crashes are a 'silent epidemic on wheels' See in context

Another excuse to revenue raise with higher fines for motorists .

Wheh in fact Japans traffic accidents and death are the lowest since 1948...

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Posted in: China, Hong Kong scrub Tiananmen memories on anniversary See in context

CCPs trying so hard to erase history but having the opposite effect.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour coming from the CCP and the world is watching.

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Posted in: Toyota releases storage battery system for residential use See in context

Sounds like an ad for their product to me...

Id love a good solar, battery set up after previously using off grid setup for 11 years.

If Toyota stamped their name on it ,

Then i want one...!

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Posted in: Facebook changing with times a decade after stock debut See in context

Face what ?

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

Good for him !

It's about time a citizen got some money outta the government and not some highly respected politician or bureaucrat that constantly milking the system.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Stating the obvious wouldn't one think ?

I like the guy but I don't need his opinion on everything going on.

Focus on getting your Rocket Ship into space and selling e cars at a reasonable price Elon.

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Posted in: 99 islands See in context

Oh cool !

I cant get to physically see them so,

Im going straight to Google earth to get a birds eye view of these island gems.

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Posted in: Object ruled out as sunken Hokkaido boat after diver checks See in context

Absolutely terrible !

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Posted in: Is it possible to heal the damage we have already done to the Earth? See in context

Why am I being blamed for something I haven't done ?

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Posted in: Japan ramps up online messaging on Ukraine to prepare for hybrid war See in context

We know we're in good hands

Cause we know our government wouldn't try and manipulate any information fed to us regarding the war or anything for that matter...

I'm just a compliant global citizen willing to believe anything I'm told for the good of the world.

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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

I'm an Aussie and "dig" everything about Japan .

Engrish mistakes is what makes Japan so unique.

Please dont change...

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Posted in: Australia to declare east coast floods a national emergency See in context

Quote , "Dorothea Makellar."

Nothing unusual and made worse these days with greedy Local Councils allowing new development in flood prone areas where normally wouldn't have been allowed and then pointing finger at climate change as an excuse to increase insurance premiums...

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Posted in: New Zealand protest ends; investigation and cleanup begin See in context

Lock em up and throw away the key..

Nobody should have to put up with this violent stone age, thuggish behavior .

You cant trust them and their showing their true colours whe getting together in large groups pushing each other to commit criminal acts that wouldn't be tolerated any other time.

Its time to put them behind bars for their unruly actions !

Just who do the police and government think they are ?

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Posted in: Climate panel flags Great Barrier Reef devastation See in context

Cash milking cow to a selection of politicians bureaucrats , their families and friends.

About 2% government grants and public donations sometimes making it to the Great barrier reef.

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Posted in: Internet monitor says Russia blocking Facebook See in context

Doing his country a favour by doing so..

Everyone should block FB !

More negative comes from it than good.

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Posted in: Google to overhaul ad tracking system on Android devices See in context

Using non Google serch engine and a vpn.

I dont trust whats being said here and would not be surprised if Google ramping up their keeping track of you...

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Posted in: 5 dead, 1 missing at plant fire in Niigata Prefecture See in context

Absolutely terrible for all involved.

Please be careful everyone.

The loss of a family member or friend is something nobody gets over. RIP.

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Posted in: World must work together to tackle plastic ocean threat: WWF See in context

Why am I being penalised and charged $$ in my country where all rubbish is treated by recycling ect

Yet everyone ignoring countrys like Africa just throwing their rubbish anywhere that all ends up in rivers all the way to the ocean !

How is this solving the problem ?

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Posted in: Meta, formerly Facebook, faces historic drop as stock tanks See in context

Using expenses as an excuse sounds like a good excuse..

Naww. Facebook kept banning me over the years for the most dumb things.

So like living with an a abusing partner...

I left..

Apparently im not good enough to hang with their left and found others who greet me with open arms and make me feel welcome..

Facebook dead in my opinion.

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Posted in: Toyota heading to moon with cruiser, robotic arms, dreams See in context

I want one !

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Posted in: New space telescope reaches final stop million miles out See in context

Well done to everyone involved.

Unfortunately even if life is found using this telescope we won't be allowed to know as it would upset to many religions institutions.

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Posted in: 42,000 rapid antigen tests snatched in Sydney heist See in context

I can't see the reason for being tested.

You either have it or not...

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Posted in: Do you support the decision by some countries to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics? See in context

As an Aussie, I wouldn't go after being threatened of being blown to bits earlier this year by the CCP in protest !

NO !

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Posted in: Facebook hits anti-vaccine campaign harassing doctors See in context

FB need to keep their nose right outta this business and anything else that originally started their business for.

FB interference with our lives is out of control and needs raining in..

Especially after they dropped their slogan regarding "Doing no Evil".

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