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Posted in: Man stabs police officer, steals his gun in Osaka Pref; 33-year-old suspect sought See in context


If criminals want guns....

They'll get em !

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Posted in: What if an asteroid is about to hit Earth? Scientists ponder question See in context

I doubt the general public would be told to much as not to cause panic.

Nothing can be done about a big rock falling on us done in the past.

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Posted in: Facebook overhauls messaging as it pivots to privacy See in context

Wanna hear a joke ?

We trusts Facebook !

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Posted in: High school girl skirt lengths and hair fashions once again in a flux See in context

Mmmm..School girls. ..

Check out their hands....

Their bloody shirt sleeves are nearly coveing their hands.

It looks stupid and its a hazard when grabbing things.

Go School Girls. ....You Rock my Day !!

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

To Bad , So Sad !

Its Japan and thats their ways...

If people dont like to be discriminated there

Then go somewhere else.

And congratulations on telling the UN to shove it !

Last thing yar need is a criminal organization telling any country how to run their country. ...

Well done Japan !!

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Posted in: Love in Japan: Handling the ‘What’s your type?’ question See in context

Whats my type. .....

Female favorite kind !!

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Posted in: Japanese musician, actor Pierre Taki indicted over cocaine use See in context

I tryed sniffing coke once....

The bubbles tickled my nose.......

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Posted in: NEC's VR system enables user to smell products at online store See in context

April fools day come early ?

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Posted in: Teenager handed prison sentence for making explosive substance, gun See in context

Boys will be boys !!

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Posted in: World designed for men constantly failing women: author See in context

Crap....explain kitchens then !!

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Posted in: Alexa, are you male or female? 'Sexist' virtual assistants go gender-neutral See in context

That sucks....

How am i going to tell "Q" to get back in the kitchen ?

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Posted in: The mind distracted: Technology's battle for our attention See in context

Being homebound because of sickness is a horrible thing...

Thank God for the Internet and all its evils.

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Posted in: Japan to ban physical punishment of children by parents See in context

Worked well in the western world. ..

Now the kids tell their parents what to do.

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Posted in: Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Fukushima plant See in context

Im not real smart but i think moving the contaminated water inland would be a good idea before another tsunami wave washes it all back on to the land and into the ocean.

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Posted in: Australia to reopen island detention camp after refugee bill passed See in context

Aussies have to wait in line for years for medical treatment because of mass immigration clogging up hospitals with economic reffos.

Now the government wants to roll out the red carpet for more reffos .

Canberra Parliament house going need something better than the new man proof fence they just erected to stop protesters.

Cause very soon theres going to be big trouble in Australia as Aussies are getting angry of being treated like 2nd class citizens in their own country !!!

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Posted in: From pest to profit: Aussie sea urchins exported to Japan See in context

"Hey Gazza !"......Chuck another urchin on the barbie will yar mate ?.....Beauty !

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Posted in: Father suspected of forcing daughter to lie about abuse before her death See in context

Terrible thing to happen.

Lifes hard enough without someone making it worse.

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Posted in: Military steps in as Australian floods bring crocodiles to streets See in context

Qld politicians say they can't control the weather with the flooding.

Then why are we paying extra in taxes to control

Climate Change....?

Flooding at one end of the country,

Heat wave and fires at the other end....

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Posted in: Amid cries of 'traitor,' Canada's Trudeau set for ugly election See in context

Hhah....The world is laughing at Canada and Trudeau.

This guys very dangerous to the community by letting in hardened criminals from war torn country's

And putting your women and children at risk..

Shame on you Trudeau. ...Shame on you !!

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Posted in: Australian state of Queensland hit by once-in-a-century floods See in context

QLD government said on the radio that they cant control the weather up north with the flooding.

Then please explain to me why are we being forced to pay taxes for climate change .

If i pay a tax for something, i want to see results !!

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of fish dead in drought-stricken Australia See in context

Criminal politicians , and Drought

At play here....

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Groovie man !

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a high school girl on what she should do if a teacher makes unwanted romantic overtures toward her? See in context

Police need to be involved if it a male teacher harassing a girl student.

If the students a boy and a woman teacher

Then he needs to be taught a very important lesson in life and keep his mouth shut. ...

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Posted in: Tunnel through an Australian mountain? No problem, says Elon Musk See in context

Thats all our politicians do in this country. ...Talk.

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Posted in: Japan aims to build prototype flying cars in 2019 See in context

Yeah sure ...flying cars ...

Wheres my hover bord ?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, NZ, Australia to bring electricity to most of Papua New Guinea See in context

How about looking after Aussies first with affordable and reliable power first...

Australias falling apart, the bush is dying,

Citys overflowing, and many more problems.

Meanwile our politicians are trying to beat China to the draw on building projects with small pacific nations. .

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Posted in: Expensive APEC summit sows division in host Papua New Guinea See in context

Aust taxpayers are sick of funding rubbish like flat out affording to put petrol in my car , while my taxes buy PNG gov luxury cars to show off in.

PMG gov is corrupt using my money this way,

And the Aust gov is corrupt for giving it to them.

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Posted in: Japanese ships leave for 'research whaling' in Antarctic Ocean See in context

"Research whaling",

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Posted in: Samsung folding screen lets smartphone open into tablet See in context

Just a novelty.

I really think Samsung are going to regret this.

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Posted in: Melania Trump says she might be 'the most bullied person in the world' See in context

I have nothing but respect for her !

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