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Posted in: Towards safe, orderly and regular migration in Asia-Pacific See in context

Yep..we're copping it here in OZ with migration. .

We've got no jobs, no housing, city roads a busting at the seams use inferstructer that was built 80 years ago..

Now our government is bitching about to many people on welfare and crime going through the roof !

We dance to beat of the UN here in Australia and the locals dont like it !

Governments in trouble for its mass migration here and the people who have worked all their lives to gain security are now being made to give it away to migrates who are unlikely to work and pay their way.

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Dont do it...near every other country that have has regretted it.

Politicians living in splendor and safety , while their poulation has to put up with criminal activity etc from the new comers.

Dont do it as Japan is a special place and should not be tainted this way.

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Posted in: Japan to launch crackdown on asylum seekers: report See in context

Keep up the good work Japan.

Plenty of other people in other countries would love to stop the import of so called "refugees"

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Posted in: Australian court disqualifies deputy PM, 4 senators for dual citizenship See in context

Opportunities in gaining a large bank account by ignoring the rules seems to be on the agenda for most Australian Politicians...over the last 20 years Politicians seem to be ignoring the rules for personal interests.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing wallet handed in at koban See in context

Last time i took a lost wallet into a police station i was held for questioning and had a warrent check ..i told the cops if never been in trouble with the law in my life "truth" but they wouldn't listen to me and wouldn't let me out for 2 hrs.

Im never walkinginto a police station again to hand lost wallets.

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Posted in: Don't get stuck on a shinkansen See in context

Yes always remember if your not getting your way with someon, start yelling at them ..possibly even stamping your feet and waving yar arms in the air....This always works !

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempting to kill newborn boy by burying him alive See in context

Poor baby, mother, and guy that found the baby. No good for any of them.

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Posted in: Man arrested after keeping body of father in bathroom for three years See in context

All about money.

Nothing more or less.

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Posted in: Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet See in context


Theres gotta be $ in for someone to be talking about pulling a stunt like this !

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Posted in: Irritability intensifying, not subsiding, with age: survey See in context

Its only a bother if you let it be...

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Posted in: Xi says China will never permit loss of any piece of land See in context

Can't buy China's land no no no. So what happens to land in Australia when China buys our farms.. Dose this mean they'll defend them with their army if i jump a fence ?

Thousands of hectares of Communist land in Australia.

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Posted in: Australians stunned by Minneapolis police shooting of woman See in context

As an Aussie i think this copper was a bit trigger happy by the sounds of it. News said he "Discharged his pistol in the cabin of the police vehicle and past his mate." Anyone with gun training knows this is not the done thing. Hes also in trouble for some other un police like behavior. And im not going to pull the race or religious card out of the pack as i think he was just the wrong guy for the job by the sounds of it.

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Posted in: Man detained at koban suddenly collapses and dies See in context

Was he drunk ?

What was his blood alcohol reading?

More to this for sure !

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Posted in: Dog days See in context

Mild temp for Aussie summer out west...once did 3 days of 52 Celsius once...

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Posted in: Man arrested after enticing teenager to live with him for a month See in context

Sounds like a beat up to me..

Nothing to see here...move along now !!

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Posted in: New coal power plants may block Japan's carbon emissions goal: environment minister See in context

Burn that coal .

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Posted in: Race is on to turn flying car into reality See in context

Keep dreaming !

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Posted in: Not just retirees, but younger urbanites seek quieter rural life See in context

70,000...population Nagano small country living.

This would be considered a large place in Australia when not living in a major city.

But i suppose everything in life is relative.

I would like to spend some time living in Japan. .Such a beautiful place .

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Posted in: Wheelchair user crawls up plane stairs in dispute with Vanilla Air See in context

Refund of the ticket price would have been a good idea for public relations in this instance.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening Saitama kindergarten employee with knife See in context

I'd be watching this fellow. I get a bad feeling when people start waving knifes around. Im 57 and have never liked kidds but one things for sure is I'd never ever walk into kindergarten and pull a stunt like this. This man is dangerous and should be treated as such.

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Posted in: Depp may face perjury charges in Australia over pet dog case See in context

Cant wait till we get a good dose of Rabies in Australia. This is typical of the conduct of most of these movie stars today. my family and friends liked Johnny but after this we've all gone cold with him...bye bye Johnny !!

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Posted in: WWII Zero fighter takes to the skies over Japan See in context

Can't blame the machine for killing people. All war memorabilia should be kept alive to remind up and coming generations what went on and maybe learn from past mistakes.

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Posted in: Japan's high-tech love dolls evolving with the times See in context

Cant wait to get me one of these so i can give the Mrs a brake when she's got a headache !!

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Posted in: Chinese court convicts Australians in Crown Resorts gambling case See in context

Yar won't be hearing anything about this in Australia and what news you get here now is censored down to the bone !!

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Posted in: Princess Mako to get engaged See in context

Good ...All the best to the both of them. ..

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Posted in: Brothers, aged 8 and 5, hit by truck driven by 80-year-old man See in context

The road is a dangerous place !

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Posted in: Creating a cat island – Japanese organization plans to buy island turn it into kitty paradise See in context

This is the result of a human brain parasite called

Toxoplasmosis .

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Posted in: Life's illusions catching up with Japan's middle-aged 'parasite singles' See in context

Parasit's a bit rough and im sure theres a few out there . This sort of thing seems to be going on all over the western world also and could be the result of economic times with less stable employment The word is changing. Believe me im not sticking up for people on the bludge but every ones story different. Im sure there are many oldies out there glad to have their older kids around for support instead of relying on gov assistance.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Its OK....but it would have been good if you told us you were going to change first... I didn't know what was going on . love !

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Posted in: 50 complain of heat exhaustion during rock concert in Chiba See in context

Just wondering if drugs might have been involved here ?

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