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Posted in: U.S. tells China to improve ties with Australia See in context

Looks like that delusional Kurt Campbell forgot that China is not his country vassal states like Japan or South Korea.

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Posted in: BOJ official downplays fears over China's digital currency See in context

"But new technology is invented all the time. Even if you're ahead on the technology available now, you could get locked into what becomes old technology as time passes," he told Reuters.

It really looks like he talk about his own country, Japan.

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Posted in: BOJ official downplays fears over China's digital currency See in context

And as we all know, most countries are moving away from China, so I really don’t see this happening.

Moving away in what form? Cutting formal ties? Cutting trade ties?

As far as I know, investors all around the world kept pouring money into China, since they are the only MAJOR economy who have effectively control the virus. And yes, that is not hoax, that is not lies spread by CCP propaganda. Many Japanese and Westerners in China has posted videos about their lives in China, on YOUTUBE.

You can search for it, if you want proof.

And until this moment right when I type this comment, I haven't found any news that many countries will sever their formal relationship with China.

But your delusion is entertaining, though. Thanks for making me laugh.

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Posted in: Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese' See in context

The CCP bears no responsibility whatsoever for any negativity towards the Chinese. None. Zero. Nada.


Yeah, just like the murder of Chinese-American Vincent Chin in Michigan, 1982, by two white men who mistook him as Japanese and beat him to death because they blamed him for the success of Japanese auto industry at that time,

Surely it was the fault of Japanese auto manufacturers that many Anerican auto workers develop resentment toward the Japanese, right?

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

LOL. Seriously? 4 vassal states of the US gather only to discuss China??

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Posted in: China wary of Japan's pro-Taiwan defense minister's moves See in context

Lol. Who is that "diplomatic source" in Beijing that you quoted from? Creating an article based on "imaginary" diplomat's words, this is all that you got? Let's see if that Kishi-chan really dares to have an OFFICIAL visit to Taiwan.

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Posted in: Pompeo says G7 agrees China spreading virus disinformation See in context

Ah, desperate Pompeo, desperate country...... No wonder America has become the new epicentre of this virus...... Congratulations! America First!

By the way, is that true that this irrelevant so-called first world G7 foreign ministers held a meeting only to agreed that China was waging a "disinformation" campaign about the coronavirus pandemic.....??

This is beyond hilarious...... Is that all they can do, when their countries is being slaughtered by invisible bugs.....?

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Posted in: China to lift lockdown in most of virus-hit Hubei province See in context

it means China can’t be trusted.

I don't think they ask you to trust them, though

And when will they issue an apology for basically sending the world into a tailspin.

I don't recall European countries or America ever apologize to their plundering and looting and killing during colonial times.

I don't recall George Soros and America ever apologize for the financial crisis they create in 1997 and 2008 that send many people around the world had mass bankruptcy and suicide.

Yeah, right....they so so, but how do we know it is so?

You can go check it out to China directly and upload whatever you see there to Youtube. Don't worry, no one will catches you and throw you to jail. There are many Westerners or Asian expats who upload their situations in China.

But i doubt you are so keen to know the truth, though. You just don't want to believe them. You'd rather live in delusion rather than accepting the fact that China has recover.

I say great news if true, but Japan... please don’t ease the visas yet.

They should, with Olympics being cancelled and their economy being so stagnant.

They don't forbid visitors from their Master, ehm, from America which is the virus hotspot right now to come to their country, why not China?

Good for China. Hope they drive off their road and strangle themselves with their belt.

Whatever it has to do with belt and road? Seems like a personal grudge that is very immature and childish.

Believe this then you are need counseling and help. Seriously trust China at your own peril.

Great. If i believe it then i need counseling..... The people from the so-called "free countries" are so dogmatic and keen of bullying other people that are not having a same opinion as them. And they advocate freedoms of thinking, freedoms of opinion. What a hypocrites.

And now the whitewash and revisionist history will begin. 

They must've learn it from the Western countries and Japan.

I hope Chinese Government will ban eating and selling of wild animals and game meats from now on. This kind of very contagious killer disease breakout was not just once and now twice, which infected to human from animal by handling and eating sick wild animals in the China. First one was SAR virus and the second was Covid-19, both diseases were originated in China.

The Chinese Government should be taken seriously and make illegal to selling and eating wild animals also cat and dog as well. 

Completely agree. CCP should banned all kinds of wild and exotic animals trade from now on..... They should realize the embarassment they have caused to all Chinese people all around the world.

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from U.S. to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

Lol. A loyal pet doesn't bite the hand of his Master.

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Posted in: Trump dubs COVID-19 'Chinese virus' or 'kung flu' despite hate crime risks See in context

Looks like Donald is in panic because of continuous crash of stock market and his inability to control the virus spread in USA.

The next Great Depression is coming to America if this pandemic is not put under control as quickly as possible, better worry about that rather than this Kung-Flu wordplay, Donnie.

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Posted in: China reports just 1 new domestic virus case, 20 more imported See in context

I don’t know. They’re saying 50K of the 80K infected there have recovered. You can categorize coronavirus as death from pneumonia too; who’s going to verify?

You can go there to verify.

Meanwhile, many multinational corporations from the West that have their stores and factories in China, has resume their operations there.

And in the West, the opposite happens.

What an irony.

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Posted in: China reports just 1 new domestic virus case, 20 more imported See in context

It is happening in Europe and America. Have you been following the news?

If the INITIAL outbreak happens there.

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Posted in: China reports just 1 new domestic virus case, 20 more imported See in context

Authoritarian governments like China have disadvantages. Lack of freedom of speech led to not disclosing the initial outbreak. 

If this outbreak happens in Europe or America, it will get even worse. The government and their so-called "experts" would say the deaths is just a seasonal flu, or because vape.

Just look at how they handle this outbreak in the West right now, this miraculous bug really bust the myth of their political system "superiority".

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Posted in: Asia urges vigilance as pandemic shifts away from its original epicenter See in context

This virus gonna stay longer in North America and Europe. The governance systems and civil disobedience of these two regions will make it harder to curb the spreading.

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Posted in: Europe now epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic: WHO See in context

Europeans didn't close their borders fast enough in order to prevent infected persons from China from entering their countries. 

Europeans didn't close their airports and borders for economical reason, and they somehow think this virus won't affect them, proven by their refusal to wear face masks.

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Posted in: Last of Apple's 42 stores in China reopen See in context

That’s good news, but what about the FAKE Apple stores?

What does it concerns you?

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Posted in: Trump officials emphasize coronavirus was 'Made in China' See in context

HIV AIDS - Made in USA

SARS - Made in China

H1N1 - Made in USA

Ebola - Made in Africa

MERS - Made in Saudi Arabia

Covid-19 - Made in China

Result: China 2, USA 2.

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Posted in: Starbucks becomes latest target of Hong Kong protester rage See in context

10/1 will be interesting. HK will never go down without a fight, and be assured that the Taiwanese are paying attention.

What are they gonna do? Impeach Carrie Lam? Lol. They are fighting a losing battle, and everyone knows that, except their delusional supporters who live in their own semi-reality.

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Posted in: Meghan and Harry name son Archie Harrison See in context

What an ugly name....

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Posted in: China demands Canada release Huawei executive See in context

Easy. China just have to arrest some Canadian and American executives currently in China.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn See in context

They learned it from America...... Cmon, you should be proud of your student, America!

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Posted in: Trump's trade 'extortion' won't work, China state media outlet says See in context

and a steep decline in the value of the yuan versus the dollar 

Which means the Chinese exported goods will become even more cheap and beneficial for China. Lol.

Throughout China's history its leaders have shown their willingness to 'sacrifice' their own people

This time the Chinese gov don't even need to do any "sacrificing", since Chinese people and the whole world knows it is Trump and America that first started this trade war. This really gives Xi Jinping even more legitimation and support from Chinese people, because the "aggressor" is America here.

China's economy is not so strong at the moment and getting weaker by the day due to Trumps trade moves. It will all work out in the end.

Yea, 6.7% growth and record surplus with USA just last month is making Donald Trump the winner here.

Delusional people are just..... delusional. LOL.

Mainland China also has a long history of revolution against a tyranny government in which many dynasties had fallen due to not taking care of the people.

Which won't happen now because the "tyranny government" is clearly on the other side of Pacific a.k.a United States of America which starts a trade war with China.

I bet Xi Jinping and his advisors are having a belly laugh in Zhongnanhai everyday, looking at how Trump giving his "eternal reign" a free and easy legitimation and credibility.

Such is the naivety of Donald John Trump and his supporters. LOL.

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Posted in: China vows retaliation for latest U.S. tariff threat See in context

When China starts closing factories and America starts rebuilding it's lost factories- China will fold.

Yea, America will build those lost factories overnight and start to pollute her "first world" cities with smile on her face.

Also, I'm pretty sure the owners of those "lost factories" will employ your White kids and grandkids with average salary of $5 a day.... MAGA.

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Posted in: China vows retaliation for latest U.S. tariff threat See in context

The aim of China's government's "Made in China 2025" initiative is make the country self-sufficient and globally dominant in the most strategic industries.

So, it is wrong to become self-sufficient and globally dominant in strategic industries?

So you are saying.... To be a dominant players in strategic industries is only the rights of USA and it's tributary states of Europe and Japan?

That entails stealing foreign technology, transferring to local companies then kicking out the foreigners when they're no longer needed. Look it up.

Have you any proof of what you just described above or is it just another wild assumption based on your western mainstream media's brainwashed mind?

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Posted in: Washington moves to block China Mobile from U.S. market See in context

Lol. The king of thieves (USA) forbidding a thief (China) entering his territory...... Brave new world.

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Posted in: China Mobile, NTT Docomo to launch world's first IoT multi-vendor eSIM solution See in context

I want to think positive, but whenever I think of Chinese tech products, I remember their government being accused of using back doors in their hardware and software to spy on customers. It was one of the reasons that they were banned in the US.

Poor brainwashed soul.... Another victim of American propaganda.

Might be time for me to consider ending my contract with DoCoMo.

Yes, please. Hurry it up.

Silvafan, I think you will find that it is the US government that demands US software and hardware manufacturers install backdoors and spy on customers. I suspect some Chinese products telecoms products were banned because they did not provide the US govenrment with backdoors.

Spot on.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

Anyway, it's not Japan that's responsible for this change, it's Communist China that demands other countries kowtow and follow it's hogwash.

Lol. Communist China didn't demand other countries to kowtow and follow it's hogwash, it's making the rules for foreign companies that operating in her country.

today, China Taiwan, tomorrow China Japan, followed by China Korea..See Trump was only giving a hint, and used the Mexicans but meant 25million Chinese migrating to Japan.

Ooh, you are such a visionary....

Psychiatric wards are full of visionaries, btw.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

Way to go! Cave in just so you can make money, while ignoring Taiwan's desire to be unassociated with China!

Usual Japanese political cowardice!

Of course they want to make money, they are private companies.

What do you think they are? Charity foundations?

The world really needs to tell the commie Chinese govt to get stuffed on this stuff!!

This isn't going to end well

Not going to end well? What are you going to do? Declaring war on commie Chinese govt?

In the meantime, US just opened their new consulate in Taiwan.

Another meaningless PR stunt from the Americans, so typically Americans..... Showboating with no substanstial result.

Good. China has no right to dictate the business of private companies who's websites are clearly not aimed at Chinese.

If these private companies don't want to be "dictated" = follow the rules of the country they operated in, why not stopping their business in Mainland China altogether?

C'mon Japan, don't just talk about pride.... Show it!

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

Smart move from Japan.

American airlines too, after their PR stunt of delaying the renaming of Taiwan on their website, will follow suit.

The deadline is on July.

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Posted in: China carries out missile drills in South China Sea amid heightened tensions See in context

Just shoot some missiles to get attention when upset about "something".

That's very American. Begging for people's attention.

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