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Posted in: Pelosi says U.S. will 'not allow' China to isolate Taiwan See in context

It does not seem that China is asking permission but making a satement of fact about how hollow the USA has become riddled with corruption, it has become as Swisscheese to ever hungry rats, full of holes.

It makes many promises it never has any intention of keeping, empty words, from a nation empty of honor and integrity, just a puppet of it's corrupt corporations, pulled in too many directions at once, a tangled puppet dangling on the twisted strings of it's far too many masters.

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Posted in: Japan health experts urge gov't to speed up review of COVID measures See in context

All that pandemic demostrated was that international, US and UK health organisations have been compromised by those who profit from the major Pharmeceutical corporations and that they can no longer be relied upon. All health information should be analysed and reviewed internally and all judgements based upon internally audited evidence from all other sources and foreign conclusions need to be largely ignored.

Much like the USA banning marijuana globally and now making legal for recreational use, whilst the continue with the international ban. You really have to question their motivations and logic and clearly internal studies and extensive trials should be the only data to be relied upon.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

They were crimes against all of life. Those weapons killed all living things in the target zone. The stand as something to be truly ashamed of by all of humanity, acts to be held in disgust and contempt.

The use of those weapons were not just crimes against humanity but a crime against life, inexcusable.

You could call them the highlight of the war, or would that be lowlight, and did truly symbolize the self defeating horror of war. Life is a quest for the future, you deny life a future and life will deny you, leave you behind to fade in the void, a silent scream in the dark. Those the revel in and foment war, face a most enduring and bitter end, deservedly so.

If only we celebrated peace with such fervency and fanfare.

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Posted in: If you could go back in a time machine to observe any three events in history, which three would you choose? See in context

The first alien visit to the planet ;).

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Posted in: British PM Johnson plans to visit Japan in mid-February See in context

The reason why, the UK government is trying scheme it's way in between the growing relationship between Australia and Japan, seeking to exploit it for the UKs benefit and just likely to do nothing but damage the relationship between Japan and Australia, in the process ie disrupting the process if it does not serve the UK governments interests or supporting it as long as the UK can parasite off it. Australia does the resource, Japan the manufacturing at they are both in much the same time zone with existing trade relations they need to protect from interference, to mutually benefit both countries.

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