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RobertNTerry comments

Posted in: A resigned Horiemon prepares for life in prison See in context

An incredible veiwpoint of living in prison. Makes the reader more aware of the humanity of the person going to prison. Our American writing just emphasises the violence. As far as the concept of Japan dying goes, the man is wrong. Japan will survive, and become greater by its struggles. Just as a person becomes stronger by exercising.

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Posted in: Safes, cash wash up on shores after tsunami See in context

This makes me think! What if the main office of the bank that I use were destroyed? Would my records be destroyed? And with that the ability to retrieve my money?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine nuclear rescue team stands ready in Japan See in context

Take note folks. These people are not there to stop anything from going critical. Just to clean up during and/or after. I hope the teams are in place to see to it that the reactors cannot go critical in the first place. Let us pray that the new team is just never needed at all.

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context

The Royal Family, much like the President of the US are supposed to be seen not heard. Purely someone for the people to watch while the real power is behind the scenes. However, I am sure that they have their owner power. Important people will listen to their ideas. Nothing but good can come from a meeting such as pictured here.

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Posted in: Sept 11 suspects to face U.S. military tribunals See in context

I do not see how the military gets this. It was a civilian crime commited by civilians. I say ship them to Texas where they will most likey given the death penalty. And, unlike California, it will most likely be carried out.

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

  “We think releasing water with low levels of radiation is preferable to allowing water with high levels of radiation to be released into the environment,” said Junichi Matsumoto, a TEPCO official And how is this NOT releasing the waste into the environment?

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Posted in: Shoppers' appetite for spending is being restrained by a feeling that it is inappropriate when nearly 28,000 are dead or missing and more than 180,000 survivors huddle in shelters. What effect do you See in context

Here in the US we have had the recession. Many people would not spend because of it. We found that many stores closed, and many opened. Some much better than the ones that closed. Life goes on. Money continues to flow. No, there will be no problem.

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Posted in: Should rumor spreading be a prosecutable offense? See in context

Here in the US we call that yellow journalism, or even drama queens. We learn to avoid them and go on to legitimate newspeople like this paper. If that yellow journalist had not existed, the people would have made up things in their own minds and been even a worse problem.

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Posted in: Afghans riot as anti-foreign resentment grows over Quran burning in Florida See in context

If someone burned a bible, even my own bible, I would just consider that person an idiot to throw away his (or her) chance at eternal life, forget about them, and go about my day. I surely would not murder anyone over it.

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Posted in: Sunset See in context

What I see is that the world continues. And that the devastation there is just a small thing beside that. Really rotten image to show people who's lives have been fouled by this thing. Maybe better the pictures of people picking up the shattered pieces of their lives, and putting up a new and better life out of that. More hope there.

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Posted in: Disaster sparks social media innovation See in context

And this article prove that A:people all over the world care. B:that when handed a lemon in life, many people are able to turn it into lemonade. C: the internet is much more powerful than many people expected.

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Posted in: Fill 'er up See in context

One little spark, and it would be over for them. However, having hand-pumped gas out a closed gas station myself, I can say that a plastic hand pump works just fine. And no risk.

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Posted in: TEPCO dismissed important scientific evidence in planning nuclear plant's defense See in context

And just why are we not building to wthstand the meteor strike? If such amazing disasters do happen in the future, do you want to be part of the problem. Or part of the solution.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes again and again See in context

I have learned that it is wonderful when they apologize. It is always the first step toward making things right. But only the first step.

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Posted in: Missing See in context

There is nothing that we lucky enough not to have that happen to us can say. I am just glad that I cannot see his face.

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Posted in: Testing finds no health threat along U.S. West Coast See in context

I believe that how far away you get from the reactors depends on your faith in the truthfulness of your government. And, in the long run, the truth will come out. So it pays your government to be truthful with you.

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Posted in: Night in the gym See in context

None of the earlier news reports had mentioned that it is winter there, and I was under the illusion that your weather might match ours here in southern California. I suggested tent cities, and buildings for supply storage. Now that I see more clearly, I suggest tent cities for the supplies, and buildings for the people. Hey, what about the animals?

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Posted in: What is the best way for civilians in areas not affected by the quake and tsunami to help with the relief effort? See in context

If I were living in the disaster area itself, the first thing to do would be to get together all the ex-military, and people with experience camping in extereme conditions. They would become the leaders. They would be in charge of creating tent cities. Then you could use buildings still in condition for supplies. Import or recruit a police department. Basically build a city of tents. Hopefully not to be needed for more than a short time. Then proceed to build real buildings where you can. The only reason I point this out is that many groups facing smaller versions of what you face have just left their people to be absorbed by the larger group, and this won't work in your case. Too many people. And I don't think you want the leftovers to just die off.

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Posted in: 180,000 evacuated as nuclear plant crisis intensifies See in context

My heart goes out to you folks in this time of great troubles. We (almost evry church that I know, or know of) are praying for things to get as close to normal, as quickly as God can do it for you guys.

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Posted in: TEPCO begins power blackouts See in context

If your rolling blackouts are anything like the rolling blackouts we have had over here, they do not affect the businesses as much. The old saying is "the show must go on". You are going to need all the working economy that that can get in the next year. However, I suspect that there are businesses that are really more of a luxury than you guys can afford right now. Here in the US we look at bars, casinos, and liquor stores during hard times.

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Posted in: Devastation See in context

Again I wish to make the point that many people are going to become sick, permanently homeless, totally disenfranchised if they don't know how to save themselves. Disseminating information on how the citizens can help themselves means that many less that the government has to help. Thus making the job of putting the damaged areas back to a normal life that much easier. So far I have seen no articles in any Japanese newspaper on how to help yourself, and many reports on people waiting on someone else to rescue them.

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