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Posted in: Would you support legalizing marijuana use? If so, why? If not, why not? See in context

no, but can you imagine how many idiots in the car or truck drivers?

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Posted in: New Low-pass Selector built-in flagship model PENTAX K-3 See in context

japan builds very nice things

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Posted in: Thieves grab Hermes bags worth Y40 mil from Ginza store See in context

have copied the Italian thieves :)

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Posted in: Italy rallies from 2-0 down to beat Japan 4-3 in Confederations Cup See in context


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Posted in: Japan warns citizens in China after assaults See in context

go japan, buuuu china

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Posted in: 'Pink Panther' thief sent home for trial over Tokyo heist See in context

have come this far, you are tired of stealing in Italy

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Posted in: Software piracy costs record $63.4 billion in 2011: study See in context

not only software but also the Italian designer labels are copied, especially by Chinese rogue

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

a good idea for women, in Italy it was hoped to find in the market immediately,But without those fish :D

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Posted in: Japan faces 'extinction' in 1,000 years, researchers say See in context

This is because he wants at all costs to change the style of Japanese and European,I like you just as you are

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Posted in: Zaccheroni to recall 18 Europe-based players for Azerbaijan game See in context

I hope that our Zaccheroni can win something important to Japan

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Posted in: 150 suicides last year attributed to failed job hunts See in context

Japan as the Italian, Also in Italy there have been very suicidal, because of lack of work

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Posted in: U.S. health care spending highest, Japan lowest: study See in context

thanks to the Japanese food is healthier than the American

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Posted in: 'Avengers' smashes U.S. box office record See in context

I prefer a thousand times at least I enjoy Japanese anime

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Posted in: Google violated Oracle copyright, but no damages: jury See in context

you are ridiculous, the kids seem to argue for sweets,this war will not help anyone

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Posted in: World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed See in context

I love you for who you are and never change Japanese friends ciao :D

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

learn the Italian language Japanese friends if you do not like the English language :D

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