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Continued... Tokyo and many other cities on at least Honshu would have to be evacuated. But how do you evacuate 40+ million people in a short amount of time? You can't. Residents would calmly be ordered to stay inside, not being told the seriousness of the situation. Meanwhile, all of Tokyo's and many other cities' drinking water reservoirs / lakes would become highly radioactive and unusable. This would result in massive water shortages. I think you can all imagine the rest of what could happen in the following months of being trapped in a large city with little food or water.

On top of all this, even if they do start to remove the fuel rod assemblies before another large quake exposes the fuel rods, there is a good chance there will be an accident, igniting the rods- resulting in an uncontrollable radioactive fire. Google Gundersun and Busby. These two trustworthy nuclear experts agree with most of what I have described above. The current situation is much, much more serious than what TEPCO and the government are admitting to. There is no fix, and there never will be. And I certainly wouldn't want to be living in Honshu right now... especially the Tokyo area.

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Posted in: Japan upgrades Fukushima leak to highest level in two years See in context

The current situation at Fukushima is out of control, and always has been- since day one. There is nothing anyone can do to stop this, because there is currently no technology to deal with this huge disaster. For the past two and a half years, this so-called, cold shutdown, cleanup has been window dressing to keep the ignorant Japanese public complacent. It is now only be a matter of time before another large earthquake causes one of Diaichi's fuel pools to crack and lose all it's water. Or possibly even collapse due to increasing ground liquification under the plant. The buildings are already greatly weakened due to sea water and radiation corrosion. If and when either of these events happen, the exposed fuel rods will overheat and catch fire. No firefighters will be able to approach due to the extremely high radiation levels, and the plant will have to be completely abandoned. The fuel rod fires will burn for possibly weeks or months, releasing astronomical amounts of radiation all over Japan. Due to the extremely high levels of radiation, nearby Daini nuclear plant would most likely also have to be abandoned. This could possibly result in even more meltdowns at that plant.

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