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robin37 comments

Posted in: Scotland scores 4 tries in final 25 minutes to beat Japan 42-17 in rugby See in context

StormR - "as Scotland are hardly an upper echelon team" - no but they are good enough to hammer Japan and when you look at the populations - Scotland 5 million Japan what 120 million - puts it into context doesn't it.

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Posted in: Japan readies huge island war games amid YouTube PR push See in context

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it -

Mr Abe seems to be sleepwalking into a conflict he cannot possibly win. This is not 1934 China is now a united country with an enormous standing army navy and air force that is professional and motivated.

I am neither Japanese or Chinese but I know if Japan wanted to stand up to China it would take China about one week to win. The incumbent US president leads from behind and would not intervene who else is going to jump in and stop that fight Europe no, Russia no, SE Asia unlikely.

If Abe thinks he is Mrs Thatcher and can get a Falklands bounce he better dye his hair blonde and wear a skirt China is not Argentina.

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Posted in: FSA to probe megabanks after gang loan scandal See in context

Maybe the FSA could call in Michael Woodford (Olympus) he has some track record and exposing what lies hidden in the shadows.

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Posted in: Japanese women list their foreign husbands’ odd behavior See in context

This article says more to me about the Japanese wives than it does about their foreign spouses.

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Posted in: Corporate Japan to save gains from tax cut in challenge to Abenomics See in context

oh oh - maybe time for Mr Abe to head to Yasukuni to drum up some feel good factor.

Abe is no Thatcher that's for sure; she had balls.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister visits Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Each year on December the 7th do Japanese go to shrines and pray for forgiveness? Just wondered if the Yasakuni Shrine was busy each December the 7th; it's kind of an important date in the modern history of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan could be 'main player' if Asia conflicts break out: defense minister See in context

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

Japan started a war on December the 7th 1941 - Only a fool would wish to go through that again - we shall see I guess.

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