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Posted in: New 'Dragon Ball' movie collaborates with Oreo cookies See in context

I can hear my son already, I want to buy those!! LoL.

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Posted in: French court jails Chilean man for 28 years for killing Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

Finally a little closure for the family, what a scumbag!

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

Doesn't bother me too much, been stopped a couple times and asked for ID and some general questions what I do here, where I live etc. I've got nothing to hide and am always very cooperative and respectful to them, have never had them be rude to me either. If you are offended then get a thicker skin, as long as you have your ID and everything is in good standing order with your status here then there is nothing to be worried about. We are foreigners here, we will never get the same treatment as Japanese, accept it and move on.

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Posted in: Tokyo stock market revamped in hope of attracting foreign investors See in context

It's the appetite for risk that you just don't see in Japan like you do in the US or other parts of the financial/investing world. People here love their cash and love seeing it sit in a bank collecting almost no interest, it's safe it's easy it's low stress. This is why Japanese stocks in general have no momentum and are rather boring to trade. Yes some good companies to invest in long term but until risk appetite changes here then Japanese stocks will be hard pressed to see a big change from where it's currently at with foreign money. Retail trading has exploded in the US over the past 3-5 years and with that it increases trading volume on the daily, where there is volume there is money to be made, regardless of price going up or down.

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Posted in: Man gets 20 years in prison for kidnapping two young girls See in context

20 years is good, hopefully no chance for parole either. What I don't get is why some of these parents who fatally abuse their kids get much lighter sentences, like I've seen 7, 8, 9 years for some of those monsters. What this guy did was horrible and glad he is getting a deserved punishment but those monster parents need to also see longer sentences in my opinion.

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Posted in: 'The Wire' team returns to Baltimore for corrupt-cop tale See in context

The Wire was awesome, would like to see more shows like that for sure.

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Posted in: 5 ways Japan influenced ‘Star Wars’ See in context

Huge Star Wars fan since my childhood. I've always seen some correlations with Japan and some of the characters in the Star Wars story drawn from the Samurai era, never bothered me at all and thought it to be quite creative to come up with this sci-fi story. Lucas himself has even admitted he is a fan of Japanese old samurai movies and Japanese culture. I like how the title of this article says "influenced" because it's absolutely correct and anyone who thinks otherwise or is trying to twist it as meaning copy is just silly. Looking forward to the new Kenobi film.

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Posted in: Rattled by spectator's insult, Osaka loses at Indian Wells See in context

Man oh man she is so fragile! I'm not sure sports and being in the spotlight is best for her anymore, time to rethink her future, maybe get into coaching or something like that.

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Posted in: Asian stocks rebound after Wall Street falls on Ukraine tensions See in context

There are some good companies out there that have seen their stock price discounted the last month and a half, don't be afraid to buy a little here and there for the long term portfolio. Still in a traders market for now so expect lots of volatility this year but if your timeframe is 5+ years you'll be glad you got some names cheap in 2022.

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli theme park to open in Japan in November See in context

Looking forward to it! Looks like Nagakute is going to get even busier, adding to the Aichi World Expo Park and IKEA which attract tons of locals every week.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 13-month low in cautious trading ahead of Fed decision See in context

Nothing wrong with doing some small dip buying on your shopping list at these levels. We could still dip more so be patient but some companies are already down 50% from ATHs, that's usually where you start to see institutional money pull into the parking lot. Definitely don't go all in but dipping your toe in the water here a little bit not a bad idea.

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges nearly 3% to 5-month low on record COVID numbers See in context

Lots of good quality companies will be on Sale in the coming weeks, looking forward to it.

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Posted in: Tokyo shares end lower on weak U.S. stock futures, virus spike See in context

I hear you, you're right about the click bait tons of that mess going around all the time and not just related to the stock markets either. Hard to know what to believe anymore LoL.

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Posted in: Tokyo shares end lower on weak U.S. stock futures, virus spike See in context

I wouldn't necessarily say trading is gambling, many of us make a living off of it and a very good one at that, but you are correct in that it is not investing. Both have merit and both can make you money, short term and long term, nothing wrong with either IMO. As a matter of fact most traders who play the market short term on a daily basis also hold long term investments, so in essence, the best of both!

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Posted in: Tokyo shares end lower on weak U.S. stock futures, virus spike See in context

Looks like ES wants to test 4600 before market opens, she can't hold there we see 4575 pretty quickly. 4635 area needs to reclaim, might become a resistance now though. Fun day to start ER week.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven adds to Japan’s maritozzo craze with monster mouthful of chestnut flavor See in context

Ok I'll give them a try!

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges nearly 3%; sharpest drop in over 6 months See in context

For sure it's a possibility but seriously doubt we see that again. That's why we say dip your toe in the water, don't just jump right in. Slowly you nibble and nibble and nibble as it keeps dropping lowering your overall cost basis. Can't compare the current markets to the bubble, situation is different and a lot of the companies I mentioned have real revenues and profits and hoards of cash in the bank, not some random tech company in a garage back in the 90s that added .com to their company name and were heavily speculated on. Real companies, real revenues, mountains of cash that's where you invest. Products and services that we all use everyday in our lives. I'm adding to my long term holds plus my son's and wife's. Park your money in a bank and collect less than 0% interest if that sounds safer I guess.

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges nearly 3%; sharpest drop in over 6 months See in context

Not buying right now but just look at a Daily chart, 50 crosses the 200 which is obviously bearish but again, those are dip buy opportunities for your superstar companies, ie Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc as those companies will be around forever. These would be long term investment buys, not talking about daily bounces for a quick scalps or swings.

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges nearly 3%; sharpest drop in over 6 months See in context

Let things shake out over the next few days and into next week, then start some dip buying in my opinion. Tech will be the first to get crushed for sure but you buy the super strong names with mountains of cash and hold for years, you'll be glad you did.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 641 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,475 See in context

Only 3 severe cases in the hospital, is that even 1% of the total cases? Very very mild in severity this new variant, very easily spreadable but symptoms seem no worse than a cold especially when you already have a vaccine shot. Still need to be careful as usual out there but I'm not running around scared that's for sure.

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Posted in: Remove your tattoos, Beijing tells Chinese soccer players See in context

Hate to sound like my parents did but not a fan of this whole tattoo craze that seems to have become more and more popular over the past 5-10 years. A small one here or there with personal sentiment like a loved ones name in an inconspicuous place that can easily be covered up is ok to me, my wife actually has a small one but this recent trend of doing your whole arm/leg or neck and just putting anything anywhere just to "express" yourself seems a bit much. I'm not agreeing with the Chinese either, that's too excessive to outright ban, but come on people less is more please, have some class.

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Posted in: Markets 2021: Stocks soar, IPOs explode, crypto goes wild See in context

Looking forward to a great 2022 as well! Don't listen to the media, listen to the charts!

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Posted in: Verstappen wins 1st F1 title with last lap pass of Hamilton See in context

Congratulations to Max what an exciting season for F1, looking forward to the next one.

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Posted in: Asian stocks fall further after new virus variant spreads See in context

If US and EU markets hold their gains today then Japan will pop big tomorrow, Nikkei pretty much follows what US does.

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Posted in: Japan bars new foreign arrivals for 1 month over Omicron fears See in context

Definitely tough for families with members trying to get into the country, definitely feel sorry for them but I also like the strict moves Japan has made throughout the pandemic to try and curb the spread. Unfortunately there is no one good move that will please everyone, guess we need to try and stay positive and hope 2022 will be better than 2021 has been for many. Luckily my immediate family is here and safe and healthy. Good luck to all this holiday season.

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Posted in: Lineup for end-of-year Kohaku song contest 2021 revealed See in context

Looking forward to it!

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Posted in: Garigari-kun celebrates 40 years with new ‘Adult Mixed Berry’ flavored popsicle See in context

Tried this today actually and was pretty good. Kind of had a slight crunch to it too, yummy.

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Posted in: Areas near Tokyo await arrival of floating pumice mass See in context

Hate to see stories like this very unfortunate, hopefully there is a way to clean it up sooner rather than later.

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Posted in: Pioneering Japanese cyclist Beppu retires from circuit See in context

Congratulations on a successful career Beppu! So many great places to ride here in Japan. Can't wait to get back on the bike, still doing rehab after knee surgery in August.

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Posted in: Bright nights See in context

Been there a few times, very beautiful park.

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