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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

Two thumbs up to the writers for the use of "sullied" in the title. I'm guessing quite a few people had to look that up. After you live in Japan for a while you realize your native language starts deteriorating.

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Posted in: Man Utd ease pressure on Ten Hag; Spurs, Newcastle stunned See in context

Man U, we've been awful this season but we've had tons of injuries too and still do. Hopefully we see a better second half of the season.

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Posted in: Texas Rangers win first World Series title with 5-0 win over Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5 See in context

Finally! I remember when Bochy was manager of SF and they beat us on our first ever WS appearance back in 2010. Now 13 years later he's with us and helps us win our first ever WS trophy, amazing coach! Congratulations Rangers!

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Posted in: Japan labor market set for change as huge worker shortage looms See in context

This is the second article in two days where they are talking labor issues here, ultimately bouncing around this discussion of foreign labor needs, but again for crap jobs. Japan will never change just accept it, country has been on the decline for some time now, losing to places like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand to name a few as far as attracting highly skilled expats. This country has a fascination with robots, so might as well let them start doing these cheap labor jobs they expect foreign workers to fill. We know the Japanese themselves won't do them. Aging population, low birthrate, low wages, costs for everything increasing, dependant on other countries for energy and raw materials because they have none of their own, future is bleak here, prove me wrong.

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Posted in: 86% of municipalities across Japan want more foreign workers: survey See in context

Sure, what they want is foreigners to fill all the crap jobs that the Japanese themselves don't want to do, pay them very low salaries, make them feel like it's a privilege that they are in "Japan", use them for a few years and then send them back to their countries and hire a new batch of gullible laborers. Let's be real how many of these foreign workers are they giving office jobs to with bonuses twice a year like your typical salary man, zero is the answer. Warehouse worker, farming, elderly care facilities, convenience store clerks, construction crew, garbage collectors, where can I fill out an application??

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Posted in: Johnny's decades-long abuse coverup relied on cozy ties with media See in context

Thank you Sakurasuki I'll check Prime

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Posted in: Johnny's decades-long abuse coverup relied on cozy ties with media See in context

Is there a version of this BBC documentary that has English subtitles, all the ones I find online have Japanese??

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Posted in: Sponsor offers 20,000 free tickets to Women's World Cup as New Zealand sales lag See in context

I'll watch women's tennis sometimes, apart from that no thanks!

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Posted in: Fiber is your body's natural guide to weight management See in context

I need to read this daily, as a reminder. My weight has been rising the last few years and my stomach shows it. Snacks and dessert the main culprits. 40+ and that metabolism is just not the same as it used to be.

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Posted in: Domino’s Japan pushes pickle love to limit with new Pickles Pizza See in context

Sorry but that's a hard pass for me! Pepperoni and sausage or a margherita pizza, simple and delicious! Let's not try and reinvent the wheel Japan.

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Posted in: Yen weakening may prove debilitating blow to Japan See in context

If you do a little Technical Analysis on the USD vs JPY chart, and charts don't lie because they are showing you where people are buying and selling both past and present, the Monthly chart looks like a huge inverse head and shoulders pattern going back to 2007 that broke out over the neckline of 125-128 area back in April of 2022, then retested it in February of this year, bounced, and then continued higher. Take away all the Macro FUD and everyone's opinions as to why and how and just look at that chart, very simple TA of a very common chart pattern on a large time frame. We should retest the 148-150 area and the market will decide there, whether to bust threw that resistance or to come back down again. No predictions from me, just watching what it does when it gets to the big levels and then play it accordingly.

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Posted in: With right attitude, Japan can go all the way at Rugby World Cup, says Leitch See in context

I give them about as much chance as I would the Japanese men's soccer team winning the World Cup, lol not happening folks! Good luck anyways though!

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Posted in: Mister Donut unveils a new type of doughnut, stuffed with two different fillings See in context

Since it comes with a plastic sleeve and cardboard holder, I'll be heading straight to my nearest Mister Donut to try one LOL.

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Posted in: John Williams: Hollywood's 91-year-old maestro goes for more Oscars history See in context

Absolute legend for sure!

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Posted in: Liverpool's new-look front three put Man Utd to the sword in 7-0 win See in context

Wow complete collapse in the second half. These games happen from time to time, no matter how good your team is or what form you've recently been in, so not going to read too much into it. Liverpool had a very similar collapse just two weeks ago at the hands of Real Madrid, in Liverpool too, leading 2-0 and then ultimately losing 5-2. Man U 's goal this season was a top 4 finish, so far that's still very achievable and if we can get anything else on top of that, like the EFL trophy we just won, then it's a bonus. We got beat bad, now on to the next game, focus!

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Posted in: Japan births hit all-time low in 2022; below 800,000 for 1st time See in context

Yeah the pension system is going to be a huge problem down the road. But the Japanese love to pretend like everything is fine here. Ohh and please remember to wear a mask. LoL

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Posted in: Man Utd wins League Cup to end six-year trophy drought See in context

I'm liking what Ten Hag is doing with the club. He got rid of the dead weight and the arrogant players that were making the locker room toxic. He's brought in some talented youngsters and a couple veterans and the team is really starting to click again. Everyone knows their role and does it without complaining. The work ethic is very apparent and the discipline too. Let's keep this going boys!

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Posted in: Bruce Willis diagnosed with dementia: family See in context

My father passed away from Alzheimer's years ago. It is an awful disease and to witness someone you love go through it is very difficult and sad. His family has a long tough road ahead and I'm sure they have the means to get the best care for him, but as we all know their is no cure unfortunately. We enter this world as helpless fragile little babies and that unfortunately is exactly how it ends with someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Prayers for his family!

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Posted in: Starbucks debuts in Ginza in 1996 See in context

Good article, very interesting historical reference about big foreign brands here in Japan. I'm not a big coffee drinker, prefer tea, but Starbucks does use good quality beans from what I hear. My wife has been collecting the You Are Hear mugs they sell. I want to visit that huge Starbucks Reserve in Tokyo, looks impressive.

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Posted in: Winemaker to start making 'Nagoya wine' this summer See in context

Sounds good, looking forward to giving it a try. Hopefully it's not going to be on the sweet side like a lot of Japanese wines, not a fan of those types at all.

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Posted in: Diablo IV Lilith burger turns Burger King into Burger Queen in Japan See in context

I tried this burger just this week and to be honest the sauce didn't do it for me. It wasn't too spicy and I don't mind spicy honestly but somehow the sauce took over the taste of the burger and then the little crunchy pieces of bacon also seemed to be marinated in the same sauce, it was kind of overkill and every bite was this overwhelming sauce. I guess I would have liked it to compliment the burger more vs becoming all you taste in the burger. Maybe some might like it but I'm going to say pass. I'm always open to trying new and interesting food creations but this one, nahhh!

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Posted in: Startups rapidly emerging from central Japan See in context

People view Nagoya and Aichi area as blue collar, not like the fancy sophisticated Tokyo, but there is plenty going on in this area and lots and lots of room for more growth and development. I've lived in both areas and I like both but I see more potential in Aichi, Tokyo is just so big and congested it's getting ridiculous. Fun to visit Tokyo but I wouldn't want to live there with a family.

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Posted in: How asexuals navigate romantic relationships See in context

I'm a little confused, so they barely have sex, don't get horny apparently, find people attractive yes but don't necessarily want any physical relationship with them? Can we please insert the Kevin Hart GIF of Wait...What?!

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Posted in: Coolish’s new Triple Chocolate ice cream is chock-full of chocolaty goodness See in context

Thanks, I'm in!

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Posted in: Totoro time: Ghibli theme park opens to visitors See in context

Unfortunately the weather was not great today for a Grand Opening but I bet that didn't stop people. Hopefully things went smoothly.

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Posted in: BOJ chief stays course on ultralow rate policy despite sharp yen drop See in context

Why would the second action work, but not the first?

Most likely there won't be as it is a very very rare occurrence but if other G7 banks decide it might be necessary to do so because the USD refuses to calm down, then yes I could see further buying of yen by the BOJ. I think that what Kuroda is counting on is the Fed in the US slowing down a bit with it's rate hikes which in turn will bring down the USD some and that will help the yen get some strength back. When that happens is anybody's guess obviously but for now no interest rate hikes here for quite some time if at all. For now we all just have to adapt to these price hikes and look at cutting down on the wants and focus more on the needs, best we can.

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Posted in: BOJ chief stays course on ultralow rate policy despite sharp yen drop See in context

I don't expect any changes to interest rates here for quite some time, it's not so beneficial to Japan to do so anyways. Rate of inflation here is still much lower than what the US and Europe are seeing. Yes prices are rising due to rising commodity prices and yes the weak yen does affect many imported goods but raising interest rates in a heavily consumer based economy would do nothing to help with the prices of food and other items the average consumer buys in the supermarket. Also the low interest rates keep loans more attractive to businesses and even us the consumer for those looking to build a home. There might be a need to intervene into the FX markets for a second time in order to calm the recent volatility but don't expect Kuroda to touch the interest rates, which he and many people know would do more harm than good to an already weak economy.

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Posted in: White House announces multi-billion dollar plan to attack obesity, hunger See in context

How about telling all the plate manufacturers to make them smaller as they were in the 70-80s. Plates now are huge and nevermind restaurants, there they are bringing platters out to the guests at every table. No wonder doggie bags are so common there, the public has been conditioned to eat with their eyes and not their stomach. I've never ever taken food home from a restaurant in Japan, it's just enough what they give me and I finish it. Good luck America.

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Posted in: Japanese ski resorts luring crowd-averse 'glampers' See in context

Definitely looking to do this sooner than later with the family. Did a bit of the old school camping back in the day and it was fun but staying in the beautiful outdoors now and having the comforts of a hotel, I just basically drive there and everything is ready sounds good to me. No need to bash this concept, it's just something new and if there is a market for it then I say capitalize. Die hards might say your soft or whatever, but in theory it's no different than people picking two different restaurants to go to or different movies to watch. Everyone has their own interests and comfort levels, let's let everyone enjoy them accordingly.

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Posted in: Roger Federer says he is retiring from pro tennis at age 41 See in context

What a class act Federer, will definitely miss him although I'm sure he'll still find a way to be involved in the sport whether coaching or as an analyst on TV. He was getting up there in age to be able to still compete at the highest level and remain injury free. Nadal has said in the past year he is basically playing with injuries all the time, can only imagine the medications he is being given to not feel the pains and then how will that affect his body in another 10 years. Alcaraz is definitely giving signs of being another all time great and class act like Federer and Nadal.

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