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Posted in: Coolish’s new Triple Chocolate ice cream is chock-full of chocolaty goodness See in context

Thanks, I'm in!

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Posted in: Totoro time: Ghibli theme park opens to visitors See in context

Unfortunately the weather was not great today for a Grand Opening but I bet that didn't stop people. Hopefully things went smoothly.

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Posted in: BOJ chief stays course on ultralow rate policy despite sharp yen drop See in context

Why would the second action work, but not the first?

Most likely there won't be as it is a very very rare occurrence but if other G7 banks decide it might be necessary to do so because the USD refuses to calm down, then yes I could see further buying of yen by the BOJ. I think that what Kuroda is counting on is the Fed in the US slowing down a bit with it's rate hikes which in turn will bring down the USD some and that will help the yen get some strength back. When that happens is anybody's guess obviously but for now no interest rate hikes here for quite some time if at all. For now we all just have to adapt to these price hikes and look at cutting down on the wants and focus more on the needs, best we can.

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Posted in: BOJ chief stays course on ultralow rate policy despite sharp yen drop See in context

I don't expect any changes to interest rates here for quite some time, it's not so beneficial to Japan to do so anyways. Rate of inflation here is still much lower than what the US and Europe are seeing. Yes prices are rising due to rising commodity prices and yes the weak yen does affect many imported goods but raising interest rates in a heavily consumer based economy would do nothing to help with the prices of food and other items the average consumer buys in the supermarket. Also the low interest rates keep loans more attractive to businesses and even us the consumer for those looking to build a home. There might be a need to intervene into the FX markets for a second time in order to calm the recent volatility but don't expect Kuroda to touch the interest rates, which he and many people know would do more harm than good to an already weak economy.

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Posted in: White House announces multi-billion dollar plan to attack obesity, hunger See in context

How about telling all the plate manufacturers to make them smaller as they were in the 70-80s. Plates now are huge and nevermind restaurants, there they are bringing platters out to the guests at every table. No wonder doggie bags are so common there, the public has been conditioned to eat with their eyes and not their stomach. I've never ever taken food home from a restaurant in Japan, it's just enough what they give me and I finish it. Good luck America.

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Posted in: Japanese ski resorts luring crowd-averse 'glampers' See in context

Definitely looking to do this sooner than later with the family. Did a bit of the old school camping back in the day and it was fun but staying in the beautiful outdoors now and having the comforts of a hotel, I just basically drive there and everything is ready sounds good to me. No need to bash this concept, it's just something new and if there is a market for it then I say capitalize. Die hards might say your soft or whatever, but in theory it's no different than people picking two different restaurants to go to or different movies to watch. Everyone has their own interests and comfort levels, let's let everyone enjoy them accordingly.

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Posted in: Roger Federer says he is retiring from pro tennis at age 41 See in context

What a class act Federer, will definitely miss him although I'm sure he'll still find a way to be involved in the sport whether coaching or as an analyst on TV. He was getting up there in age to be able to still compete at the highest level and remain injury free. Nadal has said in the past year he is basically playing with injuries all the time, can only imagine the medications he is being given to not feel the pains and then how will that affect his body in another 10 years. Alcaraz is definitely giving signs of being another all time great and class act like Federer and Nadal.

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Posted in: Details of main area of Ghibli Park with Totoro characters revealed See in context

I live in the Nagoya area, also lived in Tokyo for 4 years, not sure what all the fuss is. Everywhere has plusses and minuses obviously. Enjoyed Tokyo when I lived there and now into my 3rd year in Aichi and we are doing just fine here. People going to complain though, that's what these comment boards are for it seems LoL.

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Posted in: Gov't shares nationwide info on abusive baby sitters See in context

And nevermind their privacy, let's get their faces, not blurred, all over the place for parents to see. Silly that they always cover up people's (criminals) faces here on TV. Someone gets caught on video stealing or doing something illegal and yet let's make sure to respect their privacy, lol dumb! I vote for a Cersei Lannister walk of shame for these sickos in the article.

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Posted in: Slowdown or not? U.S. job market walking a tight rope See in context

Job growth has to slow way down in order to curb some of the inflation. Of course some of it will naturally come down over time as commodity prices comes down, but if people still have money to spend then demand is there for products and services and prices will remain elevated.

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Posted in: Sancho sinks Leicester as Man Utd win three in a row See in context

Ten Hag starting to show a little of his influence, I like it. Put the best players out there and let them perform nevermind favoritism towards old superstars or big contract guys that are in a slump. Perform in practice and in the games or have a seat, I don't care who you are.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to new 24-year low against dollar See in context

King Dollar, love it! My fellow Americans hope you are taking advantage, transfer funds over, use the American CC, let's enjoy while it's here.

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Posted in: ‘Dragon Ball Super’ beats ‘Beast’ at North American box office with $20.1 mil See in context

Good for them, still need to take my son to go see it but been hesitant to go to any theater recently with COVID cases still high.

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Posted in: New digital art exhibition in Nagoya promises 'a paradise of bugs' in a colorful forest See in context

Sounds great, I will take my son to that.

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Posted in: Fed set for another big rate hike with economy on knife's edge See in context

Huge earnings coming this week plus FOMC decision WED, embrace the volatility.

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Posted in: Vingegaard has first Tour de France win all but secured See in context

Congratulations, what a great race he has had.

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Posted in: 50% of Japanese women think work hampers married life: survey See in context

549 women LoL, I stopped reading after that sentence.

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Posted in: Man gets 20 years in prison for taking woman hostage at internet cafe See in context

Yeah the sentences passed out here boggle the mind honestly. This guy gets 20 years and nobody was killed or seriously injured yet I see lots of stories about parent neglect or abuse that leads to a child's death, super sad depressing stories and yet those monsters get out in like 7-8 years, WTH???

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Posted in: Japan reports 105,584 coronavirus cases See in context

13 that's all you need to read in this article, back to normal life enjoying the 3 day weekend, thank you!

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Posted in: Japan second-most popular country to move to, according to Google Search analysis See in context

True every place has it's plusses and minuses, you have to decide what's best for you and your family. If you're not from Japan but moved here at some point thinking you would be happy and yet you are still not happy here for whatever reason then why are you still living here? Nobody is going to help you change your situation, only you can make that change for the better.

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Posted in: Japan second-most popular country to move to, according to Google Search analysis See in context

Having moved here with the family literally as COVID started to explode everywhere in March of 2020 and seeing how bad many parts of the world got hit, then you have this year with inflation just hammering Western countries hard like US and in Europe, I can say that living here has really not been too bad during all this. This is my second time to live in Japan too and that also should say something. I've lived in Spain too and it was beautiful but that was 20 years ago and things have unfortunately changed there quite a bit just like in my country the US, definitely not going back there. Very happy here and looking forward to many more years.

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Posted in: Japan reports 54,071 coronavirus cases See in context

10 people with serious symptoms and hospitalized in the Tokyo area, 80 on a national scale in a country of 120+ million people. Is posting these daily stats even relevant anymore? Everyone go out and enjoy the summer, I'm looking forward to our vacation in a few weeks.

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Posted in: From stocks to crypto, a punishing six months for investors See in context

Great opportunities to buy good companies at low prices. We will probably continue to go down over the next 6-12 months so nibble a little bit here and there. If your timeline for investing is 5+ years or more you will be happy you bought during this big downturn. Be greedy when others are fearful as Buffet says.

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Posted in: Spitting mad Kyrgios blasts fans' 'disrespect', '90-year-old' officials See in context

The guy is a bum and has always been. He definitely has talent but his attitude throughout his career has kept him from excelling to the higher ranks for any lengthy period. British are known for being very vocal and often use a lot of foul language, have you ever watched a Premiere League match? It's just how it is, so accept that going in and don't take it personally, it's not his first time in England that's for sure. I guess him joining Osaka's sports management group was a perfect fit, she can't handle pressure and criticism either.

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Posted in: Mercury climbs to 40.1 C in Japan; national record for June See in context

Was washing my back deck this morning around 900am and was absolutely drenched in sweat. Needless to say I spent the rest of the day inside with my best friend the A/C. Now it's off to eat ramen, can't complain.

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Posted in: Sexy lingerie makes post-pandemic comeback See in context

Sounds good to me, won't hear me complaining if lingerie wants to make a comeback.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's Evolve sports agency signs Nick Kyrgios See in context

Another article about Naomi, yawn!

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Posted in: Japan judo hits crisis point as bullied, burnt-out children quit See in context

Sad to hear this has been going on and is going in Japan too. When we left the US a few years ago with our then 5yr old boy I told my wife no youth sports until he's maybe age 10-12 because of how disgusting the competitive nature of youth sports is in America. From soccer to football to other sports the competitiveness has gotten out of control, encouraging kids to join private clubs that cost tons of money and practice sometimes every night of the week with games all weekend, starting as young as 4yrs old, it's awful! And yes the biggest driving factor are the parents. Yes some coaches are bad apples too but the pressure and the money all comes from the parents, Youth Sports = Big $$$$ in the US and I just hope it doesn't get that way here. My son now 8 does tennis and swimming 1x a week each and it's very low key just practicing, no games our tournaments and he's really enjoys both. Wake up parents! Let kids be kids, not a meal ticket.

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Posted in: World swimming bans transgender athletes from women's events See in context

A no brainer here obviously, why such a debate or discussion needed to be had is beyond me. If they decide to create a category for them to compete in amongst themselves then you won't hear me complain. Men vs Men, Women vs Women, and then the third category I'll leave that for the organizers to label.

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Posted in: Asian stocks rise after Wall St breaks string of declines See in context

Hopefully the slightly positive PCE data that came out last week in the US will calm the markets for a little while. Still a long way to go before inflation gets to levels everyone will feel comfortable with but maybe we get a little bounce here over the next few weeks before the next nasty leg down, similar to how 2008 played out.

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