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Posted in: School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet See in context

Another example of why so many women are bummed out when faced with using public toilets in Japan.

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Posted in: Tight labor market leading to unsavory recruitment tactics in Japan See in context

Not happy about any of this.

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Posted in: Snack in style with Japan’s glowing gamer chopsticks See in context

Sure thing, Darth. You can whip these out to REALLY show your new in-laws and adoptive Asian families how adept You’ve become with chopsticks and let those compliments(micro-aggressions) begin. - /s

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Posted in: ¥3 mil melons See in context

A juicy pair of melons are not that attractive unless they also come with a nice box. Might set you back a few yen but worth it in the long game.

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Posted in: Delivery robot See in context

“The age of robots is approaching.”

Nothing to fear here. Two working arms and wouldn’t take much more for Zeon to convert it into a mini Zaku-Tank for promotional purposes.

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Posted in: Delivery robot See in context

I’d like to crawl inside and take it for a spin!

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Posted in: One-person instant ramen pot may be the one and only cooking gadget we need See in context

Pivot! Sell these to hotels that can afford them so people stop cooking crabs in the electric tea pots.

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Posted in: One-person instant ramen pot may be the one and only cooking gadget we need See in context

“We’re not sure why Thanko named itself that.” Maybe it’s because some bad ideas “tank-O”? Keep trying!

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Posted in: Japan’s thrill ride theme park finds new way to terrify: A slide over twice as tall as a Gundam See in context

Although Fuji-Q may not be licensed, a simple photoshop to scale of a blank representation of the ubiquitous Japanese mecha would have put their slide into perspective. However, he cute girls pictured here are not so disappointing.

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Posted in: Japanese school entrance ceremony held in metaverse for over 3,000 new students See in context

Welcome drones, to The Machine. They look like a bunch of blockheads given no individuality with their avatars. This is the entrance ceremony?

If this is an indication of the education you’ll be given, log out now and demand a refund.

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Posted in: Zynga launches FarmVille 3 in Japan See in context

256 are you certain we are not already in one?

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Posted in: Tokyo's historic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolished See in context

Nakagin Tower lives forever in the world of Minecraft. Or Legos.

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Posted in: Honda's Asimo robot to retire after 20-year career See in context

A role model for many of us. Never involved in a scandal or crime. Enjoy your retirement.

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Posted in: Giant nagashi-somen waterslide brings flowing noodle restaurant to your home noodle parties See in context

Knowing the kids’ proclivity for mischief, it will become a water slide for the family hamster.

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