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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

And for those thinking it was a forced confession. The US Navy conducted and released their own investigation and the wife testified to them that her and her husband fell asleep and both woke up when they crashed.

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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

I'm assuming most people havent read Alkonis statement themselves.

"about five minutes before the crash "I felt my body get weak, and my car drifted out of the lane, but I was able to quickly correct it."[7] He added that he “should have immediately stopped my car" but continued to drive."

The crash was preventable and 3 years was lenient for what he did. According to his testimony, it sounds like everyone was closing their eyes/resting/falling asleep and he did too in all the quietness.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korean marine survey in disputed waters See in context

Actually, Japan wasn't required to give up the lioncourt islands and was given permission of administration over them by the US. The reason why it hasn't been solved is because Korea doesn't want to go to court for them.

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Posted in: Princess Mako diagnosed with PTSD; to marry Kei Komuro on Oct 26 See in context

PM goes out for an expensive dinner on the tax payers dime

"Wow, how could he do this! Great job keeping him in power oji-san”

Media speculates if it's right to give tax payer money to the princess that might be used to pay his family debt

"How is it any of your business? Just leave them alone."

Seems a bit hypocritical.

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Posted in: Biden says he stands squarely behind Afghanistan decision See in context

I know this site is very left leaning but people seem to forget that Biden has been in the white house for almost 9 years of this 20 year war and also signed off on it for the initial invasion. He had just as much responsibility as Trump did in what has happened.

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

If she worked for a dispatch company, then the company gives a dress code and dos and donts before she signs the contract agreeing to it. Even if she worked directly for the BOE, it's common knowledge and there are hundreds of online resources of people asking this.

I know a lot of posters want to sock one to Japanese culture and make it more progressive, but one of the biggest goals with ALTs is to get rid of dispatch companies. If she worked for the BOE this does directly the opposite and other BOEs will take notice. Eliminate the dispatchers first so teachers can make a liveable wage and then go ahead and then fight for these kinds of things.

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Posted in: Hiroshima court recognizes atomic bomb 'black rain' victims See in context

Oil was embargoed because Japan started a colonial military campaign to invade Asian nations under the lie of the greater east asia co-prosperity sphere. They weren't an innocent nation being targeted by the US. This is an example of the revisionist history that some cling onto in an effort to make the world forget what Japan did and paint themselves as victims. Naturally, it incites a response from asian nations that were invaded by Japan resulting in millions of deaths.

Japan was doing exactly what Europe and the US had been doing and those countries want you to forget that they genocided and did the same thing. And when it comes to other Asian nations it depends. Many were under control by foreign powers and murdered for pushing for the idea of being a free nation.

Hiro - your laughable revisionist view has already been debunked by others above. However, you make a bizarre claim that Japan had to chose which side to join in the war.

But at the same time you are being a bit dishonest and only looking at part of history instead of the whole. Japan was allied with the UK until a certain other country came in and told them to break their treaties with Japan or else they wouldn't help them anymore. Also, when the Japanese petitioned to be seen as equal to whites, although they had the majority to pass the notion, that same country vetoed the result. The lines were being drawn in the sand well before Japan joined the Axis. A certain country wanted to be the main power in the Pacific and was willing to do what it had to for it.

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Posted in: South Korea put on high alert; China reports 409 new cases; Italy battles virus outbreak See in context

Also didn't help a bunch of leftists in Italy said it wasn't politicaly correct to be wary of Asians and had things like "Hug an Asian day" or "go out to dinner with an Asian."

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Posted in: South Korea put on high alert; China reports 409 new cases; Italy battles virus outbreak See in context

It's a dud.

China for the most part is still locked down and is in quarantine. If you read the article you would have seen that Korea is beginning to lock down areas as well. The impact on the economy has been huge.

The possible reason why there aren't so many cases in other countries is because they aren't specifically testing for coronavirus like Italy has begun doing. Hospitals ask "have you been to China? Have you spent time with someone from China? No? OK you have a cold." That is not enough at this point because many are catching it without any ties to China. Even our resources like testing kits are incredibly limited. Then, when we do have them, they are prone to fail and come back negative when the person is positive.

As for Japan, it wouldn't be surprising to hear if they were purposely keeping the numbers low to save face and keep the Olympic dream going or prevent economic trouble.

Back when the virus was first announced you deniers could go around spouting your nonsense but now there are dozens of videos out there of children and adults being thrown into body bags in China.

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Posted in: China reports new cases as WHO declares global emergency over virus See in context

What is it all the time I am reading it has a mortality rate of just about 2-3%?

Because people want to believe in the idea that if they catch it they have a high chance of survival. Like you said, more people are dying than recovering from it. And even if it only was at a 2-3% that is still the same rate as the Spanish Flu which ended up killing up to 100 million people.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus See in context

The first evacuation flight landed at March AFB, out in the desert near LA.

Yeah but out in the desert is a little misleading. It's only several minutes to the I-215 and about 5-10 minutes away from Perris. My father worked in the Perris school district and there are many Immigrants from Mexico and low income families in that area. If things ever progressed out of MAFB, it would do a lot of damage and eventually spread towards Riverside and Temecula. It would be best to make it a mandatory requirement to stay on base if any else evacuate.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1st domestic case of coronavirus infection See in context

Where'd you get those figures? With the official death rate at 100 but there being thousands and thousands of cases there's a fatality rate of 3%

3% and even the above 1/25 are both wrong because they are assuming that the 5,500 infected will be cured. You need to compare the amount of deaths to the amount of recovered instead of comparing deaths to all infected. Based on the current Chinese governments statistics, that would be around 132/235 = 56% mortality.

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Posted in: Virus death toll in China rises as U.S. prepares evacuation See in context

apparently it,s a Chinese nurse claiming that the real number is 90,000... i read that in the Daily Mail ... but there,s no proof or confirmation...

It's a voice recording of supposedly a nurse from a private conversation that the person decided to upload. It can be found reuploaded on YouTube under the profile Mastrangerma.

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Posted in: Japan confirms third case of coronavirus virus See in context

What sources?

Look up serpentza. He did a good piece on it.

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Posted in: Japan confirms third case of coronavirus virus See in context

Gotta enjoy Yubaru's and Virusrex trying to play it down.

I'm sure during Chernobyl or during the Spanish flu you would have been saying how everything was fine as well just because that's what the newspapers reported.

There have been reliable sources on YouTube and videos showing many cases occurring where China has yet to announce them. The whole idea of the Chinese governor is to keep the peace and yet their leader came out and said it's going to get much worse... That tells you something. Also countries have constantly lied about previous outbreaks. Remember, this is coming from a country that willing cut communications after an earthquake to maintain order and resulted in many more deaths. This is the same government that the day after receiving 52 cases of the coronavirus announced it was having a community meal 7km from the wet market and that everything was fine.

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Posted in: Koike again opposes plan to move Olympic marathon, walking race to Sapporo See in context

A lot of posters here don't actually understand the situation at hand. The budget is already stretched thin and organizers have no clue where the additional funds are going to come from to prepare Sapporo. As I stated before, it's a political move. Things will stay in Tokyo and when runners start passing out, the IOC can point it's finger at someone instead of taking the blame for trying to make more money at the athletes' expense. The IOC has still yet to begin informing it's organizers of what to do in Sapporo. Too much money and testing has gone into Tokyo to suddenly just give it up.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

The marathons will more than likely stay in Tokyo. I have friends who are part of the committee for planning the Olympics. All of them are sitting on there hands because there has been no word to begin working on the athlete village in Hokkaido, medical staff, accommodations, or food preparations. This decision was mostly likely done for the sake for politics. The IOC and Koike wants to be able to avoid blame if the athletes start getting sick in the heat. "We tried to find a better solution, but the other person wouldn't let us." No consultation was made on the decision and everyone and the Olympic's sponsors are sitting on their hands waiting to hear what is really going to happen.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context

It's easy to see some people have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to this topic. I've lived and worked with a local government that is a major port town and have seen first hand the problems arising. When a boat arrives, buses from all over the prefecture arrive and greatly congest traffic. The problem is this typically happens during rush hour when everyone is going and returning from work. Passengers from the boat tend to crowd convenience stores or markets and lay or sit around the parking or front doors throwing their trash everywhere and crowding the place as they wait throughout the day. It takes a lot of volunteers or workers to help assist them at the stations or at the city office. Then when most of them just use our city as a jumping point to see other more important areas, our city barely sees any money for it and we lose more than we gained. My local government has actually stopped trying to find workers or volunteers for the cruises and have actually limited the amount coming in.

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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

If people want to spend time trump bashing, that's fine but the idea of America having a strategic interest in Greenland isn't that crazy. The article clearly states why. If a war were to break out between the US and Russia, they aren't going to be firing missiles over Europe and across the Atlantic to get to America. Also it isn't the first time the US has bought territory for strategic purposes.

The thing I find interesting is a country that applauded the idea of forcing other foreign nationals out of their mother countries and into the countries who were victorious in the first or second world war or supported the idea that Austria cannot be united with Germany, even democratically, is crying out at how terrible it is to do such a thing to a person when someone brings up the possibility for themselves.

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Posted in: Pope to visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki on Nov 24 See in context


It wasn't a civilian city at all.

Hey yeah. 20,000 soldiers dead and around 125,000 dead civilians. Doesn't sound like a civilian city at all. Oh? You also forgot Nagasaki in your reasoning for the atomic bomb. Around 150 soldiers dead and 80,000 civilians dead. In fact ground zero for Nagasaki was a church, one of the only observable landmarks of the city from air. But you are right, sounds like military targets to me.

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