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Posted in: Special branch: Poignant plea after bonsai burglary See in context

Way to up the value for the thieves.

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

Jesus Christ, if you want chocolates bad enough, buy some. Nobody needs to buy them for you, pretend they care when they really don't, etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Sounds great. So now you can officially let kids be the parents and parents be the kids.

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Posted in: Ghosn hires new defense team in change of strategy See in context

Better stock up on adult diapers and baby food, Ghosn.

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Posted in: It's not something Japanese people can ignore as someone else's problem. See in context

@lostrune2 Not overnight they don't. It would pile up much faster than mother nature can tend to it. Again, it's lazy humans causing the problem - dumping their trash where it doesn't belong. And besides the point, I thought we are meant to believe Japanese people are so tidy with trash (re: sporting event articles of clean locker rooms). They always bring their trash home with them. It's the dirty foreigners who are clogging the nation's rivers ?

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Posted in: Harrison Ford attacks leaders who deny climate change See in context

These blowhard celebrities are NOT scientists. These are the same people who turn to Scientology, juice diets, and all the latest trends for their daily lives. People living in fantasyland should not be trusted.

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Posted in: Do you think democracy is the best form of government? See in context

Certainly NOT socialism.

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Posted in: It's not something Japanese people can ignore as someone else's problem. See in context

Would they prefer if the same lazy people instead threw paper and wood products into the river? Because it's the people who are to blame for being lazy.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of food sold in convenience stores in Japan? Has it improved since you first came to Japan? See in context

It remains the same. No progression. And rip off on price, too.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating girl after she helps woman who vomited on bus See in context

If anything, he should be mad at the woman who puked on him, not the girl who helped her. And the woman should offer him money for the vomit.

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Posted in: Angels hope Ohtani ready to join batting order by May See in context

So much for the greatest title.

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Posted in: Japan protests over S Korean lawmaker's remarks on emperor See in context

Simply ask S Korea for a refund for the monies already paid years ago, and then the Emperor can issue a fresh apology. Problem solved, right S Korea?

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Posted in: In El Paso, Trump and O'Rourke go head-to-head over wall See in context

1) Both north and south borders should have a delineated border.

2) Visa overstayers should be deported.

3) Those who entered illegally should be deported.

The above are all common sense for every other country in the world that every one of us visit or live in. Should be non-issue to also have in the US.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy driving car crashes into police car after chase See in context

Arrest and prison time would be lesson learned.

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Posted in: Japan protests over S Korean lawmaker's remarks on emperor See in context

Japan: just ignore it. You keep up with the tit for tat, and it's never ending.

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Posted in: Flu infection rates surge to record-high in Japan See in context

people don't get flu shots, then wonder why there's a flu outbreak.

no different than people deciding they don't need measles or any other shot. care about yourself more than the spread of infectious disesases.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

Let's see...the staff is afraid of the father who is there demanding to see the it makes perfect sense to show him the questionnaire which shows his daughter claiming his abuse of her...because THAT will definitely calm him down, right?

How about all involved with the release of this document lose their jobs and be open to lawsuits.

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Posted in: As R. Kelly outrage festers, will music embrace #MeToo? See in context

MeToo is pointless in the music industry because women happily lineup at every concert of every artist to get back into the green room, tour bus, hotel room. And it's not to shake hands and take a selfie. Don't believe me, go to any concert and see for your own eyes.

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Posted in: Japan-EU free trade pact enters into force See in context

So then these cheeses will only be about 150% more expensive than normal here?

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Posted in: Fans call out Ariana Grande for misspelled Japanese tattoo See in context

These entertainers need to learn before bragging. Being vegan - there is no separation of diet from ethics. If you want to eat a plant based diet, go for it, but that alone does not make one vegan. You'd also have to go down the clothing route (leather, suede, fur, wool, etc), as well as a long list of other products (toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent, etc). I didn't read anywhere about her giving up on her designer leather bags, wool sweaters, etc. Total BS.

As for the tattoo, add her to the army of morons walking the earth with kanji tattoos which don't mean what they think it means. Not to mention her speaking as if she can suddenly read Japanese ("i left out the other characters."). And she fixed it but thanks to her doctor for lidocaine shots - uhg.

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Posted in: Peter Jackson making new documentary of Beatles' 'Let It Be' See in context

PJ should just Let It Be.

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

Japan is no democracy. And Ghosn is pretty much doomed at this point. He will never receive bail unless he confessed (whether false or not). If goes to trial, he will be convicted because that's the way of Japan.

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Posted in: IAEA urges Japan to take ample time in Fukushima cleanup See in context

Don't you worry, IAEA. Japan has already taken 8 years. They will happily take another 20.

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Posted in: JAL plane skids off taxiway, closing part of Narita Airport See in context

Imagine the smell inside that plane, OMG.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

What is sorry supposed to do for the dead girl? Oh it's ok, no big deal - better luck next time. ZERO point having a "secret" questionnaire only to then make its contents known regardless of who demands it. Why would the kid who filled it out need to write a letter of consent to reveal the answers - the kid could just say what their answers were.

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Posted in: Flu infection rates surge to record-high in Japan See in context

Blame the Japanese people, not the companies. The companies will of course think of themselves first and not the workers. It's up to the workers to say "sorry, not coming in as I have the flu."

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 22-year-old ex-girlfriend in Saitama See in context

Next time, just turn the knife onto yourself, not your ex.

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Posted in: Lawmakers criticize labor ministry over faulty jobs data See in context

Oh no, not criticism. It's the kryptonite of the Japanese people. How about some actual criminal charges or loss of job/pension? No, no, that would be asking way to much for people to actually do their job, right?

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Posted in: French Olympic probe raises questions about Dentsu See in context

New Flash : if Dentsu can raise that much money from domestic sponsors, there is NOTHING that needs a $2M consulting fee for. Japan knows the ropes as far as the Olympics goes (having hosted it before). Obviously the money was to buy votes. Nobody is going to admit it, but time to use some common sense.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

2 thumbs up for this teacher. For once, you have someone who's not bullying students, shaming them or some other nonsense. This student thinks he can talk tough to anyone, have no respect. Kinda stuff he obviously learned at home and was never disciplined over. Wouldn't be surprised if he's a school bully, as well. Think the teacher did him a favor in the end, because this kid will end up running his mouth to the wrong person out on the street, and at least now he will know in advance what the consequences of those actions will be.

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