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Posted in: Fitness industry under pressure See in context

for a good cardio workout: step 1- stop by local koban, step 2 - grab coppers cap, step 3 - run!!

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Posted in: Business caters to sexual needs of disabled See in context

Very shrewd businessman. Having the disabled people think its a medical treatment saving them from guilt and having the nurses think they are not just out there wanking guys off but performing a valuable service also saving them from guilt. This Shingo Sakatsume is laughing all the way to the bank. Dont personally have a prob with it but please lets call a spade a spade.

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Posted in: Obama says Muslims have right to build mosque near ground zero See in context

It would be very different if the Imam came out making an honest effort that he wants to promote peace with this new project where honest muslims can worship showing that majority of muslim people are against hate and terrorism. Unfortunatly this is not the case as this Imam has been showed to be cool with Hamas and has said some radical things. So not only is the mega mosque location a clearly bad idea I doubt its very safe.Obama just needs to clarify himself better he is a smart guy but obviously everyone knows that they have the legal right to build it and do not need to be told that.

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Posted in: Lockerbie bomber fuels anger just by staying alive See in context

Its very obvious that he was released for someones profit. Very greedy for BP and very backwards for Libiya.

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Posted in: 5,000 movie extras take part in 'Princess Toyotomi' See in context

Knowing Japanese companies im sure they got paid a lot.

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Posted in: American Airlines to charge for front-row seats See in context

Charge extra for seats at the front and hire miserable cows/ overpaid waitresses. Love the strategy.

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Posted in: American activist Lori Berenson surrenders to Peru police See in context

How about "Peruvian" Police? Honestly Who writes like that

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