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It's China. I am not surprised.

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Comrade?! Two legs bad, four legs good!!

Pathetic that this guy is foreign educated, seen the outside world and will continue to oppress and starve "his" people. Coward.

How would you know? It's far too early to tell. He just earned his title of "Supreme Commander" but politically, many N. Korean officials are skeptical. He might be scared something would happen to him if he broke the status quo.

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First time I registered to comment on an article. But what issa1 said is laughable. Just wondering, are there any major Japanese corporations that are making profits right now, especially in the tech industry with Samsung and LG having major market share?

Japanese competitiveness is losing its edge slowly to its Korean competitors. I remember almost a decade ago, many Japanese didn't believe Samsung could ever overtake Sony. And that happened in 2004. I bet all my money that Hyundai overtakes Toyota soon in America considering Hyundai now owns 10% compared to Toyota's 14%.

Just my 2 cents. Extreme Japanese nationalists probably maaaaaaaad

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