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Posted in: Suga aims to calm China-Taiwan tension on U.S. visit See in context

Suga’s right to partner up and show unity. China and NK have been using Biden’s startup time to probe and test the waters.

China’s rise is not inevitable and they have massive obstacles ahead internally and in terms of changes in global trade. Authoritarian regimes always fail eventually, it just takes a tip in the economics to make that happen.

Expect more localized supply chains that exclude China and domestic manufacturing in the future.

Love China and Chinese people but hate the regime and its toxic politics.

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Posted in: Missed your turn? 'Recalculate' your career route See in context

I work in the recruitment industry. I also share many frustrations with the recruitment processes which excludes more than it includes.

No amount of lists and “framing” the jobs market will change a few facts. The jobs market in Japan is very very simple. If you’re young (and therefore cheap) with a good University or blue chip on your CV your in, regardless. The recruitment system in ALL but one company is totally ineffective due to the processes that exclude the best people.

Not sure who put the word “talent” in the job title but “talent acquisition” teams are CV matchers (usually ex recruitment consultants who didn’t make enough sales) who prevent the talent from ever reaching the hiring managers.

With the greatest respect to the author of the book, pivoting as described is false hope.

Best advice: stay employed until the jobs market changes and build a great network.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cuts jobs, boosts stocks, widening economic gap in Japan See in context

The folly of direct stimulus. The Government’s 1st draft was means tested - got massive pushback - then got revised to unnecessary parachute money to everyone who didn’t need it.

We now have the biggest economic bubble in history - despite economies and companies struggling for earnings. When that bubble bursts late 2021 or 2022 due to inflation and governments stopping “stimulus” from printing and borrowing we are in deep deep trouble. 1989, 2000, 2008 all over again. Governments know this and are powerless to stop it.

The government should have bought more hospital beds with the money, not closed down the economy and bailed out businesses. We are in for the mother of all recessions when this unravels next year.

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Posted in: China attacks foreign clothing, shoe brands over sanctions See in context

Respect to those brands. They have a new customer in me.

Love China - hate the Chinese government.

Their further economic rise is not inevitable - supply chains are being localized in the wake of the pandemic and industry 4.0.

Most importantly, history teaches us that all autocratic regimes are ultimately unsustainable, no matter how impregnable they may at 1st appear.

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Posted in: China, IOC make vaccine deal for Tokyo, Beijing athletes See in context

Bach is a lawyer, having a vaccine available for all athletes passes liability for cancellation or postponement back to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan decides not to procure insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccinations See in context

I trust what @virusrex said here and what he/she mentioned days ago. You couldn’t use these syringes to begin with.

They must have realized that and are trying to cover their incompetence by appearing to look kind.

That’s the best case scenario - worst case is they still don’t realize!

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

Very suspicious. Definitely “pressure” on this guy from nefarious corners. The Olympics is insured by Allianz. It can be cancelled or postponed.

Oh....hang on Bach, you’re a German and patriot .....and Allianz is .... German.....and they will want a bailout for the mother of all losses from .... the German government. Guess there’s a bit of pressure on the guy and a very full account in a Swiss bank to match it.

Postpone to 2022, then we in Japan can get some of our money back and athletes, spectators and “we the people” will be safe too. Otherwise, take responsibility for every death caused by the deadly variants from countries like Bolsonaro’s Brazil which has re-infected the previously immune people of Manus.

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Posted in: Harvard professor ignites uproar over Korean sex slave claims See in context

Sounds remarkably like the guy is about to release a book or start a media career in Japan. A deliberately controversial publicity stunt maybe?

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors call lost loved ones on 'phone of the wind' See in context

Just heartbreaking. Can’t imagine the pain but happy that someone cared enough to help others to find a way to process their grief. A lesson for us all. Thoughts and prayers with them.

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Posted in: Women speak out about sexual violence after Great East Japan Earthquake See in context

So what happened the rapist? What convictions?

For ONCE, can JT actually chose a finished article to cut and paste?

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Posted in: Wary Japan firms looking out for signs of risk in Myanmar chaos See in context

The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth fund, one of Kirin’s biggest investors, apparently demanded that Kirin take action on Myanmar. This wasn’t an altruistic move by them.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes as gov't extends Tokyo area state of emergency to March 21 See in context

So cautious with the soft lockdown yet still ok to let 20,000+ people in from every single country on the planet with every possible variant currently in circulation on the planet later this year.

Ironically the only people I see breaking the mask etiquette are foreigners who travelled here to evade the rules and the ojisan we are supposed to be protecting (who ironically reject the idea of a vaccine too according to the recent post by JT).

Given that the UK learned this week that they will be paying their highest taxes since the 1960s for the foreseeable future to pay for their bailout/restrictions, it seems we need a serious rethink if our current strategy.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics add 12 women to executive board to reach 42% See in context

Great, that’s more people to take full responsibility for every death caused by an imported COVID strain bought into Japan by this avoidable mega spreader event.

Luckily, it’s now possible to test where the each patients COVID-19 variant originated from using DNA of a sample of the virus taken from the patient.

I hope the organizers are ready to take responsibility for every one of those deaths.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

Kudos to Musk for all he’s done for sustainable energy. But, as we head deeper into the climate crisis, how does offering flights to the moon and populating Mars (a dead planet which is not ours to populate) actually move humanity forward?

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Posted in: 58% in Japan interested in Olympics but don't want them to happen: poll See in context

20,000 plus people from EVERY country in the world with an Olympic team about to turn for several weeks - check.

Covering EVERY possible variant of the coronavirus currently circulating the planet. - check.

A country that has no laws to enforce restrictions such as mask wearing. - check.

A population and business community that doesn’t want the games this year. - check.

FGS, cancel the 2021 Olympic Games!

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Posted in: Hashimoto asks staff to work as 'one team' to win public trust for Olympics See in context


I certainly didn’t say that sexism isn’t an issue, I’m commenting on the story:

“Hashimoto asks staff to work as 'one team' to win public trust for Olympics.”

The article is not about sexism. The story written is a non-story. Like me writing an article about how I asked my team to work hard this week. This is lazy journalism.

I’m suggesting that JT stops trying to squeeze the lemon writing non-articles like this one and instead presses the scientists and health department experts for their comments on whether the Olympics should happen. They haven’t even bothered to do that in this article which is lazy journalism.

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Posted in: Hashimoto asks staff to work as 'one team' to win public trust for Olympics See in context

A total non-story from JT here. Can’t wait for this media storm to settle so we can get back to the main issue. A global pandemic, a healthcare system well past its capacity, an forthcoming mega spreader event.

JT not covering the what the scientists and health department are saying on this. Why are they not pressing for comment?

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Posted in: Japan to receive 2nd shipment of Pfizer vaccine on Sunday See in context

Great news!

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Posted in: Shockwaves worldwide after Facebook turns off the news for Australia See in context

"The idea that with a flick of a switch you could shut down a civic infrastructure -- that's a wake-up call."

Oh please! Since when was Facebook civic infrastructure?!

I strongly get the sense that FB has employed a PR firm to drive this nonsense narrative.

If you want news - go to a news website. Facebook is a place where people post pictures of their dinner.

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Posted in: Men charged in Ghosn escape plot ask U.S. State Department to halt extradition See in context

Why should these people be above the law? They were guests in this country like other expats, and they abused the privilege by ruthlessly and relentlessly complaining their host on JT - I mean by breaking the law. Sorry forgot who I was thinking about for a moment there.

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Posted in: Facebook unfriends Australia: news sites go dark in content row See in context

Do people really go to Facebook for their news?

The tech model is very similar to the drug dealer business plan. Give it away for free and at a loss to get people hooked - funded by the kingpin/VC company - break the law/regulations adhered to for decades by honest companies - become a problem that can only be solved by legalization - kill the old industry off.

Facebook and Google are now media companies - their model is exactly the same as a print publisher (especially free newspapers) since they were forced to switch from VC funding to generating revenue from operations. I’ve worked in both industries.

Both generate their income primarily from selling access to users/readers to advertisers who buy ad space. The difference is that FB and Google don’t don’t pay for the content that they use and writers, photographers, and creatives get ripped off.

The argument is that print media and creatives can monetize the exposure; this isn’t the case when an industry is forced to give its creative content away for free or die.

Google has agreed to pay - Kudos to them. FB pays in the UK so the not sure what they are complaining about.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

Imagine it was your mother or grandmother forced into sex slavery for enemy soldiers. You think they treated them with respect and dignity?

Could you just “forget” that?

The victims deserve a proper apology.

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Posted in: Japan eyes Sunday approval of Pfizer vaccine, accelerating schedule See in context

The challenge now will be getting people to take it.

Can’t wait to get mine. My father had his in the UK last month. Huge feeling of relief all round. Obviously no side effects, feels safe for the 1st time in 12 months and he feels he’s done his bit too.

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations next week despite syringe shortage See in context

Didou is right.

This is a problem created by Pfizer who changed the labels recently wrong footing everyone. In the contracts they sold doses to governments and not vials. Pfizer later decided that in practice you could squeeze an extra dose out of the vials. They then relabeled each vial as as 6 doses instead of 5. Cheeky - because you need the special syringe to do that but they fulfill their side of the contract to the detriment of the government side.

The effect is that we will all have to either find the syringes, a work around (turn the bottle upside down into a sterile container?) or buy more vials.

Pfizer has revised higher its production target for this year from 1.3 billion doses to 2 billion. While part of that reflects plans to further increase output, it also reflects the effect of the label change on vials.

Pfizer said its contracts specify the delivery of a certain number of vaccine doses and not vials.

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Posted in: Japan pledges safe Olympics; medical experts aren't so sure See in context

Or, you could take stand and announce you are pulling out of the Olympics due to concerns they may further exacerbate the global public health crisis, further damaging the economy and livelihoods of your employees and loyal customers around the world.

Bang on Fuzzy. If the sponsors pull out, it will seal the deal for cancellation.

TV advertising company Dentsu, a company that’s been in the red since early 2019, may well be pushing for the Olympics to happen.

An exodus of Asahi, Kirin and Coke would help.

To Kirin, Asahi and Coke - the people of Japan almost unanimously associate the Olympics with COVID and infection and are against it. Is that the brand association you want?

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Posted in: Google moves away from diet of 'cookies' to track users See in context

“Advertising is essential to keeping the web open for everyone.”

Is it? I’m happy to use a Safari and I’d rather not get the ads. Its only essential for Googles business model, not for keeping the web open. The arrogance of this company is staggering.

Google is trying to position itself as essential to life as water (see Australia situation) when in fact it’s not in the slightest bit essential to anyone. Try going a day without using Chrome or Google Search. Easy!

Apps have stronger alternatives. Safari and Explorer are just fine and there are hundreds of alternatives to Gmail.

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Posted in: Suga asks people to hold on a little longer as he extends state of emergency See in context

Some people really love to complain!

Infection numbers are down, people can still work, restaurants are getting compensated, vaccine will be introduced in the next 2 weeks and the death rate here is very low. Looks like Japan got it right.

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Posted in: Google bombards Australian search users as PR campaign intensifies See in context

Kudos to Australia. The tech industry has been ripping off the work of creatives, writers, artists, photographers and musicians for too long. The tech industry exploits them like the food industry exploits coffee growers and the retail industry exploits textile workers.

Google’s business model is a media model - essentially offering a free magazine with users/readership sold to advertisers. By monopolizing the demand side (through offering things for free/extremely low cost), the online tech industry emploits creatives by forcing them to be underpaid and usually to give their work away for free.

I hope Australia wins.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca to produce 90 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in Japan See in context

Looks like good news for Japan.. It would be ridiculous to rely on supply from the USA and Europe.

Sure it’s slower than we’d like but it’s movement nonetheless.

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Posted in: 46 things that surprise foreigners in Japan See in context

Multi storey car parks "we have those". Really, well can you park your car at the entrance while a robot parking system files it away for you. Oh, no, of course not.

7-11 bread. Most people go to Circle K or Lawson's where yes, the bread is really nice. It's not gourmet but it's really good. And better than most I've eaten from supermarkets in other countries. Those knocking it probably don't live in Japan or haven't really tried it.

Toll roads, great, but can you drive through your gate at 30mph without stopping?

Fruit. Japanese fruit is bland?! Are you serious? You were either I'm Taiwan and confused or you actually have never been to Japan.

Japan, not perfect, but as a well travelled man imo the best country in the world.

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