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Posted in: Japanese widow, son of Marine closer to immigrating to U.S. See in context

I believe the article said that she was still in Japan for the phone "wedding". And she was pregnant at the time. Now, if she had flown to the US within that month before her new husband died so honorably in Iraq doing his duty, then fine. She should be able to STAY in the US.

HOWEVER!!! If she is STILL in Japan, it stands to reason that she is not seeking "all the benefits of a military spouse", but a free green card to a country that she sees as the ultimate luxury place to live. Military benefits do not include relocating a Japanese woman who probably has never been to America WITHOUT her husband who died at war. The benefits he most likely wished to bestow upon her is access to military medicine and any help available from a US Embassy in Japan.

I've talked to WAY too many Japanese people who are desperate to go live in the US, and as an American woman, I have broken up with men I was in love with because they wanted to get married and immediately move to my home country, because, "Living in the US is cool and fun."

Most of them have no idea what they're getting into. Living in a foreign country is difficult all over the world. And most of the people I talk to can't even speak English.

I think her right to move to the US after her husband's death should hinge ultimately on whether she would be eligible for a visa upon her own merit, because such rights are not "military benefits."

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