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rocketpanda comments

Posted in: Ronaldo saves Man Utd again as Bayern, Juventus reach Champions League knockouts See in context

Salah is GREATER than Ronaldo!!

Ronaldo is 36, still playing top tier football and most importantly scoring goals. Not sure why you hate on the guy for still being successful at that age when at that age move down to lower tier leagues or simply retire. Salah is not doubt a good player, he's 29. Ronaldo by the age of 29 played 662 gamess, 403 goals, 172 assists.

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Posted in: Ronaldo: Help or hindrance for Man Utd? See in context

Seeing that Ronaldo has saved Utd a few times this season. I think Ole would probably have been sacked this season if it wasn't for Ronaldo grabbing vital goals to earn the team points.

Ronaldo is anyway overrated!

Apparently this is what overrated looks like.

5 champion leagues, 4 Fifa World Cup Club titles, 3 Premier League titles, 3 Uefa Super Cups, 2 La Ligas, 2 Copa del Rays, 2 English League Cups, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 2 English Community Shield Cups, 2 Series A titles, 1 Italian Super Cup, 1 FA Cup, 1 Portugues Super Cup and 1 Uefa European Championship. Also 5 time Ballon d' Or winner.

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Posted in: Name of former Princess Mako's husband not on New York bar exam pass list See in context

This is a non-story and quite a disgusting piece, yet it’s on the “top story” section. It’s almost like the media wants to keep slamming the poor fella as a commoner as the Japanese media likes stating and a failure, yet it hasn’t been confirmed if he passed or failed the bar exam.

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Posted in: Belarus runner used quick thinking to avoid being sent home See in context

She had a spat with her coach and the media is making it seem like she's on death row.

Clearly you know so much more /s

Let’s just forget that when she spoke to her grandmother on the phone, she was told not to return as the situation became hostile.

In case you missed it, Lukashenko cracks down on his critics, and his son is President of the National Olympic Committee for Belarus. You honestly think her suddenly being escorted back home with no notice is all fine?

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Posted in: Djokovic's temper flares up as he leaves Tokyo empty-handed See in context

Very unsportsmanlike. Novak wanted the golden slam to flex his ego even more. When things don’t go his way he throws temper tantrums.

He’s also extremely selfish for pulling out of the bronze mixed doubles denying his partner a medal opportunity. It’s all about him!

Novak could learn from what a famous tennis player once said, “ pressure is a privilege’ players need to ‘learn to deal with it”. Oh wait, he said that.

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context

if he wasn’t so brazen and didn’t charge for his pirated manga service, he might still be free.

The publishers are definitely not losing money, piracy doesn’t equate to a lose in revenue and never has. People who tend to pirate wouldn’t be tempted to buy the goods in the first place.

and for the trigger happy mod, this is on topic…stop deleting users’ post.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

The winner of this tournament will face a question-mark on the tournament for the rest of their lives. Did they win because they were the best, or did they win because the best exited early.

Yes, all you people who whined about her not joining the press conference, well this is what you get. This is why you can't have nice things.

She's the world no.2, not no.1. Also, clay is her weakest surface. Only you will be questioning the champion of this tournament.

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Posted in: Widow indicted for allegedly killing Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

Can you stop referring him as Don Juan already? Every time this news comes up you have to throw in his backstory. The man has a name.

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Posted in: Kremlin accuses U.S. of meddling in its affairs, but says it is ready to talk See in context

Imagine if Russia openly stated on January 6th that they support the Capitol demonstrators and they believe that the US should consider "dialog" with the fur hat horned dude

They don't need to say anything. They took the smarter route and influenced a mass of simpletons through social media for years, and now you have your own citizens turning against themselves while Russia sat back with popcorn watching the fireworks.

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Posted in: 'Dragon Ball' and Shenron sweets will grant your wagashi wishes See in context

You need to be daft and rich to cough up for these...

The price is 369 yen + tax, you hardly have to be rich to buy it at your local convenience store.

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Posted in: Mizuno’s new athletic footwear nicknamed 'Akira Shoes' See in context

Good luck shifting those monstrosities, especially with an asking price of 27,500 yen.

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Posted in: Fujitsu launches 7 new notebooks optimized for remote work See in context

Laptops and Ultrabooks have been available for years that are "optimized" for remote work. These laptops are nothing special besides being updated specs from the last revisions.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

Large orange man with an even larger ego takes no blame trying to pass the buck as usual. Didn't he boast a few weeks back that the U.S was doing a "fantastic" job and that there were no cases! I bet with Kushner leading pandemic response team they'll have everything in control soon /s

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Posted in: Foreigners given extra 3 months to renew stay due to coronavirus See in context

Why do you want to stay in Japan? Japan is not testing right? You should go back to your country where they are mass testing. LOL Gotta love how foreigners love to bash Japan, but fight to stay in Japan.

Bashing Japan, you mean criticise some things Japan does terribly. Yet when foreigners actually have positive things to say like in this instance you want to bash them.

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Posted in: 'We're going big': Trump seeks $1 trillion economic stimulus as U.S. battles coronavirus See in context

If the $1 trillion is targeted properly it can do some good, but I'm still worried about a lot of it being wasted. We already have a $23 trillion debt, thanks mainly to the last two administrations.

Here we go blaming past administrations. Like you said Trump is YOUR president like it or not, let's stop pointing the fingers at those who haven't been in power for years. Then again stop spending silly amounts of money on wars you can't win or on war in general. And American wonders why it's debt ceiling is so high.

As usual, he will prop up big corporations with billions if not trillions this time around, meanwhile his administration couldn't even pass a bill for employees to get compensated if they get sick from this virus. His economic stimulus package is only for the wealthy, he has proven it throughout his entire life.

And no, he isn't my president. My country didn't elect a racist, lying, inept misogynistic president, we have common sense.

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Posted in: Idris Elba test positive for coronavirus; filming halted for 'Matrix 4' See in context

TIL they're making a Matrix 4.

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' demo goes live See in context

While the demo was fun, I will wait for the complete package to come out. SquareEnix is releasing it in 2 parts. Part one this April and we have no idea when part will release. And at full price for half the game seems like they are milking fans by charging full price twice.

We also have no idea when part 2 of the remake will release. I won’t be surprised if this turns out like Half-Life2 where fans are still waiting for the finished game year later.

The game is exclusive for one year on the PS4 after that it will release on other platforms.

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Posted in: Japanese deputy justice minister tells Lebanon Ghosn should stand trial in Japan See in context

A statement released by Aoun's office said the president told Yoshiie that Lebanon repeatedly sent letters to Japan regarding Ghosn's case while he was under arrest, without getting any official response.

Which resulted in Japan sending it's justice minister with his tail between his legs to Lebanon.

On Friday, Japan's Justice Minister Masako Mori said she was dispatching Yoshiie to Beirut to explain the Japanese criminal justice system and improve cooperation.

April 1st isn't for another 4 weeks. Seriously, Japan's criminal justice system's conviction numbers tells you all that you need know about it. I would love to hear what he actually tried explaining. If he said anything about fairness that would be the ultimate joke.

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Posted in: Japanese mothers struggle to cope after virus shuts schools See in context

I understand it is sudden but what did the child do in their school holidays?

Someone with no kids I see. The difference is parents know when school holidays are and can make arrangements. Suddenly closing schools throws any kind of planning out of the window.

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Posted in: No rush hour See in context

The beginning of the end of modern humans. Our overpopulation has doomed us. Viruses will keep coming.

The Spanish flu pandemic killed between 50 - 100 million people in 1918. Humans are still around. I bet you though Y2K was the end too.

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Posted in: My scariest thing before I became a porn star was that people would judge me and also fear of what my mom would think. I love porn. I'm a little bit of a naughty girl. See in context


Why do overly religious people care so much about sexual things that don’t involve them? You pretty much attack the woman for her life choices then go on to say that you have nothing personal against her. Like the bible, you’re full of contradictions. I find overly religious people who judge others to be the most flawed and passive aggressive people.

Porn might not be the most glamorous career, but she clearly enjoys it.

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Posted in: 8-year-old-boy dies after being hit by car on crossing See in context

Waiting ... waiting for the Westerners who would say this is proof kids can't be left on their own ... must, must be escorted in massive groups.

Why? To prove what point? Most likely case is that it was an impatient Japanese driver who turned the corner at speed without looking properly. It happens far too often. I hate crossing at a zebra crossings in Japan knowing there is always going to be an impatient trying to sneak in. Could have happened to an adult, so your assumption of us Westerners thinking the kids should have been with a minder is wrong.

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Posted in: 7 weird questions female ALTs get asked while teaching English in Japan See in context

ALTs in general get asked these questions regardless of gender.

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Posted in: Billionaire Maezawa cancels search for lunar love despite 27,722 applicants See in context

Nothing but a PR stunt.

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Posted in: Djokovic keeps focus to set up Federer semifinal See in context

Not sure how Federer will overcome Novak, but those 7 saved match points against Sandgren was the greatest magic trick he has ever pulled.

As usual, Federer has the easier route. He hasn't even met someone of high ranking, and yet has still had to overcome 5 set matches. Nadal, if he can get to the finals, will have had to come against real tough players

He played a 5 set match with a groin injury for at least half of the game and saved 7 matches points. I'm not sure what you're trying to say about Federer, but so what if he didn't face high ranked players. That's just how the draws work. Give credit to non-seeded players making it to later rounds instead of arguing if a top ranked player had an easy ride.

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss handover of 3 robbery suspects despite no extradition treaty See in context

I highly doubt they get sent back to Japan. Guilty or not, Japan needs to get its system up to standard. The alleged criminals can drag it out if there is a chance for them to extradited by appealing the the court of human rights. Japanese justice is a myth.

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Posted in: Gauff, Venus Williams to meet in 1st round at Australian Open See in context

Venus Williams has nothing to prove as she had already won many grand slams. So Venus, please this little girl advance to the next round.

Neither do other legends of the game like Nadal and Federer, yet they are still on tour play well. Coco already beat Venus last year at Wimbledon. If she wins, then let it be because she played better and not because Venus has won too many times letting her win.

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Posted in: Microsoft ends free Windows 7 security updates on Tuesday See in context

People on Windows 7 and 8.1 can still get the free upgrade to Windows 10 that they "stopped "in 2016. Even though MS said the free upgrade was until 30 July 2016 their servers still activate when upgrading when using the Windows 10 upgrade tool from their site.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Why not name the government officials?

Did you even listen to what he said? He said that he didn’t want to cause any more friction between Japan and Lebanon. If he name top government officials it would inflict international tension between the two nations. Ghosn was smart and went for the jugular of those within the company and prosecutors and that is where his issues are.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he will reveal names of Japan gov't officials behind his arrest See in context

Bunch of hogwash if you ask me.

He was in a detention center most of the time and had no contact with the outside.

The documents will need to be after he was detained or it will just be his personal speculations.

He had a spare passport hidden to get him out of Japan, I’m pretty sure he’s got dirt on the coup Japan Inc plotted.

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