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Posted in: England's Stones calls Colombia 'dirtiest team' he's faced See in context

The Colombian team were a disgrace during that game, headbutting and then trying to dig out the penalty spot for Kane's penalty.

Then Maradona makes a statement that the Colombian team were robbed by the England team, a few hours later redacts his comments and apologies that because he was emotional. More likely is because he likes shoving half of Colombia up his nose.

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Posted in: Tunisian authorities hit back at 'unethical' Zimbabwe players See in context

These "delegates" are clueless! First they complain that they can't pay what amounts to $20 per player for the visa as they don't have enough money then have the balls to complain about their accommodation not having a pool and slow internet. I saw pictures of them sleeping outside but funny enough not about the accommodation they complained about.

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Posted in: Asia seeks better World Cup results in 2022 in Qatar See in context

As much as I see the youth of Japan talk about and spend endless hours upon hours playing or practicing the sport, you would think they would be much better at the sport on the world stage. If Japan can do it in baseball, why not soccer?

They just don’t have the academies. There are local youth leagues, but not enough academies like in Europe where young talent can develop their game and skills.

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Posted in: Social media users praise Japan for spotless locker room at World Cup See in context

A lot of disingenuous comments here. It isn't propaganda when the picture wasn't taken by the Japanese team. What people can't separate is them living in Japan and their personal prejudices from the World Cup and why the world enjoyed Japanese fans and team.

Most teams would trash the locker room

Seriously, just stop with your nonsense. Other teams don't trash their locker rooms. Take pride in what your team has contributed without making extreme exaggerations making up lies about other nations. It's like you want to take personal credit for what the Japanese football team and fans who went to their games contributed. Sad!

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Posted in: Honda calls time on international career after World Cup exit See in context

Honda should comeback and play European football. I feel that his talents are wasted playing in the Mexican league at 32. Watching the interviews from the Japanese players after the Belgium game, many players were understandable very emotional. Honda though was calm and collective. Honda is a boss. No wonder he was called Keizer Keisuke back when he played for CSKA

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Posted in: Forsberg, the quiet heir to Ibrahimovic, delivers for Sweden See in context

What a poor game overall. The finishing from both teams were sorely lacking. After the fantastic last 16 games we had before this game, this game was a let down, but congratulations to Sweden. I hope they give England a difficult run in the last 8 and make it an entertaining game.

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Posted in: 3,473 taken to hospitals nationwide due to heatstroke from June 25-July 1 See in context

When did it get hot? It was only 31’ in Tokyo

31 is hot, factor in the humidity and becomes really hot even at 31.

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Posted in: Federer faces ID crisis in switch from Nike to Uniqlo See in context

Uniqlo is now more popular than Nike!

In what universe?

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Posted in: Japan stunned by manner of defeat, admits coach Nishino See in context

Lol some here should quit blaming the coach and accept that japan is simply NOT that good!! World cups heating up!!

The results of any game always fall to the coach. Nishino's tactics can be faulted for Japan's loss. Any lower ranked team playing against better opponents would tighten their defenses when leading 2 - 0, especially in the 2nd half.

You haven't been following the World Cup much, teams you deem "simply NOT that good!" have beaten some giants of the games. It would have been good to see Japan in the quarters against Brazil. Japan didn't play like a team ranked 61st in the world this tournament.

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

This is the way Japan needs to play, and they almost pulled off a shocker. Don’t ever pull that nonsense like they did against Poland.

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Posted in: France beats Argentina 4-3 to reach quarterfinals See in context

Nan Ferra

The referee should be investigated for corruption as it was clear he was favoring France from the start. Reminded me of the corrupt Ecuadorian ref who gifted Korea a victory against the Italians a few years back.

It was anything but corrupt! Sore loser.

I get that Mpabbe is the big story of this game, but Pavard's goal deserves more attention. Perfectly spun off the side of his foot and off of a volley no less. Absolutely world-class shot."

Total fluke....he totally mis-hit it and it lucked its way in. His surprised reaction was priceless.

Typical Argentinean nonsense talk. I have never seen an Argentinean fans/team lose gracefully or professionally. There is always some issues an nothing to do with a team that isn't as good as it thinks it is. The only thing that lucked its way in was Argentina into the last 16. Sayonara

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Posted in: Messi, Ronaldo World Cup exits signal changing of the guard See in context

Like any World Cup there will be a rise in new and exciting talent. Mbappe was an absolutely joy to watch against Argentina. Seeing someone with such talent get on with the game and not complain to the ref every time a player even slightly brushes against him is great, unlike Neymar.

Messi and Ronaldo are still pretty much still relevant. Their exits is due to their teams letting them down, especially in Argentina's case. For a few years Argentina couldn't get the right team and tactics for Messi to shine like in Barcelona. It also helps that they find the correct coach.

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Posted in: Host Russia extends World Cup party by eliminating Spain in penalty shooout See in context

Pretty boring game. Spain for all the passing of the ball couldn't do anything with it. Although I do credit the Russians for taking out Spain because I don't think I could have endured anymore of Ramos's antics.

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Posted in: Fans relieved Japan advances but tactics disappoint some See in context

 in Sumo, a fighter does not have to win every fight to win the Basho. Japanese people understand this. Same with Football.

Priceless and typical! Meaning that us foreigners no nothing, only the Japanese REALLY understand. When is the last time you saw sumo wrestlers kicking a ball around in the ring /s? Wrong sport to make a point! To be World Cup Champions you need you win on a consistent basis.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Belgian has many good individual players, but will be fearful of the Japanese team now. PM Abe said he expects at least “quarter final stage”, and Japan now believes they can do it!! Go Samurai Blue!!

I love the blind optimism. Scrapping through and now thinking the world has suddenly taken notice of Japan as a footballing giant because they limped into the last 16.

I don’t mind the excitement but I swear Japan has already won the World Cup judging from the coverage in Japan. Every time I try to watch a match that isn’t about Japan they somehow turn it into Japan. Thank god for vpn and bbc coverage. Top tier coverage!

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Posted in: Germany crash out of World Cup after losing to S Korea 2-0 See in context

I said it way beck on this site. Japan for the Cup.

Hold your horses. First game they beat and 10 man Colombian team and drew to Senegal after the keeper gifted them a goal. If they keep getting thst kind of luck then they might go all the way.

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Posted in: Toxic fan culture: A 'Star Wars' Story See in context

I really don't care for the SJW BS between the toxic "fans" vs Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson. I just don't want Kathleen and Rian to label anyone who watched the films and found them bad or meh as racist and misogynist babies which they did. The result has caused even more toxic behavior. The only Disney SW I enjoyed was Rogue One.

The gaming community is the worst when it comes to toxic behavior and communities which is why I hardly play online with people I don't know. It seem trendy to be a toxic idiot online these days in all forms of media.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't passes strict anti-smoking laws See in context

This doesn't change anything and no fines will be handed out regardless of the law. How many signs do you see in public where smoking isn't permitted yet ignored by many smokers. I have never seen any smoker challenged when smoking in an area of the sidewalk that they're not supposed to, even though some cites employ some semi-retired officials that hang about in their hi viz vests aimlessly doing nothing and ignoring the issue.

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Posted in: 125,000 items of customer info stolen from Prince Hotels chain See in context

A lot of Japanese companies need to get up to speed when it comes to securing themselves online. For all the tech Japan is known for I have seen countless sites in Japan using decrepit web standards and most importantly failing to use SSL on their sites. I doubt the information stolen had any encryption on it, as another user said, it was probably stored on a simple text file. That apology means nothing if there is no accountability.

The hotel chain said it will suspend the websites until it confirms their security. Customers can still email the hotel to make reservations, Price Hotels said.

I doubt they'll have an influx of emails for bookings.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

Another day another LDP member that comes across as a colossal moron that has no clue what they're saying because they are so far detached from reality. There are a number of factors resulting on couples not wanting to have children. First of all, it is a choice, it isn't selfish to not want children in the slightest. Another factor is the financial burden, and also the lack of adequate nurseries and day care.

You want to encourage couples then the government needs to DO something about it and not blast off senseless statements. I keep hearing how "elite" these politicians are and the "elite" institutions where they studied, yet they come across as not having an educated clue.

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Posted in: Kane scores hat-trick in England's 6-1 rout of Panama See in context

England are acting like they won the World Cup after beating two Sunday league teams.

Any team that makes it to the World Cup isn't Sunday league. It is very disrespectful. After the previous horrendous World Cup campaign, let them enjoy their moment. The same as any team winning and going through to the last 16.

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Posted in: Croatia advances to knockout stage after beating Argentina 3-0 See in context

Argentina has been like this for a while, typically relying on 2 or 3 class players but let down by the rest of the team. This world cup has seen smaller teams play more as "teams" rather than rely on their top players to produce the results.

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Posted in: Pro-smoking LDP lawmaker apologizes for heckling cancer patient See in context

"I just murmured my feelings that smokers should not be discriminated against more than necessary," 

This guy is a disgusting and vile individual, no wonder he's an LDP member.

I go out of my way to discriminate smokers who casually smoke in public, especially in clearly signed no smoking areas. The look on their faces when you tell them they stink is priceless.

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Posted in: Ronaldo scores in Portugal's 1-0 win; Morocco eliminated See in context

I feel for Moroccan fans, they outplayed the Portuguese and had chances to level the game on a few occasions. The ref also made some questionable choices against the Moroccan team in the first half.

Pepe really needs to stop with his antics though, even his teammates are getting annoyed by them. I won’t be surprised if he lands a red card during this competition.

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Posted in: Japan put party on hold after making World Cup history See in context

Under Halil, Samurai Blue would have been too defensive.And lost 4-0. Nishino-san tactics are “attack at all times”, “total football” and we saw it last night for full 90 minutes.

Because Japan played against 10 players for 90 mins, of course they would be attacking more, it wasn't total football, it was an advantage. If they can do the same against Senegal and Poland against 11 players then I'll commend the team.

Nice to see the Japanese people and players throw Halil under the bus, even though he helped coach Japan to qualify for the event.

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Posted in: Video gaming addictive like crack: WHO See in context

Video games have become much more addictive over the past few years due to the access of "free" games available on mobile devices. By nature of today's major game publishers, they want their games to be addictive, especially the free to play ones which are glorified gambling games.

So many developers have gambling like features like lootboxes which as caused governments in certain countries to look into this practice.

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Posted in: Fans in Japan go wild after World Cup win over Colombia See in context

Samurai Blue showed Japan have finally arrived as a football nation! Best team Japan has ever sent to world cups. Rest of the World is in shock

The world is hardly in shock. Mexico beating Germany is a shock. Japan beat a Colombian team that played with 10 players for 99% of the game. As great a result as that is and credit to the Japanese team, but the coverage from the media acts if Japan already won the tournament.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being locked inside TV stand cabinet by father See in context

Being living in Japan for a while and I have never heard so much news about children being abused by their parents or spouses partner in the news until moving here. It is very worrying and sad.

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Posted in: Robbie Williams kicks off World Cup with obscene gesture See in context

Probably done that to drum up some PR because nobody really cares about him or his music anymore.

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Posted in: Ex-wrestling federation director apologizes for Icho harassment scandal See in context

Another pompous old fool that has grossly outstayed his welcome in the sport. It's a worthless apology. Saying he "will" treat people better means he willing treated others bad because he was powertrippin, then got found out and suddenly realized people should be treated respectfully.

explained that he had wanted Tanabe to spend more time overseeing wrestlers other than Icho and it was lack of communication that led to the "misunderstanding."

Sure, of course it was a "misunderstanding".

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