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rocketpig comments

Posted in: Bill would require U.S. to coordinate Japan AUKUS role with UK and Australia See in context

Japan pays for Pacific defence. Of course the US does not want that money spent without their approval. Ankus invited Japan last to the pact. When you get invited last, it is usually to make up the cash shortfall.

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Posted in: Average price of Tokyo area condo up 9.5% to record high in FY2023 See in context

When foreigners can buy new developments with just 20% down and nothing till completion and most qualified residents can buy anything with just 5% down, same forces that drove Asian real estate up to come crashing down later. Thats why Japanese rates cannot rise because it will kill this goose.

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Posted in: Japan slips into recession, becoming 4th-largest economy, behind U.S., China and Germany See in context

It took 200 years for the Aztecs to disappear and become Spanish. Its only been 70 years since WW2 and it isnt all that bad to become American anyways. India was 25% of global output when England discovered it and reduced that to 1%. But at least the Indians managed to recover.

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Posted in: IMF urges BOJ to wind down monetary easing, gradually raise rates See in context

China will ensure the Japanese cannot raise rates. Their deflation is Covid 2

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Posted in: Japan trying to send message to Trump: Don't cut a deal with China See in context

In every multi racial society in history, whenever no one race has majority, then every race in that society will prefer an autocracy run by their race over a multi-racial democracy. America is under-going this transition now and the process is very racial with the smallest group being always picked upon, in this case the Asians. It doesnt matter Japanese or Chinese, the color of the skin will be picked upon for fear mongering politics.

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Posted in: With eye on 'if Trump wins' scenario, Japan weighs committing to its own defense See in context

Better a white dictatorship than a multi racial democracy. Bring back Trump

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Posted in: Rapid AI proliferation a threat to democracy, experts say See in context

Like a river or the sea or the ocean, it will not take long for it to be clogged with AI generated data. Then it becomes hazardous to use.

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Posted in: Japanese suspects say life was harsh in Cambodia scam operation See in context

If you curb the ability to scam, these jobs will be gone and this situation will not arise. Japan should implement a. ensuring the telcos disallow international incoming calls that show local numbers. b. a special (say 111) number that all government and banks must use to send text to residents and c. ensuring banks share in the loss when funds are transferred out to scammers. Taiwan seems to have solved this problem

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Posted in: Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love? See in context

Ask Japanese women

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Posted in: Kishida to deliver policy speech as gov't maps out new economic stimulus package See in context

The lettuce inside the Kiba Ito-Yokodo look like tomahawks.

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Posted in: U.S. fears Canada-India row over Sikh activist's killing could upend strategy for countering China See in context

wonder what happened to all the rules based world order that Japan keeps chirping about. Isnt Canada just following the rules?

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan again criticizes China in speech and social media post See in context

If you pivot to the low hanging fruit of China bashing, it just shows how good the relations are between Japan and the USA that there is nothing to add. He's got to say something for the position he is in. Hes got a nice cushy job but one boring as hell as Japan and USA are best buddies.

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Posted in: Trump waives right to speedy trial as Georgia prosecutor seeks to try him with 18 others next month See in context

Jailing the Proud Boys, harassing Trump and super patroit Navarro for protesting plausible election irregularities and exercising free speech rights under democracy whilst every investigation into princeling Hunter goes nowhere. Where is the outrage from rules based countries. It was all condemnation when it comes to China and Russia but what kind of country jails their own citizens for trying to protect democracy.

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Posted in: Chinese carmakers confront European industry at Munich show See in context

EVs currently cost about 3 iPhone 14s. If the costs drop further, soon they will become disposable cars or upgradeable every year. Thats where the car industry is headed.

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Posted in: Japan gasoline price hits record ¥185.60 per liter See in context

The easy solution tried and tested is to print more money and subsidise the gasoline so we can all enjoy. Your kids will pay back that loan. They wont mind because they dont know.

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Posted in: South Korean protesters call for government action on Fukushima water See in context

Japan should have saved everyone the trouble and used the water to irrigate the plentiful forest up in the north. Afterall, the water should be safe by now.

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Posted in: Central Tokyo condo price soars to record high in 1st half of 2023 See in context

Should not the headline correctly say that the depreciating yen now buys only half a condo as used to be.

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Posted in: Chinese aircraft monitored naval drill by U.S., France, Canada, Japan: report See in context

Always a good anti Chinese headline to keep readers interested. Such an obvious thing to report. Do you not think the Chinese will spy on these exercises? It goes without saying

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Posted in: 80% in Japan oppose tax hike plan to cover defense outlay: poll See in context

When you choose the best and brightest to defend you, you just ought to pay for it.

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Posted in: Alibaba founder Jack Ma turns up in Japan as college professor See in context

Japanese IRS must be salivating

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Posted in: Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday; calls for protests See in context

I must say the Trump haters are just as colorful as the China haters. I wonder if they are also equal in numbers. Thats why I keep coming back

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Posted in: Japan's defense buildup shouldn't be seen as threat: U.S. official See in context

Japan should fully remilitarize and go back to its former glorious days

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Posted in: Taiwan's TSMC begins mass production of 3-nanometer chips See in context

Poor TSMC, getting dismembered in broad daylight

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Posted in: China health commission stops publishing daily COVID figures See in context

For all the crab the China haters are giving the CCCP for doing the same things the rest did like spinning a new tale on Covid lockdowns no longer being necessary (it wasnt necessary in the first place) or cease reporting Covid infection figures (which is a direct result of reclassifying Covid as no more than a flu), one must be amazed at the speed they can U turn. Rapidly increasing mass infection and re-infection is necessary for them to keep up with the rest of the world in attaining natural immunity. So the speed they are catching up with us all in mass infection cannot be condemned but actually instructive. Give them another few months of mass deaths and massive infections and then they are no less susceptible to Covid as everyone else is who has opened up. Then with them on par, you will sense real competition in every thing from a very competitive culture. Thats when being more nasty to them will heat up.

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Posted in: Tomahawks part of Japan's record defense spending next year See in context

The US defence industry is the commercial arm of the Senate where retired generals go to. Of course there will always be war and war mongering. Japan should apply to be the 51st state and get better value for its money

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Posted in: Japan declares plan to have preemptive strike capability and cruise missiles See in context

It would be alot cheaper just to become the 51st state. Cheaper and your representation in Congress for all the tax dollars spent.

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Posted in: U.S. bans sales, import of Chinese tech from Huawei, ZTE See in context

Senate Votes to Ban All Sales by Toshiba in U.S. LA Times JULY 1, 1987 

We have been here before.

"The Senate, seeking to avenge damage done to Western military security, voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to bar Toshiba Corp"

And then all Toshiba tech was taken by Intel, Qualcomm.

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Posted in: Japan to extend oil subsidy program to next spring to curb price hike See in context

good idea to use our kids money to fund our current lifestyle. Every supplementary budget requires the kids generation to pay it back while we enjoy its fruits now

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Posted in: China's large drills near Taiwan raise Japan, U.S. alert level See in context

The inevitable China-Japan war will make the atrocities in the last month of WW2 in Prussia look like a disney movie. So much hatred on both sides. But it is probably good for us non Japanese or Chinese. Good to keep them both weak.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $30 bil over next 3 years for Africa See in context

Headline should read 30billion in subsidy to Mitsui and Mitsubishi for African business

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