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Posted in: Japan warns of rising security threats in annual defense report See in context

Japan should nuke up. This is the only way to prevent another domination by others

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Posted in: China plans 'great efforts' to consolidate economic recovery See in context

3 things

before one heaps scorn on the draconian Chinese quarantine measures, one must remember that similar shocking policies were imposed by Singapore, Australia, UK and some of the blue states in the USA (for the last 2 years) only for the same politicians to backpeddle without admitting error. I am sure the Chinese administrators will do no less. They will open up without admitting they screwed up.

second, mortgage boycott is a normal right of flat buyers. When construction is halted progress payments can be withheld. You wouldnt pay too would you if you see the construction of your house stop. The Chinese seem to have diffused an impeding housing crisis that may have triggered their own Lehman shock but media spin increases readership. Just like when Airbnb quit China and said the reason was to protest against Uyghur policies. They were losing money.

Finally, in a global survey (which I cannot remember but was printed in the SCMP) just recently, the Japanese (only 12% like China) were listed as the ones hating the Chinese the most, more than any other nationality on earth, even more than the US or shockingly even the mighty Australia (14% only like China). I wonder why all the venom. It isnt healthy.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to push for Constitution reform, build on Abe's legacy See in context

get rid of the old constitution, re-arm, impose the draft and nuke up. This way, Hiroshima and Nagasaki will never happen again. Friend or foe will take you seriously if you have nukes

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Posted in: Kishida seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership See in context

Japan should just change its constitution, re-arm militarily, develop its own nukes. All that joining foreign military organisations and bashing China is good for re-arming cause but lets get on with it and actually re-arm and nuke up.

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about Japan acquiring nuclear-powered submarine See in context

Of course Japan should get these subs and then arm itself with as many nukes as possible. That is the only way to be safe

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Posted in: Japan deploys MSDF fleet to Indo-Pacific with eye on China See in context

Japan needs to rearm itself quickly, own army, own weapons, own nukes

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context

In the long run, I think it might be better for the Japanese to have their own army, own weapons and own nukes. Everyone else can complain about it.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

Im surprised why is an American soldier subject to Japanese law.

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Posted in: Gov't enacts ¥2.7 tril extra budget to tackle rising prices See in context

Always nice that we can borrow in our kids names to enjoy ourselves

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Posted in: Japan launches new strategy team for longer-term China diplomacy See in context

Japan has decided to rather be in the American dominion than be non aligned. You can see it from the fawning the administration gives to the US President. The reward is the yearly glee to be photographed in the G7 white league. Real or imaginary, the China threat requires protection money to be paid to the Americans. Everytime that is cranked up, more money needs to be paid. But nevermind, you can always keep printing money, borrow in your kids name to fund the present life. Japan will never get rid of its peace constitution. It won't be allowed since it is so profitable to keep it.

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Posted in: Worry about stagflation, a flashback to '70s, begins to grow See in context

America can easily bring stamp out stagflation -

increase immigration to lower labour costs

make your vassale states pay more for anything and everything

make everyone fight everyone until they are weak then you go in and grab their stuff

ship your indigent and poor to foreign lands to conquer and pillage. If they die, you solved your problem of having to look after them. If you win, keep them there to collect taxes

increase your prison population because that is legitimate forced slavery

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Im sure he enjoys paying half of earnings to the tax office

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers discuss Ukraine war, impact See in context

Japan should join Nato too

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Posted in: Shanghai disinfects homes, closes all subways in COVID fight See in context

Forget about Taiwan and the military. The Japanese should just mail the Shanghainese the same virus every week to keep them all locked up and weak. To win a war without firing a single bullet.

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Posted in: Japan vigilant against Chinese navy activity involving aircraft carrier See in context

The Chinese were happy to have the islands run by a private Japanese company until the late governor Ishihara used the Tokyo government to buy the islands. So now you have a mess when you already owned it.

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Posted in: Pedestrian hit, killed by car driven by U.S. Marine in Okinawa See in context

Isnt Okinawa US territory and Japanese in name only? The US Marine only reports to US law

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Posted in: Kishida, 6 U.S. lawmakers affirm Japan alliance See in context

Constant reminder that they have freely joined the States. Just like Montezuma, incarcerated by his own free will.

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Posted in: Dollar rises to highest level against yen since June 2015; stocks fall See in context

Japan should just use the dollar instead. It will speed up integration with the mainland. Super plus sign

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Posted in: Japan remains favorite country for Taiwanese: poll See in context

Wait till they face the amount of tax they have to pay in Japan. Thats why even Hong Kongers wont come even with open arms.

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Posted in: Virus chaos pushes more expats to join Hong Kong exodus See in context

Like I said before, this is a purge. How much more pain do you need to make you leave.

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Posted in: Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on increased alert as fighting spreads in Ukraine See in context

There is a saying, either I die rich or you all will die with me. I predict Putin will attack the USA with all his nuclear warheads. And it will be a surprise attack. Putin = Trump.

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Posted in: Biden vows 'never again' in marking 80 years since Japanese Americans' internment See in context

There is so much fawning of America in Japan that it is clear this has all been forgiven and forgotten so best not to bring it up and re-write the script. But I am sure history will repeat itself as always.

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Posted in: Toshiba unveils new plan to split into two companies See in context

Toshiba, the Japanese Huawei, once a proud semiconductor manufacturer then villified by the USA for the same reasons

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Posted in: Japan's military, among world's strongest, looks to build See in context

Japan's military, among world's strongest

Its the same claim in media that China's navy is the world's largest

But nevertheless, it is actually in China's interest that Japan becomes militarised.

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Posted in: Japan to pay more for hosting U.S. military forces See in context

Japan should develop its own military. That is the only sure way to survive. Train your own citizens to defend the motherland, not hire someone else to do it. You are rich and smart enough to do this. It has nothing to do with the Chinese or Americans, it is just simple logic.

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Posted in: Samsung to build $17 bil chip plant in Texas See in context

invasion of Taiwan will be permitted once the Japanese and Texas plants are complete

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Posted in: 2 injured in acid attack in Tokyo subway station; suspect at large See in context

In the last attack with the knife stabbing incident on the train, reporters spent way too much time on the criminals biography, "how he didn't have any friends, didnt have a girl friend, grew up in setagaya". The more you report on the criminals biograhpy, the more it motivates people to commit crime, duh! cz then criminals think, "oh, if I do something bad i can also get public attention from my life". Common, this is what you learn in journalism 101.

I hope that with this incident, reporters wouldn't make the same mistake and report on this guys life of why he decided to spill acid on other people. I expected this to happen, as the knife stabbing incident was just too motivating.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers earned average of ¥24.16 million last year See in context

This is only 10% what ministers make in Singapore. And there sure isnt 10x more performance.

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Posted in: Japan's policy on strike capability could raise tensions in East Asia See in context

It is about time Japan learns to defend itself. I hope the Japanese military rises again. Only the Japanese can protect the Japanese.

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