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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

Horrendous.... Just 6 years old

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall near Kochi See in context

Nagahama got very windy, house shook a lot... power went out for a number of hours and substantial downpour until about 5 / 6am. Now its passed and very quiet.. some broken pots and plants, few leaks, other than that its fine. Cant speak for rest of Kochi though... glad it made landfall as a tropical storm, and not a typhoon or supertyphoon.

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall near Kochi See in context

Getting fairly windy here in Kochi right now after a rather quiet afternoon. Been raining nearly constantly as well, but nothing too bad so far. Hope it will "blow over" fairly quietly.... Spectacular waves at Katsurahama beach though, must be said.

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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

Horrendous, just horrendous.... Hope they find what caused this.

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Posted in: Samsung battles on two fronts as Apple readies iPhone 6 See in context

@ CGB Spender...

-1 for your fanboyism. Would have been -10 if I could.

Whatever happened to live and let live? I have an android nexus 5 so I have a lack for proper design? What are you on about? Your comments are pathetic.

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Posted in: Breaking the rules See in context


Way to go, generalising a whole group of people.

As an ex-smoker (I quit about 18 months ago, after 7 years of on and off smoking, best decision ever) I agree that it is a dirty, killer habit and people who do not smoke have a right to clean air. I always went out of my way to smoke where no one was.

I also believe that if people want to smoke they should have a place to smoke. That is obviously not the place pictured above.... I do agree there needs to be stricter enforcement. Having said that, imho, apart from nightlife, whole smoke-free areas such as Midosuji road in Osaka, generally tend to be smoke-free.

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Posted in: Christmas in July? See in context

No cool biz version of the santa clause suit with short sleeves...?

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Posted in: Germany scores in extra time to win World Cup 1-0 See in context

As much as it pains me, congratulations Germany.. for the 4th time, sigh. Well deserved if you look at the entire tournament, but this game itself Germany was on a number of occasions, very very lucky. Argentina certainly equal to the task, but in front of goal it was shocking. One of those goals goes in, I think it would have been Argentina's, given their strong defence.

Given the strength of the German youth and other players injured that are not at the world cup, this doesn't promise a lot for the rest of Europe in 2 years, and the rest of the world in 4 years...

What I would give for a Dutch victory.......

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Posted in: Argentina beat Netherlands in penalty shootout to reach World Cup final See in context

Oh dear, some of the comments about the Dutch. As far as entertainment goes, I guess we should just go all out attack against Argentina and get smashed of the park like Brazil did. Just for some people's entertainment.

As for the diving comments, just... don't. There was no diving in this game.

The game itself was very tactical, not much between the teams. Shame we lost, but proud to have made the semifinals given the Argentinian quality on the pitch. We'll try again in 4 years...

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Posted in: Netherlands beat Costa Rica in penalty shootout See in context

Haha pure ecstasy... !!!

I thought it was going to be one of those days, especially with the shoot-out looming. But thank god for LvG, he has instilled a winners mentality in these lads. Quality wise we're nowhere near Germany or Argentina, but with the right attitude, enormous drive and a bit of luck you can get very far. Costa Rica is a fine example of this.

Although we fully deserved this win, I have to admire them Costa Rica. They frustrated us and were lucky at times.

So stoked after initially thinking we wouldn't get passed the group stage. Argentina will be favourites I think, but anything can happen in this world cup. Being amongst the best 4 is more than I would have dreamt of, hopefully we can go one better than 4 years ago, but that requires more clinical finishing than today....

And Elbuda ... well, its early days since their (probably undeserved) loss. So I understand.

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Posted in: Belgium holds on to beat U.S. 2-1 in extra time See in context

Despite Belgium being the better team overall, I thought the US played generally very well, albeit a bit naive in the second half. I know Belgium are a dark horse, but they're not the best team in the world. Tim having had to save so many chances for Belgium seemed a bit foolish. Up front the US were missing a bit of fire power. Hopefully some young players can step up over the next few years and give the US that extra bit up front they need to be able to reach a quarter or even semifinal, while tightening up at the back.

Overall good tournament with plenty of positives to take from. The US games made the world cup that much more spectacular I guess. Looking forward to Belgium - Argentina. Here's hoping Belgium make it through to the semis, they're a very good side.

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Posted in: Is a penalty shootout the best way to determine the winner in the knockout stages of tournaments like the World Cup? See in context

I think penalties is the only logical way to finish it. Penalties are part of the game anyway and do require a certain skill and mental toughness. After all its part of the goal scoring process. If you can't score at least more goal than your opponent in 120 minutes, maybe you don't deserve to.

Over the years I've seen plenty of situations where the dominant team couldn't score and it resulted in penalty heartbreak for the dominant team. But tbh, football is not about possession, its about scoring goals. The only statistic that matters. How you do it, doesn't matter. That's the beauty of the game.

Btw, this opinion is coming from someone who has seen plenty of penalty heartbreak over the years...

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Posted in: Robben in penalty storm as Dutch sink Mexico See in context

A couple of things we, or I, learned from this.

Speaking from experience, playing in 35+ degree heat with 70% humidity is no joke. Can't believe FIFA put commercial interests above player safety and the quality of the game. Can't wait to see how Qatar is going to work out...

Also, it was a penalty, as it was a foul. Can't agree though with Robben making it look worse than it actually was. He should really avoid it, as he doesn't need it. However, we could have had a penalty at the end of the first half.

That's about as good as it got. Mexico was the better team for most of the game I have to admit, but stoked we're through. Glad plan B worked for Van Gaal, now he has to work on his plan A as there is lots to improve, mostly defensively and in midfield. Otherwise we're out before the semis....

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Posted in: Germany, U.S., Belgium, Algeria advance, completing final 16 See in context

@ lostrune2

You mentioned 17, not 16 teams. Bosnia did not go through, therefore 6 out of 13. Also Sth America has 5 teams through, not 4.

Some exciting games ahead. Hoping for a good result for my own country as well as more stunning goals and play. This World Cup has been so far one of the best tournaments I've ever seen.

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Posted in: Japanese fans drown sorrows after World Cup exit See in context

Not sure why Japan was so overhyped. Decent team with some very decent players, which could and maybe even should have won at least 1, if not 2 games. But always second-best to an impressive Colombia who could just take it up a gear when required.

Although I appreciate that going out at a stage that doesn't quite meet the (overhyped...) expectations hurts, it will all feel relative in a few days to a week. It is nowhere near as painful as, say, losing a World-cup final when you're 4 minutes away from a penalty shootout. Now THAT resulted in proper drowning of sorrows.

As a Dutch supporter I gladly would swap the 5-1 victory this year with a victory 4 years ago. Alas, there's always next time, I keep telling meself....

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Posted in: Chile send Spain packing with 2-0 win; Dutch hold off Australia 3-2; Croatia rout Cameroon 4-0 See in context

Yes, as a Dutchman, I must agree Australia played really well. Holland didn't, especially the first half, but part of that was due to Australia. Well done, wasn't looking forward to this game at all coming off a 1-5. Astonishing goal as well. Glad we got through though, but have to improve defensively and in the midfield. Not convinced 5-3-2 is working at all.

However, in saying that, Cahill got lucky with his reckless charge on BMI who was taken off.

@YongYangJUN Really? That wasn't an intentional "slap" in the face. As such, should have just been a free kick in my opinion. In any case, if RVP should have been off, so should Cahill.

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