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Posted in: Distrust between South Korea, Japan sky high: poll See in context

HOTMAIL, so sorry to say that I am not Japanese. I have been living and going arround Japan for 15 years now. I do not based my information or knowledge base on tv, books or any reading materials becuase if not all, most of it are poluted and influenced or sometimes paid by. I base my knowledge base purely on myself experience observation and self collection of informatiob directly talking to all walks of people in life. When I see Korean leader talking and feel what they are saying it was always the same matter over and over again. Are you not tired of doing this thing? Every body knows that we should not forget the past, but it much better to spend all the energy on how to improve things for the better of the future. Any way so sorry to say that it better to tell something to kid rather than a people who have closed mind and living in the darkness of the past.

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Posted in: Father dies sheltering 9-year-old daughter from blizzard See in context

****It was hurting me inside to read this kind of tragedy, but what we can only do is to find way not to happen this again. Can the government do some building shelters like along the highways of Hokkaido so incase of snow storm people traveling have a shelter to go? please, please give importance on this matter.

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