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Posted in: Senate OKs overhaul of baby formula rules in aid program See in context

Bacteria is OK for babies.

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Posted in: Ukraine steelworks troops surrender as Russian soldier says sorry See in context

Under no circumstances shall the country that captures a POW charge the POW in domestic civil courts for acts committed during wartime.

the Geneva Convention doesn’t cover the Azov Nazis. This will interesting to see what legal status they have.

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Posted in: Nearly 60 mil people internally displaced worldwide in 2021 See in context

They seem to have one common denominator.

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Posted in: Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine, allies See in context

a hacking group aligned with the Kremlin

what does “aligned”mean?

The Organ harvesting goes on in China.

get Tor and go to the dark web. Libya, (after the NATO destruction) has 100x more links than the previous champion India. It is also conveniently close to EU. Not so many from China so please give me your sources.

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Posted in: Biden leaves for Asia under Ukraine, N Korea nuclear shadows See in context

(Sign of relief). He can take a holiday away from his failing rating, illegal immigration, homelessness, fentanyl deaths 110,000, SARS-cov-2 deaths over 1,000,000, no baby formula, the rise of white supremacy, record fuel prices, alienating every women over abortion, climate change, superior Russian and Chinese weapons…more…

Hope enjoys his rest. But he still has to back.

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Posted in: Inflation, Russia-Ukraine war draw G7 finance leaders' focus See in context

They forgot the part about US initiated and G7 implemented sanctions against Russia destroying the whole worlds energy, distribution, economic development and food security. Just a minor lapse of memory.

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Posted in: Bill approved to enhance support for vulnerable women See in context

We didn’t already have this?

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of husband See in context

These stories make me sleep with one eye open, always say sorry, and make sure I clean the dishes properly.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

He has protection of his mates in the Lebanese parliament. Lebanon economy is collapsing and these “officials” will need a lot of brown envelopes. If he can’t pay, he will face justice in France, the Nederland and finally Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo medical school ordered to pay 13 women over exam rigging See in context

Why they have to discriminate against future Japanese women doctors. They are an asset. Their pay will be lower and they will never reach the highest ranks.

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Posted in: Japan to donate $2.1 mil to IAEA for safety of Ukrainian nuclear facilities See in context

You can’t call giving money to the IAEA a bribe just because they allowed The LDP to release gigantic amounts of radioactive material into the North Pacific Ocean. That would be a conspiracy theory.

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Posted in: 18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo See in context

The police are in Tokyo to protect Scotty. He has an election, and wants war with China. Regarding Biden, only threat to him is NK showing off their shiny new hypersonic ballistic missile or a nuclear weapon test. Both of these, 18,000 police in Tokyo can do nothing about, as they will be in some remote part of the sea in international waters or underground in mainland NK.

using the very cheap Zoom, with a firewall, will save Japanese taxpayers probably about $35 million. And the disruption of daily life in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Gun in 8-year-old's backpack goes off at Chicago school; mother charged See in context

Curious about if these things only happen America, or are many readers of this forum are American,?

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Posted in: Half of new UK nurses from abroad: council See in context

So Japan is not the only country that uses imported low paid foreigners

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Posted in: Israel approves ultranationalist Jewish march in Jerusalem See in context

The official Israeli response to violently beating with fists, boots and batons, mourners at a Palestinian funeral procession of a Palestinian journalist, that an Israeli sniper shot in the face and killed her, was…there was a Palestinian flag on the murdered Palestinian journalists coffin.

In other news, ultranationalist Jews will March through occupied East Jerusalem waving Jewish flags with government encouragement.


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Posted in: With Roe in doubt, some fear tech surveillance of pregnancy See in context

When I read these stories, to counter depression, I like to watch The Flinstones where technology involved non polluting cars etc. but then I realized somebody out there was studying the fact that a grown person was watching children’s cartoons and I’m being profiled.

privacy is a human right.

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Posted in: U.S. says N Korea may conduct missile test as Biden visits Asia See in context

No nukes. But they have a right to test missiles.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't to fly in baby formula on military contracted planes See in context

Not mentioned in this article, one of the main contributing factors was dangerous and potentially fatal bacteria found in one of the US biggest baby formula manufacturers. The CDC is trying its hardest to allow the contaminated product back on the market.

I feel sorry for these families.

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Posted in: Buffalo shooter let some people see plans just before attack See in context

This happened in country trying to send $40billion to a country that shares its government and military with the Azov White supremists. What message does this send to Replacement Theory adherents?

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Posted in: Japan to join U.S.-led economic framework during Biden visit See in context

Not a gambler, But I bet Biden won’t come due to a suspected NK nuke or ballistic missile test.

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Posted in: China blasts U.S., Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit See in context

China has done nothing wrong. Australia’s is in a different hemisphere, US on the other side of the world/pond and India is somewhere over there. Japan should not get involved in their provocations.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 75-year-old mother-in-law See in context

How can you stab your family member. I’ve seen stabbing and suicides before. There is blood everywhere. All over walls, street corners, it is terrible. I hope he can never look at anything red for the rest of his life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spending mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds See in context

If it was me, I would of either: one return it immediately and get the legal 10% finders fee, or, two, send a letter to some obscure city office official, then after one month if not replied, claim the 100% finders fee. The guy is a loser, at gambling and at getting a nice payout.

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Posted in: Japan's civil courts to digitalize many procedures by FY2025 See in context

My Number anybody? My solicitors password is his name. I know because he entered it in front of me.

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

There has never been a study of tritium consumption on humans to ever show even the possibility of an effect.

do some research.

the mass liquid release doesn’t only contain tritium. Cesium maybe extracted, but the percentage of Strontium, plutonium, the presence of iodine which has a short half-life is also worrying. Americium, and over 40 other radionuclides are still present, in unreleased amounts. Don’t eat seafood from Hokkaido to Tokyo is my advise. Especially bottom feeders, although migratory fish like tuna and buri for example, consume these and increase their absorbed toxicity.

what I can’t find in my research, is what happens to the extremely dangerous radionuclides extracted by the ALPS system? It’s a mystery.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs ¥2.7 tril draft extra budget to fight inflation See in context

We just gave a bucket load of my tax money to Ukraine, we follow USA orders to sanction Russia, whose economy is booming, while everything here is expensive, and I just ordered ochazuki water and rice dish, because I can’t afford the Sashimi set. Something is wrong.

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Posted in: Daycare center employee arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

Investigate his past. If there is a cycle, there is a humane medical castration available.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask shinkansen operators to advance quake-resistance work See in context

Investing in heavy lift military helicopters would make more sense than buying F-35s. In any natural disaster they have duel use. Of course infrastructure maintenance is important, but it would only take a day to remove the train, and maybe two days to check track damage.

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

I’m more interested in why 420 households can get a COVID present money from my tax money. I get nothing but the pandemic made me unemployed.

how do I apply?

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Posted in: Japan not considering new nuclear plants despite energy concerns See in context

Buy Russian cheap oil and gas and make it a law that all houses and buildings have solar panels. Develop geothermal energy to over 50%.

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