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Posted in: Police shoot man attacking Muhammad cartoonist in Denmark See in context

A Somali man wielding an ax and a knife

See? You welcome those refugees but how do they thank you? Threats, death threats, try to cut you in pieces, burn your national flag on your own soil. Now he's going to cost more money for hospital and prison.

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Posted in: Fukuoka man held after throwing wife off 5th-floor balcony See in context

and they lived happily ever after...

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Posted in: Vanquished See in context

He's happy because he won the right to live and he will be rewarded with some vegetables and 500grs of rice once he's back in NK.

Congratulations Kim Kyong-jin!

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Posted in: Fur of the Year See in context

fur is murder

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Posted in: Gunman commits suicide after injuring 3 in Yokohama shooting See in context

Why is it always firefighters who do ambulance men's work?

Because in Japan ambulances are in fire stations and ambulence men are firefighters...

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Posted in: Man dies after stabbing himself, wife and 6-month-old baby in Aichi See in context

Maybe she is not really innocent...Maybe she stabbed her husband, the baby and then a little bit herself and called the cops...Women can be devils...

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Posted in: Health insurance gets more complicated with new visa law See in context


Time to leave.

When they introduced the fingerprints and photo system at airports: time to leave

When they introduced IC Chip on foreigners registration card: time to leave

When they introduced compulsory public health insurance to renew foreigners registration card: time to leave

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Posted in: Uncle Carl See in context

open nationwide on Dec 5

It is Dec 5 2009 or Dec 5 2010? Because if it is 2009 it is too early, after all the movie was released on May 29 in USA. They should wait for summer 2010 or Christmas 2010...as usual...this is a perfect film for Christmas 2010 or Christmas 2011.

The Blu Ray and the DVD will be available on Nov 10 in USA...before the the japanese theatrical release... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1049413/

And you keep wondering why people download movies...

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Posted in: Should foreign residents have local voting rights? See in context

Permanent residents are taxed just like any other Japanese citizen (ie. Globally) so why can't they have the right to vote ?

So are 1 year and 3 year visa holders. Even most of visa overstayers pay taxes...Why only permanent residents? why only local and not national elections ? why only vote and not being candidate? why only japanese politicians and not foreign candidates? Why etc...

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Posted in: Should foreign residents have local voting rights? See in context

Let's see: most of foreigners in Japan are asians not whites, most of them are chinese and korean and among those koreans most of them are north korean, crazy Kimi fans. Letting Kimi north koreans and commie chinese vote in any elections even if it is just local elections is just like asking for political sabotage.

Why would japanese let chinese residents to vote in japanese elections? Is there any reciprocity with China? of course no.

And let's be honest: asking and allowing permanent residents to vote at the local elections is just like opening the Pandora's box. One day will come where they would find unfair to vote only at local elections and not at the national elections. And after that, why would foreigners be allowed to vote and not be allowed to be candidates or politicians?

It just never stops...

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Posted in: Junichi Ishida talks about girlfriend's great legs See in context

great legs? Riko Higashio? That's a joke right?

Man, according to the LPGA website she is only 160cm and 50kg, she is a dwarf...

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Posted in: Australian man charged with raping daughter for 30 years See in context

Australia or Austria what is the difference now?

What about a Merger and Acquisition of those 2 countries of monsters?

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Posted in: Waiting for Nori-P See in context

Her son's friends?

Her son is 10 years old. Those guys look like 20 years old...

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Posted in: Agency slaps Citibank Japan with sales suspension See in context

Basically the Japanese don't like foreign competition working in Japan.

Basically anyone, japanese or foreigner can open a bank account in japanese banks but Citibank is only looking for wealthy customers. You have to let few millions yens on your Citibank account. No japanese bank ask you to have millions on your account. If foreigners are obssessed by having a Citibank account, good for them, japanese are not interested in this bank. Also online english service is not really something japanese need in a japanese speaking country.

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Posted in: Ride for the ambassador See in context

So I take it this carriage ride comes after the mug shot and finger printing... : )

Diplomats and people invited by Japan are exempeted from fingerprinting and mugshot. Always so amazing to see US citizens complaining about about being fingerprinted abroad....

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Posted in: Speeding bullet See in context


Before you post.. try to get your facts strait... French TGV breaks own rail train speed record on april 3rd 2007, setting world record at 574.8 kph or 357.2 mph. wanna a link?... here....

FYI: On December 2, 2003, a three-car train set attained a maximum speed of 581 km/h (361 mph) (world speed record for railed vehicles) in a manned vehicle run.


What did you say again?

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Posted in: Speeding bullet See in context

Funny thing is that very few JT "train critics" comes from France, Germany or Japan so I guess critics from people without fast train technology is quite funny to read...

OPS!!...i mean the TGV still faster than the shink...

FYI if it is about speed, japanese Maglev is still the fastest train and actually no train in the world travels daily at 550km per h.

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Posted in: Mikitty plays cop for a day See in context

If you do drugs, your dreams won’t come true

They always say that but once they try some, they keep asking "why didn't I try before?"

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Posted in: Drink up kiddies See in context

To make it more real, more american, they should have tasered Minami and Piko.

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Posted in: Hassle-free espresso machine See in context

whaooo! Not even one bad review about this machine? Not even one about the price? Not even one about the design? I can not believe it! on JT?

“CitiZ” espersso machine from Nestle Nespresso. Designed by Swiss industrial designer

Idiot me! It's not japanese....this is why!

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy warns Americans to avoid Roppongi bars due to drink-spiking increase See in context

Just avoid all nigerian bars and clubs. Those guys are only about scam and theft. 419 was not enough, now they take the money directly from your wallet.

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Posted in: Forging false IDs for foreigners a flourishing trade See in context

Methinks they aren't flying back to China on private jets.

So as long as they don't make billions they don't really break the law. I was wondering how long before some here will begin to complain about seeing more chinese than japanese in Japan. Actually some places in Ikebukuro are so chinese that we will probably soon see chinese immigration officers asking for passport and giving visas to japanese visitors.

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Posted in: Hong Kong pop stars busted for drug possession in Tokyo See in context

Did they use the "I bought it from a foreigner" strategy ?

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Posted in: Helicopter service starts from Shin Chitose to Niseko Village resort See in context

It seems some here were expecting to pay the same price for a subway ticket as for a helicopter flight. None really know the price of using helicopter, right ? Just for you information you pay about 1800 euro (220.000 yens) for a flight from Nice airport to Saint Tropez in south of France. Price for a 20 minutes flight....

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Posted in: Police recruiting See in context

xenophobes are welcomed with open arms

Are you referring to your imagination about those hundreds of gaijins being shot to death accidentally in Japan every year by japanese policemen? dying under j-police brutality (I'm Rodney King remember me?) or are you just referring to your allergy to ID's controls by j-cops? Hey! I am a WASP! how could a simple asian control my ID and check my bag?

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Posted in: Police recruiting See in context

Are they hiring foreigners?

I was wondering how long before one ask the question. Let's see: a white or a black cop in Japan with an alien card asking ID's to japanese citizens, arresting japanese citizens, shooting japanese citizens (some here dream about this one)....one would think Japan is a banana republic in some gaijins eyes. Japanese would probably "enjoy" to see some american citizens cops working in Japan, and watching consequences on Youtube.

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Posted in: Mona Yamamoto See in context

Thank you Mona for promoting a film we already saw few months ago thanks to streaming. “Passengers” is really a BAD movie!

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Posted in: JAL Rabbits See in context

JAL has certainly low requireents to the flight attendance appearance

At least they don't recruit them from geriatrics clinics like those I saw on U.S. airline companies. However not really leggy those we have here.

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Posted in: Kyoko Kano says she refused marriage proposal from British guy See in context

What happened to her face on this photo ? Is she promoting the DVD release of Nip/Tuck Season 4 ?

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Posted in: Police search for car tire slasher in Hyogo See in context

Already know his motive after been caught: I got frustrated and stressed at job, I needed to do something to hurt others who seemed happy

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