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Posted in: 12-year-old girl dies after being hit by bullet train in Yamagata See in context

All of you armchair analysts would probably do well to pull your heads in and stop speculating. The victims left behind are the family and the train driver. As a driver for 35 years I count myself incredibly lucky never to have been involved in a fatality. The effect on some of my colleagues has been devastating for them.

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Posted in: PM curtsy flap as queen kicks off Australia tour See in context

Spidapig24OCT. 20, 2011 - 01:52PM JST Typical arrogant Gillard. Would expect nothing better from a drop kick PM like her. As the elected (oops thats right she wasnt elected now was she) head of Australia, a country which is a part of the monarchy regardless of her personal feelings should do the right thing. But wouldnt expect anything better from this scum of a PM

Well my obviously right wing monarchist mate I am 62 and I stopped standing up in the theatre for god save the queen in about 1964 which is about when it dawned on me that the monarchy have SFA to do with the running of this country and frankly don't deserve the time of day from us. It still breaks my heart to think of all the young men that died in WW1 for "King and country", those poor deluded souls may they rest in peace. And the really painful part was most of them were sent to their death by the bloody aristocracy that were given rank as a result of the monarchist system. A bit like the family hand me down that determines the next monarch. Gillard is the head of our government whether elected or not and as far as I am concerned she should bow and scrape to nobody unless she's bending over to gut Mr rabbit. Comments on the more unfortunate end of the socio economic spectrum don't serve you in a good light either.

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Posted in: Commercial space travel only a matter of time See in context

The planet really needs new and exciting ways to create greenhouse gas, meanwhile inequity grows larger by the second.

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Posted in: No surprise Japan's whaling fleet planning return to Antarctica See in context

An extremely sad caw of no one's going to tell us what to do. You are worse than infant children who are going to do it simply because you were told not to. Get over it whoever you are controlling this mindless stupidity you have more than enough trouble at home to spend your money on. The Japanese people should be as mad as hell and especially the poor sods that are still homeless following the disaster of March 11.

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Posted in: Shin-Koiwa station struggles to avoid status of 'suicide spot' See in context

Barriers on platforms are difficult. They must line up with train doors. As soon as the types of trains are mixed the problems begin so that is unlikely to be of use. Making the NEX stop is BS. Addressing the depression problem in the community would be a good start. And DO NOT give the problem any more publicity and it just might go away. Suicide by train ( reasonably often ) where I live gets zero publicity. And as for rail staff having to deal with mess, that is a disgrace. That is the job of people from the coroners office and emergency services. Japan needs to put its' phoney stoicism to one side and come to terms with human frailties.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

They have barriers on all of the shinkansen platforms that have high speed run throughs. People jump over them. The Shinkansen tracks are securely fenced and yet people get over them or jump off bridges. Nothing will stop a determined person from getting under a train. I feel extremely sorry for anybody that chooses to end their life in this violent manner but I wish to god they'd jump in front of a bus or truck which would be equally effective and not disrupt the lives of thousands of travellers. I am a train driver in Australia and have been for 40 years. Never had a suicide but I have friends that have had to leave the job or take early retirement due to multiple suicides and fatal accidents. How many times I have caught an earlier train than needed to get to Narita just in case this happened.

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Posted in: Naha air traffic controller falls asleep on job See in context

One of the joys of working nights is trying to stay awake when things get quiet. If you haven't done it you're in no position to judge. And as for the jerk that suggested sake might have played a're an idiot and I'll lay odds you are a nine to fiver !

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Posted in: Two Osaka subway drivers test positive for illegal substances See in context

Drug and alcohol testing is usually done on a show cause basis. It can be done randomly but I would suggest that most workplaces do it following a reportable incident. As for one positive followed by a negative........not two hours ago I watched a silly reality TV show where a young fellow did a positive roadside and a negative 30' later on the more sophisticated testing device. These guys have got nothing to answer for. I am an Australian train driver.

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