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The people getting all worked up over this, you need a damn job. This was petty to say the least.

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UsagitoSaruNov. 02, 2012 - 02:29PM JST

the military really needs to screen more carefully who they allow in..I know so many awful soldiers from the news and from my personal life and they give the really great soldiers a bad name all over the world.

How do you propose we do that, do you know the process in which civilians are put through to be accepted into the branches of Military? It certainly isn't easy, only less than 1% of the total population is actually qualified to join the service. They go through tests, screenings and interviews.

What is your solution, yes, seems that there is a problem. What do you have as a plan that allows those military members to have their freedoms at the same time ensure the public's safety from those who can't follow rules?

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Posted in: What measures do you suggest the U.S. military take to defuse tensions in Okinawa following the arrest of two servicemen over an alleged rape? See in context

I am not going to wear a Uniform 24/7. I serve my country with pride and dignity, how about if I told you, "You have to wear a particular uniform for your company", What would your reaction be? Its a FREE COUNTRY! Why? If you guys and gals read the initial article, these sailors aren't even attached to commands here. USFJ recently disposed of the liberty guidelines, to much happiness of the current sailors stationed here. As unfortunate this action is, I say drop the hammer on the two culprits and leave us permanently stationed troops alone. Take it on a case by case basis. And no, we don't allow just any person who decries I will not be in a gang anymore to join, wipe that opinion from your mind.

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Start choppin the little piggies off. That'll learn em...

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My last 3 vehicles have been Fords, and they certainly outweigh the Japanese vehicles that I have owned here.

The major topic here, is to actually open the market; In America, there are car dealers everywhere, giving poeple a choice. Where is the choice in Japan, nope, isn't one, either buy Japanese or die trying... The playing field isn't even, and that is where the conversation lies, get a level playing field like we have done for you in America.

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I am a bit ignorant about Power sources here in Japan, as I am in the States with the knowledge of both Coal and Nuclear being used with Wind and Solar gaining ground. My question is though, if Japan shuts down all Nuclear power plants, what will cover the load? Gerbils in a wheel??

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MustardKing, As free as you are to make a comment of such proportion, be mindful who gave you the right to make that opinion. If everyone could sign up just for a paycheck, I think more than the eligible 1% would actually do it then.

And no, not in the sense of a baseball player is a hero. I don't consider them heroes.. maybe a role model, but certainly not a hero.

Police, Firemen, and Military=Hero.

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How about we add that the actual picture is showing some actual sailors, that are actually hero's!

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Does anyone here remember the Gulf War? If so, you would remember what a Patriot Missle can actually accomplish, and an Aegis Destroyer, best thing money can buy for tracking a destroying multiple targets. There is no issue here, just push a button, and the NK Scud is bye-bye.

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