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Roger Jolly comments

Posted in: Dive into the world of anime with this year’s return of Aniplex Online Fest See in context

No thank you! Remote vents are crap. We want normality. There is no emergency at all!

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

Yeah, from preventing spreading it to foreigners, since they do not frequent karaoke, izakaya and soaplands! You xenophobic ignorant **holes!

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Posted in: Pandemic deaths in Japan low, but future success uncertain See in context

Corona mortality rate has definitely been proven to be equal if not inferior to flu... and it was determined also by and equipe of Japanese researchers! Wake up!

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Posted in: Japan pushes homegrown vaccines for coronavirus to secure supply See in context

There is no vaccine even for HIV, SARS-1, SARS-" that have been known since decades now... it simply is not possible or effective. It is just business... grab money for something not resolutive.

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Posted in: Japan pushes homegrown vaccines for coronavirus to secure supply See in context

There is no vaccine possible. Even if you make it, it will be old. Why people get so insistent on this issue? You have very effective cures with recovered people's plasma transfusion... 100% secure, 99,9% rate of recovery even in one week and almost free-of-charge, since the plasma comes form blood donations... You could cure it also with ozone therapy... a machine of really modest cost of a clinic that produces ozone (enriched O2), totally natural, that you inhale or use to filtrate through your blood through a simple transfusion-like process. Also that one 99% effective. People do not talk about them because they are based on natural elements that can't be patented and sold for high prices like vaccines.

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Posted in: Tokyo issues alert after 34 coronavirus cases confirmed See in context

WTF! But if more than half of them happened in a hospital?!

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

One more reason not to use ANA. Masks are useless as protection against the virus. More than anything I want to know how do you do to eat and drink....! If you have to remove them, what is the point? Or you stay 10 hours without drinking? Do we drink and eat in the toilet, one by one?

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Posted in: BOJ expands loan program for small firms by ¥30 trillion See in context

You can not give back loans when you have not been working for one months or more, because the money will be necessary just for restarting, paying off the debt you have accumulated.

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Posted in: Virus consipracy-theory video 'Plandemic' shows challenges for big tech See in context

Beside, if the video is really so evidently fakenews, why bothering rushing to cancel it?! With so many around...

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Posted in: Virus consipracy-theory video 'Plandemic' shows challenges for big tech See in context

They rushed to cancel it because it hit the soft spot. It is indeed a sort of a conspiracy in the sense that the virus not only is man-made, as Nobel price virologist Luc Montagner has publicly declared already weeks ago, after other Indian and other countries lab also detected from the sequencing of the virus DNA and the HIV rna inserts they found - which triggered the fast contagion; but it was also well known since last year: there are proofs of its contagion as far back as October. The impossibility of realizing a vaccine is also well-known, as well as very effective cures are also know (vitamine C and ozone, as well as anticoagulants to avoid its turning into pneumonia). Just government - led by scientific communities that are tied to farmaceutical companies, avoid looking into that direction, because it implies loosing profits for cures and vaccines that were in development already before the spread.

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Posted in: More than 90% of Tokyo hospital beds for COVID-19 patients filled See in context

That is an extremely low level of beds... almost worse than Italy. With all the money you and the government pays for health care. Patients without symptoms can stay home, anyway, since it is not a lethal virus. Only people with other pathologies are at risks. Numbers have been inflated beyond reality, particularly abroad. It is not by chance that Japan has barely 5-600 deaths (more than 90% of whom well beyond 70-80 years old).

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Posted in: Japan, faced with criticism, scrambles to do more coronavirus testing See in context

I do not understand all this hype about the tests... if they do not have the chemical and the manpower to do them? Besides, hospitals are not packed with sick people and nobody is lining up waiting their number to die. Why people is so concerned? Don't you folks see the differences between here and abroad? Why do you wanna be like the others... with all their problems...?

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Posted in: Pandemic sets Japan on course for deep recession as spending, services plunge See in context

What did they expect? That sending everybody on forced holiday for these low numbers for two months would have had no impact? Only the suspension of the international flights and mail service has plunged the business down with results to be seen until next year... Misery will hit hard Japan, since it is a country based largely on unnecessary services... you can afford them only when economy is going well.

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Posted in: Japan approves remdesivir for coronavirus treatment See in context

It was developed by Mantova hospital doctors equipe... check it out.


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Posted in: Japan approves remdesivir for coronavirus treatment See in context

The cheapest and best cure for the virus is the one developed for the first time in Italy last month, a cure that everybody are trying to hide from media and keep far from government representatives, and it is represented by the plasma donated by the patients that successfully recovered from the virus. Recovered patients donate some blood for free before leaving the hospital; the blood is purified, the plasma is extracted, treated and prepared for transfusion into the positive people at high risk. People get better and completely over the virus also in 48 hours, depending on the condition and the case.

Nobody wanna talk about it, because there is no pharmaceutical company involved, no artificial drug to produce and speculate on, no possible monopoly or economical control... because it is a process that can be activated and executed virtually by any hospital. And since it has been developed by an equipe in a public hospital and not by a university or a medical company, nobody wants to accept it. There is virtually no cost on it. Only the running expenses of the machinery and the personnel to prepare the blood and transfuse it.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay more to businesses that remain closed until May 31 See in context

And what about all those freelancers that have lost the contracts and jobs so far? Why their job is valued just like anybody staying home?

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Posted in: Experts call for more coronavirus tests as positive rate rises See in context

By the way, folks, I really do not understand why so many of you criticize the government for under-reacting... You would have rather stay locked in, without stipends, food, liberty for one-two month or more? Like Italy, France and other parts of Europe? Fined by 4000$ when you take out your dog or go fetching something that government and police deems is not necessary to you? If you are scared of the virus, or are the weak one, stay home! Even if you lock up the country, the virus is not going away. You have to cope with it anyway. You are not going back to normality after one month. Japan, Sweden and few others are the only countries taking the right approach in my opinion. You can't and do not have to stop economy and life. Virus is going to take a toll, yes. But so does influenza every year, among everybody insensitivity: in many country influenza-caused deaths go beyond the 10 thousand; thousands certainly. Nobody complain, nobody cares (because they do not happen all in the same hospital) and nobody lock up anybody for that. Yet people continue to smoke, eat like pigs and kill themselves on alcoholics (not to mention the effects of smog and pollution). People are given a choice. Certainly, my liberty might lead to cause somebody to get infected (I doubt if you are responsible and use proper precautions). But I'd rather be free to chose... particularly how I live. And particularly when that is my constitutional right.

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Posted in: Experts call for more coronavirus tests as positive rate rises See in context

Why are people so much concerned? It is well known that the positive recorded in hospital are the tested part, the symptomatic one. If you look at international data available already since more than one month, the rate is quite steady... 60-75% is without symptoms at all. The symptomatic batch is the remaining 15-20%. So, you just have to multiply the hospitalized number by the above percentage to know the average presence of positives... It doesn't take a Nobel prize, nor 130 millions tests to get it. And when you test them all, you can't lock up 70% of a county population for at least three weeks. The only way to cope with the virus is to have most of people contract it and go over it, just like influenza. Also because it is a same family virus... all influenza cases are produced by a different kind of corona virus. When the majority will be immune, you will have a sort of herd immunity and also the weak ones will have less risks of contracting it and more possibilities to get proper cure in hospitals, in case they get worse.

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Posted in: Japan coronavirus cases pass 5,000 as state of emergency fails to keep people home See in context

It is not the plague... 5000 positives means nothing. You have to see how mane degenerate. I have freinds that did the virus and went over it without any issue.

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Posted in: BOJ says Japan's economy faces extremely high uncertainty on pandemic hit See in context

You wanted the bicycle... now ride it.

Did you want the emergency declaration without emergency? Now face the economic crisis that comes with it.

You could have avoided it... and with all the evident cases abroad to learn from.

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

Yeah, all of a sudden big numbers... they have to justify the emergency declaration for an emergency that does not exist. It is two days you see nothing else than pneumonia program on TV without nothing having really changed... except you can't go to gym and most of your leisure places. Even with responsibility and care. It is absurd. Thousand positive cases on a population of 12 millions is nothing. Emergency is when 1000 start dying everyday!

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Posted in: Anxiety prevails over state of emergency declaration See in context

They are right. Because there is no emergency. Despite that most of Tokyo people have to lose jobs, money and they leisure time (while being requested to go to work) for nothing.

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Posted in: Japan Post to temporarily stop accepting international mail due to coronavirus See in context

A-holes! That's crazy! In the 21st century. Do we have to send it by ship like 300 years ago? I don't think that posts abroad act like that!

They already work like slowly like princesses for whatever is unrelated to NENGAJO and they do not even come bringing the mail a second time when you are not at home, like other services... you have to summon them...

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

Just accept it and try to cope with it. No health care is able of curing more than a very tiny part of its nation population. That is the way is simply is and that is the nature of an an epidemic disease. There is no much to talk about it or to prepare. You could just try to keep numbers down a bit...

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

Lockdown in Tokyo will mean only mayhem: empty markets, skyrocketing prices, fake news, general panic and depression. Beside, police in the streets? lol I do not understand why so many are invoking it: what's going on abroad isn't evident enough? And numbers are not going down. We already had a similar thing after the quake in 2011. What can't be done now that would be possible with the emergency state? Stealing people properties or imposing to hotels to become hospitals? They could do it even now.

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Posted in: Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity See in context

I agree with the policy that is being adopted here in Japan. The reference does not need to be necessarily Europe, because the situation is not necessarily the same. Societies are different, places and ways people relates to each other too are different. Here in Tokyo and in many parts of Japan people wear masks almost as standards and doing it is seen as a act of regard toward others, in Europe wearing a mask means being sick and normal people usually does not do it. And when people are told to refrain form certain things, usually most of them follow the indications, while in Europe the trend is the opposite. Indiscriminate test doe snot guarantee from contracting the virus... you need to do it several times in the course of two three weeks. But I think there should be more testing for suspect cases. All must be prompted by doctors, not single individuals.

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Posted in: Domino’s, Pizza Hut introduce 'Zero Contact' delivery service amid virus fears See in context

I find it a bit silly... any delivery I have received so far (outside DOMINO) was made to me in person. And you do not need to touch the delivering party nor to kiss him in the mouth or breath onto him (you can use your pen to sign, instead of using that handed by the delivery guy, if that worries you - beside, the hanko is your own...). In any case you can always wash your hands after that. It certainly will not kill you. There are so many passages in the pizza process that taking a pizza directly from a guy who (according to DOMINO policy) washed his hands and drove with a mask at any delivery, won't certainly give you anything to worry. If got no credit, then, and have to pay cash, wattch'you gonna do? Starve? ;-)

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Posted in: Nissan shareholders blast management over Ghosn scandal, dismal results See in context

It is funny they still keep on blaming Ghosn, as he was responsible for the economic plunge or he stole all the liquidity of Nissan. The plunge the company took is the result of the inapt and blind policy-making of people that do not deal with marketing and auto-making themselves and are only interested in profit. I seem to recall tha Nissan was not doing all that bad until allegations where forcefully brought against Ghosn, despite all the money they said he took allegedly 'illegally' (I wonder how that was possible, since expenditures and stipend should be almost publicly visible).

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Posted in: Japanese warship heads to Middle East to protect oil tankers See in context

Cool! But what are doing in the case of an emergency? Talk the enemy to death or wait they get hit?

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Posted in: Fuji flyover See in context


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