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Posted in: Train operators, airlines to suspend services as typhoon on course to strike eastern Japan See in context

Endless dramatizations and, as usual in this anzen-boke country, overreactions. Particularly on TV and particularly based on Tokyo, where nothing really happens (other areas have far more legitimate concerns). I am not minimizing the effects, but I have hardly seen foreign country being so doomed in their daily activities without certainty of an event occurring...

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Posted in: Organizers fear security staff shortage for Tokyo Olympics See in context

There are really so many people going to watch the Olympic performances, yes? I don't get it. It has really no appeal to me. You see them far better from home on TV. Why bothering enduring all that mess?

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Posted in: Japanese cattle farmers fear U.S. trade deal will be death knell See in context

Better be so... Japanese meat is freaking expensive and full of fat. Totally un-meaty... The problem is that American meat is no way better: steroid based. But eventually you got to eat something and in this city there is nothing really eatable: raw stuff, fried crap and shovels over shovels of rice. No cheesa, no ham, no pizza, vegetable and fruits at stellar prices...

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Posted in: Make climate fight 'sexy' and 'fun,' says Japan's new environment minister See in context

What a nonsense... while TEPCO tops have just been declared innocent.

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Posted in: Malaysia bans Jennifer Lopez movie 'Hustlers' See in context

I do not even understand why other countries bother distributing cultural products there...

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Posted in: Test marathon gives Tokyo a taste of what to expect at 2020 Games See in context

I am totally against this sort of events held in the middle of the city, with everybody held hostage and restricted in their movements for more than half a day, without flexibility for daily needs. People have a life to get on with and Tokyo is not a provincial town where everything stops in the weekend. These suckers do not let you even cross the street independently if there are athletes coming or not. I had endless fight with police officers in the past for that.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

Why they do not bottle it and make mineral water to sell or distribute during the Olympics...

If it is diluted, as they are going to say, until underneath the minimum, they can even earn money by it. Isn't it the same? The same works also for plutonium and all the rest of the radioactive crap they have there? Beside tritium will be absorbed by bodies and it will not get dispersed into the environment. Once dead, ashes and bodies are stored in cemeteries (for which others pay the bills...). That would certainly be a more viable solution.

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Posted in: Huawei plans high-end phone launch under cloud of Google ban See in context

Tom... that is the battery. I had the same problem. I had that changed by a private service since here in Japan for the Hua Wei store it was too old and unsupported. 25$. Now it works flawlessly.

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Posted in: Huawei plans high-end phone launch under cloud of Google ban See in context

Go on with it, Hua Wei. I think so far I used Google Play Store three times because a site re-directed me there forcefully for a download, while I never use any of Google Drive and etc. cervices... Just the search engine on-line...

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Posted in: Shinkansen to require reservations for large suitcases from next May See in context

Total nonsense. Make train slower, more affordable and more comfortable for everybody not only for damn salarymen. All of a sudden Japan woke up as a touristic country and now it realizes he does not have the slightest touristic attitude and infrastructure... This is the nonsense of these world-wide boasted super-fast super-technologic super-luxury super-expensive Japanese transport services... they are made for rich and specific people. And then the train stops for a heavy rain, a strong wind or a fly that topped on the railway. The same happens for city transport system: every tried to go to the airport by train from Tokyo? People look a you and at your luggages just like you entered in a church nude or dressed for Halloween... Trains are made for people, not specific users! Get them ready for that!

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to adjust tolls to curb traffic during 2020 Olympics See in context

Jesus! Can administrator be more stupid! Already highways tolls in Japan and particularly in Tokyo are among the highest and more illogical in the world. Then, what difference is it going to make for tourists? People do not come in Japan by car or bus... so the volume of traffic on the streets will be nothing more nothing less than during holiday time... Just excuses to steal more money, while no-toll streets will become a hell!

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Posted in: 60% of para athletes worry public interest may wane after Tokyo Games See in context

I do not see anything strange in this fact. Actually I think it is pretty natural. People is legitimately more interested in the main Olympic games, because that is the true test for the best of the world in a discipline. Paralimpics - and I do not mean lack of respect, be discriminatory, rude or whatever - is just hype to have more people for a longer period in the country, and more possibilities for less sport-advantaged countries to shine with some gold or silver medal. I am not ashamed of admitting that I myself have no interest whatsoever in them. The Olympics are, yes, a universal moment for sharing together the pleasure of sport, binding together people, cultures, countries, and for overcoming differences; but the basic never-changed spirit is that it aims at testing and proclaiming 'the best' in that specific sports field. By being restricted explicitly to those officially sanctioned B-series Olympic, participants with disabilities are indirectly but openly and officially discriminated as B-athletes far more than any one could ever do by pointing at their disabilities with any kind of description, in my opinion. Official hypocrisy is of little use, in my opinion.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

I totally agree with 'finally rich' opinion...

Thanks god I have no kids...

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

The immigration office has laws to follow and... its moods and its secret practices. People with rights to - like others - get refused their applications just because for that year/month the planned number of visas has just been released so they find any possible reason to refuse it. A child of a national Japanese may have his/her Japanese parent lost/dead with only the foreigner remaining. Not all the families are a paradise situations: if the child is under 18 year he/she is not Japanese and will still need a guarantor and a residency in Japan (not to mention money). I have been here twenty years, divorced the year I was planning to get the permanent visa and my economic and working situation has not changed, yet after changing the status, now I have to renew it every year, while before (in the same situation) I had it for 3 and 5 years. I repeat: nothing has changed in my work situation. Working trainee also is a sort of job. If the individual find a different solution he should be able to change the visa without problems.

Illegal stays, on the other side, are a different chapter and they should and are handled as they should.

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Posted in: China says protesters like 'terrorists' as Hong Kong airport reopens See in context

If protesters are terrorist, then China government is a dictatorship... seems fair, doesn't it?

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Posted in: Swarovski latest luxury brand to apologize to China See in context

Shame on Swarowsky, Zara and co. all apologizing for stating the reality. Prostitutes! HK is indeed different and independent. To hell with China and her wananbe ego.

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Posted in: Apple loses more ground in smartphone market See in context

No surprise: you need a loan to buy an iPhone nowadays. And not only iPhones. Why want a computer with a smaller HD of what you have been using over the previous 20 years, just to feed Apple Cloud service... I stopped doing also the backup of my iPad. I think the mobile phone market has gone out of reality... is there really people spending 1200 for a phone...? I got a used Huawei for 120$ that does virtually everything an iPhone can do (except linking to my Mac, of course).

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Posted in: Portable fans a breath of fresh air in sweltering summer heat See in context

A fan to blow on your face humidity, heat and other peoples' sweaty arm pits smell...

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Posted in: Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima See in context

It is interesting that 'getting rid of'.... indeed all the solutions are a 'getting rid of': dispersion into the sea (as suggested by somebody they could bottle it and give one of them to each Olympic visitor), injecting it into the soil (I wonder where it goes, when it does not become a tritium enriched onsen), vaporizing it (because radiations and chemicals do not fly with steam, right?). These guys are so bright...

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Posted in: Chinese filmmaker shines spotlight on Japan's wartime sexual violence See in context

Folks, get a life! War is war... everybody does the worst thinkable things when it happens. That is why it is called war. Nobody goes complaining or criticizing Germany now... Americans too did their share. So what? Go on with it, get a life.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

So I grab my tray at the restaurant and eat on the sidewalk...? Can I? lol

They are so doomed in their minds... lol

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Posted in: Another anti-Japan rally See in context

Move on, get a life, folks...! You're only showing your inferiority complex...

Do you think that people in Japan give any crap of these things and behaviors?

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Posted in: 11 dead, 5,600 sent to hospitals last week due to heatwave See in context

Why in Philippines or other countries where the temperature rises there is no such a mass-dying or getting sick for the heat...? I can't believe that they are just not counted.

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Posted in: Firms slow in applying to gov't program to ease tax hike impact See in context

Nobody is going to use those points because people like cash and nobody want to have their account and transactions tracked... even if a portion of lobotomized mobile-slaves seems unable to live without their phones also for paying and ordering Mac. You will see the recession this country will plunge when they will finally rise the consumption tax. These guys do not understand anything of economy. Company will be hit solidly...

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Posted in: Concerned citizens criticize Japanese gov't over worsening ties with S Korea See in context

"...a group of 75 citizens"....! Is this the public opinion in Japan? 75 people? Most likely of Korean origin or involvement (or anti-Abe). Is this a news, really?

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Posted in: Campaign encourages commuters to stand still in two lines on escalators See in context

What a stupid initiative... just like people had no brain to see the situation and to adapt. Many station do not have escalators, and others have only escalators. People walk or stand according to the time of the day and their needs. It there is a person that can not walk, people wait behind, as it has always happened. To hell with those few that stumble and fall or hit others... that can happen also on the street, caused by phone reading people, bicycles, etc. And for that they do not ask people to stand still on the pedestrian or not to commute. Let people live and regulate themselves by themselves instead of always leading everybody by the leash like dogs!

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

Mariuana possession.... 'crime'....! lol

What about Yakuza and the collusion of Police and public forces with right extremists and politicians...?

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

I followed the whole day the development on TV. No one has ever even pointed out how is it possible that such a relatively small building had no fire security, no emergency stairs and no other countermeasures against fire even if it was filled up with as many as 70 people... That is really unbelievable!

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Posted in: Record 16.6 mil foreigners visited Japan in 1st half of 2019 See in context

Totally gree with vanityofvanities comment.

Beside, I do not think that Korean propaganda will change so much tourists feelings: leisure is leisure.

More than anything is seems to me that the increase in tourism is a Chinese virtue born out from Chines tourist visa facilitations, rather than Japan really doing something for tourism (beside some more translations).

What Japan is not doing is claning up its cities and improving garbage disposal due to the increase of filth and dirth brought by tourism and anthropic frequentation. Shibuya and Shinjuku are turning into pigstalls, with mountain of garbage piled up in the streets daily and every sidewalk and walls turning into black. Thrash baskets... civilization hasn't reached Japan yet? Every large and minor world city has them...!

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

It is most certainly an American promoted action, since only America can gain from a crisis where Japan has problem accessing its historical partner and oil sources in Iran, a country that US is at all cost and without reasons trying to put under his feet.

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