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rogerthat1945 comments

Posted in: Fukushima nuclear cleanup stymied by water woes See in context

I still dont get why they didnt concrete off the part of the sea with a tide barrier (to contain the radiation leak into the sea a bit more); and build a Giant double-walled sarcophagus (with access tunnels) around the plant (I have an interlocking block system design that a couple of cranes could construct at a relatively safe distance); and dozens of large underground swimming-pools to circulate and filter the radioactive water; rather than putting the radioactive water into tanks that can split open in another Earthquake gamble.

Then they could have put all the hot soil in between the twin-layer wall, and concreted over the top. With the access tunnels they could still get to the parts of the plant that are dangerous. They could also then Concrete all the surrounding area to have the land tilt towards more water collection pools; each spereated according to radiation levels. Then (although I am not a Nuclear power engineer), I dont know why they couldn`t re-circulate some of the less radioactive water to keep the meltdowns cooler until they have a fix.

I suggested all this within a couple of days of the disaster online. But few other people realised how fubar the Tepco plan would be. They have a band-aid. And its been a gamble. I also had given a talk about the benefits of a new generation type of geo-thermal plant for Japan in the months before the quake; but people were concerned that it would cool down the Onsens water temperatures around the country. You have to laugh really... Otherwise yad split town.

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Posted in: U.S. auto safety regulator calls for nationwide recall of Takata air bags See in context

Not a word to Toyota Owners here in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan starts review of wartime sex slave apology See in context

Maybe Koreans keep quiet about any crimes they may have comitted through history?

Japan perhaps did apologise; but where are all the other armies and governments across the world apologising for their history`s?

You only have to look at what the Americans did in Vietnam to understand how bad things were the further you go back in time from the Korean War..... perhaps first to To the era of Ghengis Khan and the alleged Mongolian history of the chinese and Koreans planning the absolute destruction of the people of Japan.

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Posted in: Kerry tells Snowden to 'man up' and come home to stand trial See in context

P.S. In one case of a UK spy (suspected of something); he was found dead in a zipped-up bag in the bath, with a number of torture marks and lethal wounds; the UK spy agency did not look for him for weeks (and did not admit he discovered who ordered the killings of Anti-Iraq war WMD expert Dr Kelly and MP Robin Cook); and in that case Police claimed he tortured himself, killed himself three times, and while dead climbed into the sportsbag and zipped it up.

No; you cannot trust the authorities in National security cases. As JFK would testify if he were alive, or at least his brother would.

Kissinger much?

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Posted in: Sony launches world’s fastest Internet service, boasting download speeds of 2 Gbps See in context

I don`t know about SONY, but we live in rural central Japan near a ski run and tested our home internet speeds just now and they are higher now than ever; on average 170Mb/S Download and 70Mb/S Upload speeds. We use Plala. It seems pretty good for a budget Internet. I dont know how much SONY charge; but I am not sure then can match the value? http://www.speedtest.net/results.php

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Posted in: U.S. must grasp global impact of debt crisis: Japan See in context

Give Alaska to Japan in exchange for the debt?

China can have Florida?

humor aside; big problems need big solutions. I need paying for ideas that help (on a success basis only).

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Posted in: Secret Japan-China talks held over island dispute See in context

China knows it is surrounded by peoples who know what they are like; and by people who wnat Japan do do business in their countries instead.

USA is going bust; but china is playing a double hand.

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Posted in: 17 dead, 51 missing as typhoon sideswipes Tokyo See in context

QUOTE; "nandakandamandaOCT. 16, 2013 - 12:25PM JST Quote "Operators of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant north of Tokyo pumped rainwater out of protective containers at the base of some 1,000 tanks storing radioactive water" Now I am exercising my imagination, but what exactly are they describing here?" IN RESPONSE.... I understand your imagination (they have been somewhat guilty of averting the truth): but what it means is that a low wall has been built around the tanks, so that if three or four of them fail (due to cracking after another earthquake [or similar] or rain?, then they can stop it leaking away polluting the ground and sea with DNA-altering Radiation that lasts for up to thousands of years.

They didnt like my idea about a major design evolution of geo-thermal which I tried to promote before the quake, and they didnt like my idea of building large underground concrete lead-lined swimming pools for the waste/polluted water. they also ignored my idea for sealing off the porus seal wall of rocks with concrete to limit and/or prevent the flow of radioactive water into the open sea and fishing grounds. they also ignored my idea to build large interlocking special concrete blocks (I [conceptually] designed) to built a large 10m thick sarchopagus wall around the plant (with access areas) with a re-inforced concrete roof; all of which which would help reduce emissions in the event of another catastrophic beeakdown. I have other design ideas which they also ignore (ones to stop concrete cracking open).

I guess the Japanese Nuke industry prefer ideas from local people who were buying hotels and eating sushi off scantily-clad young ladies laid on tables rather than those of us who preferred the money to be spent on improved back-up safety systems prior to this PREDICTED quake.

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