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Posted in: 'Always' team impressed by Y30 mil vapor trail in sky See in context

How is the pilot able to control when a vapor trail is and isn't formed?

I don`t think it is vapour. If I remember correctly, the plane carries canisters of chemicals that the pilot controls to do the writing.

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Posted in: Tackey's musical runs into technical problems on stage See in context

Obviously he didn't put much effort into thinking about how his named should be spelt in engrish.

But that aside, I quite like Takizawa as from what I've seen of him, he does appear to be a genuinely nice guy. I wish him well with the rest of his performances.

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Posted in: A culture shock – generosity isn’t free See in context

Throughout my husband's job, I have met so many people who have NO RESPECT for an authority or even they can't act respectfully. It was a shocking experience for me. As I said in my blog, it doesn't apply to all American people. I often share this feeling with my AMERICAN friends and they totally agree with me.

Japanese people have respect for authority? is serious? Many, many times in Japan Ive seen police trying to give tickets to motorists/bicyclists, and they have copped a mouthful from the offender. I was thoroughly shocked. Japanese people love to brag on about how polite and well mannered they are. Ive seen nothing in Japan in my 20 years here that would support their claims. They are no better than people from other countries. Shop assitants clearly ignoring the non-Japanese in favour of Japanese customers, girls putting makeup on trains, drunk (guys and gals) asleep on the morning train fully spread out over the seats so no one else can sit down. The list goes on and on, I could easily write a book about Japanese "manners". Im not saying any country is better than another, but the Japanese have no right to claim they are the kings of politeness, I certainly wont believe them.

And American agree people agree with her views? I`m not surprised, on two counts. One is that they are being probably being polite agreeing with a guest in their country not wishing to cause offence, and the other is that they can honestly and objectively view their countrymen and recognize their own faults.

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Posted in: Japan's answer to next tsunami: a mini-Noah's Ark See in context

I think it would be a little hard to use in reality. If you keep it in inside your house it looks way too big to fit through your door. If you keep it outside you have to get to it, then get inside (and as we know those waves move very quickly). There is no window, so if someone is inside and someone else is trying to get inside they`ll be bashing on door to get in. The person inside might open it, not knowing what is happening outside, just in time to get the wave right in the face.

And as we saw from all the video footage, the wave brought in and gathered up more garbage and debris as it moved inland. I can just imagine one of these things getting trapped in very nasty place, or getting hit by some runway boat, container (one of those huge ones they carry on boats), trucks etc.

Imagine the initial wave carrying you out to sea, another wave might pick you up, bring you back in and smash you to pieces. It doesn`t look like there is anything inside to keep you safely strapped in.

I think in theory this device sounds good, but in practice I`d rather take my chances trying to get to high ground.

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