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Rohet Pokrel Nepali comments

Posted in: Y200 mil gold Christmas tree on sale at Tokyo store See in context

How come being robbed brings shiny and bright future. Sensei258 said it exactly right. Lets calculate, if the tree was made of solid gold.

The price today is USD 39227.10 per kilo which comes to USD 784542 for 20 kilos. With today's exchange rate that is equivalent to Yen 87129665 (87.12 Millions), so the profit for the store is 112 Millions yen.

If they would have said that they will donate 100 Millions to charity and keep 12 Millions profit that would be somewhat understandable.....what a Hypocrite.

Anyone with sound mind and heart should not even look at it, let along buying it. There are people dying of hunger and some stupids are selling Christmas tree worth 200 Millions. What the world has become..........its pity......

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Posted in: Tomokazu Miura and Momoe Yamaguchi voted most ideal couple for 11th straight year See in context

I guess we are more ideal couple but unfortunately we are average people and this disqualifies us from the contest. We met in Australia and some good time and had a long distance relation for almost over five years. In these years we contacted only through Skype and Line and whensoever we could have free time we organized meetup in Australia, Japan or some other countries. Finally, we got married and I gave up my job in Australia and came to Japan to live with her. I don't know any Japanese and I know I am not going to get a good job here because of my language incapability, in addition to that, we live in a countryside, so finding an ideal job is next to impossible but still I am here and we are having a good time. We have been compromising from last five years on many things because of our different culture too. I don't think they have gone through all these....So, I vote ourselves as the best couple of the year....Cheers.

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Posted in: Queen guitarist Brian May protests Taiji dolphin hunts See in context

Even if he is a vegetarian that is his choice of life. People in different parts of world live in different way and he should respect the way they live. Other people should not complain about what other people are doing just because they don't do it. I am a vegetarian as well but I do not complain about why people eat meat.

Dolphin hunting is a source of food and also income for people in Tajiri, so if someone complains about this then I guess they have to provide them with alternative source of income.

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Posted in: Queen guitarist Brian May protests Taiji dolphin hunts See in context

He is a hypocrite. Why doesn't he complains about pig slaughterhouse? The sight is more horrible and the sound pig makes are more heart breaking than Taiji dolphin. He won't because he eats bacon every morning. Hypocrite wants to be on spotlight. In fact I would say all meat eating activist are hypocrite even the one who produced movie Cove but it's no one's fault as I guess we human being are born to complain.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese brides rent their wedding dresses? See in context

They don't buy it because they don't have idea that buying is cheaper than renting. If they google, they will find plenty of wedding dress from China as cheap as 300 dollars or 30000 yen and the quality is really good. But Japanese people have been brainwashed by wedding companies and the level of trust in Japanese world is so high they tend to believe whatever they hear without doing a little research about whether that is true or not

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Posted in: Author Murakami chides Japan over WWII, Fukushima responsibility See in context

Why people just don't dump this topic. Whosoever was the assailant, definitely it was not thousand of civilians who died in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. No one has got regret and no one got sympathy, the more you talk about it, the more you are refreshing the pain of the victims who survived the war.

This topic has and will always play a pivotal role for gaining publicity. You show the sympathy this year, noble prize for peace may in your pocket next year, that's it.

Please stop bringing this topic again and again and achieve your dream by real work rather than hurting other feelings...

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Posted in: Momentum building on TPP deal despite U.S.-Japan impasse See in context

They should not move forward with this. This will act as a catalyst for extinction process of Japanese rural farmers. Only the rich and the powerful with United States seems to be gaining from this pact. Asian countries are in the lose-lose situation.

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Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

war brings atrocities and weaker are devoured through whatever means possible....if Korea would have been in power back then, then we would have heard about Japanese comfort women. People are just fighting over a issue which is not so important or new enough to create another same history for the future.

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Posted in: The Kong Show -- '12 Things Never to Say to an Asian Woman' with author Jennifer Chen See in context

It was not enlightening at all. I was looking forward for some unprecedented tips but the thought she put forward are everywhere in the Internet and they are nowhere near true and on top of that, this author sounds very arrogant. For every not to say thing, she follows with a very rude comment.

Q: Do you speak English. A: Dude, I speak better than you. Just say Yes or No.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

Complaining is our basic instincts. It is not Japanese girl who got problem, its we Gaijin who are hypocrite. Every country has different culture and if we are not ready to accommodate the same, we should not be married to girl of that country in first place. Working women may be norm in western nation but not in most of the Asian nation. So, providing money to run the house is responsibility of husband, how can one say she is treating him as ATM. It is so naive and immoral reaction.

I have been living with Japanese wife from last 5 years and have seen ups and downs of life but we come to compromise and that is what life is all about. Problem do arise in relation but we should be able to solve as being a superior beings of this planet. Coming to social webpage and voicing negative comments about own wife makes us no different to animal. Time for soul searching.

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Posted in: Japanese women reveal their biggest expenditures ever See in context

With brand comes quality and I am not denying that but is it worth spending so much just for a brand name. I used to work for a company like Levis and Ruffhewn and the cost of making their pants were USD 8.00 but we used to put tags of USD 160, so its 2000% markup for the brand name.

Also, spending 4500 dollars for Cartier is futile when we can get so many other good watches like Seiko, Gucci for much less money and they are as good as Cartier.

Everyone has their opinion and everyone has rights to spend their money in their way, I got no objection but I personally would not spend just for brand, because I personally, not only reckon, but is convinced and with fact that we are being ripped off on the name of brand.

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Posted in: Japanese women reveal their biggest expenditures ever See in context

Spending such a huge stash of cash on item which are not necessary, especially at the time of uncertain japanese economy, to me is out of thoughts. Especially brand. I look for good quality not brand cause we end up paying multiple times more just for the brand name.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

I found it hilarious. People are just interpreting it in negative way. It's business and in business there is no racism but profit.

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Posted in: Abe to attend Sochi Olympics despite boycott calls See in context

Abe does not have to follow what US and Germany does. He has his will and as a basic human rights he has right to whatsoever he wants. Medias are too biased to be trusted and twisted in the favor of the power. Abe in my consideration is what Japan had been looking for since 60 years. Pacifist Constitution do need a change when you are constantly harassed by the country which did not back down even to massacre its own citizen and your ally is a turn coat like USA & UK. Literally, without a rectification in Pacifist Constitution and moving away US army, Japan is just another state of USA, unlike other states, a state only for benefits.

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Posted in: Japanese watch Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit with mixed feelings See in context

Yasukurni honors more than 2.5 million war dead who died fighting for their country against just 14 war criminals. I have been to this Shrine and I consider each and every Japanese has equal rights to visit, where they are normal layman or politicians.

War is bad as when there is war there will be crimes towards the vulnerable nation and its has been repeatedly proven by history. Englishmen used to tear apart Indian and when they left, they created a deep faction between country states, from which India is still trying to come out. Germany nearly made Jews extinct and now United States is playing the same dirty game around the world. War crime is the part and parcel of the War.

If China or South Korea would have been in the Japan's place, I bet they would have done the same.

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Posted in: Gov't panel calls for stronger military to deal with China See in context

Awesome...lets not look at the history.....most of the European country have colonized one or the other country at times in past but that does not mean they deserve to be colonized. Same applies with Japan. Yes, Japan did colonized some countries in the past but power and victory has always lead to colonization. What US is doing now to the whole world, its basically colonization. So, if the country is weak and unable to protect their sovereignty, they will face the risk of being colonized and especially when the country that has fallen victim of colonization is rising, the risk skyrockets.

So, I don't see any stupidity in rectifying the terms of Pacifist agreement or even completely abolishing it. Every country has right to protect their border and their people. Its not the Japanese we have are responsible for colonization.

From 1952 to 2004, there were approximately 200,000 accidents and crimes involving U.S. troops, in which 1,076 Japanese civilians died. So, how can Japan possibly rely on them. Crime is different story and other important issue is of being a turn coat. USA is a corporation. Help comes only if there is a profit and I consider Japan would understand it sooner or later.........understanding this means saving billions of tax payer money as well, which they pay to US government in one form or another ......... for keeping base in Japan and starting all the turmoil.....

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Perhaps after negative comments from so many, I may get convinced Japan to be a racist country though I have never experienced personally but the unconscious racism that has been put on spotlight again and again in the above comments are no match to the racism that Japanese face in Europe, America or Australia.

I would love to see in my life-time at least one article that will deal with racism in Europe, America or Australia towards Asians.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Here we go another blog about how racist one of the Asian country is? I am a brown skin guy from Nepal but never came across any racial discrimination in Japan in almost two years, let alone, an American,whom they have a great respect for being confident and ultra modern. Yes, we go unnoticed in Japan but I don't consider it to be an act of racism especially in the workaholic country like Japan and whats wrong with their thinking about foreigners can't speak Japanese, when foreigner not able to speak Japanese is actually a fact. 90 out of 100 foreigner are well preoccupied in writing blog like this and not actually focus in the task that really matters and end up not learning the language even after they have lived there for 3 decades and later complain that they could not find the job, as they were not Japanese.

I can understand there will be some people in every country who may show disrespect to the people from another nation but we can't generalize the whole nation by judging on the behavior of these minorities.

But the main thing that concern me well above everything else is, why we only write some blog focusing on Asian countries when in practical the racism is deeply rooted in the western nation.

Writer is just looking at the fact from Western point of view, its more like white supremacy. I have lived in Australia for 3 years and I know what Racism actually is. People here claim overtly that Asian stinks and I ain't talking about just normal citizen, I am talking about everyone including high flying politicians. Here the resume are categorized on the basis of the surname and while looking for job, you will be offered the job in relation to your color. So, the grass root level jobs are for black and brown and white collar are specifically for white.

I have seen many instances on weekend where a person from white descent flared up a trouble and if any brown or black colors are in the vicinity, they would be help up for it by the cops.

There are so many other examples if I write it, perhaps I have to write for weeks.

Also, here is what I called ignorance leading to racism, one of my colleagues from Portugal told me, before meeting me, she used to think that Asians are barbarian and that other people still holds the same view towards Asian. If anyone marries any Asian they are outcast. Comparing these western thoughts with Japanese mentality of other national not able to speak Japanese would be sheer idiocy.

And if there are some Japanese racist, I don't blame them because Westerners are famous for creating troubles and at the end blaming it on others. Take a kilos and kilos of drugs and if ever get caught,they were set up and even their government is ready to back them.

Let me make long story short, Japan is not racist and if there were some instance of racism, I would push myself to believe the westerners had done something that spark the racism.

P.S: Did you know, mountaineers have made another mountains of garbage in Mount Everest. So, just imagine what impact it will have on the heart of Sherpa and their view towards the mountaineers.

So, Japan

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