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Posted in: China stresses nationalism in war anniversary propaganda push See in context

this seems like the chinese and korean governments are like the jewish people during the holocaust, just trying to promote education about the past so this doesnt happen again. which finally for germany to acknowledge what happened.

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Posted in: S Korean president meets Tokyo governor See in context

Around 200,000 women, mainly from Korea but also China, Taiwan, Indonesia and other Asian countries, were forcibly recruited into the wartime brothels

china and the southeast asian countries do voice their opinions about this. just because its not picked up globally or in japan papers doesnt mean it people dont talk about it.

Now President Park should get off her high horse and visit the Big Mikan for some R&R. I'm sure Matsuzoe has a generous expense account.

this is not about being on her high horse, president hu jingtoa and president xi have expressed the same concerns with the japanese government about the sex slavery issues. germany has publicly said they were wrong, but japan continues to back track.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules DNA test results cannot revoke paternal status of child's father See in context

So I guess I can safely sleep around with other peoples wives and have unprotected sex. Go Nippon!

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