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rokudenashi comments

Posted in: Shibuya's new underground station garners negative reviews See in context

I'm also considering changing my commute - maybe taking the Meguro-sen into Ebisu and Yamanote from there. After 2 weeks of trying different combinations from the Toyoko to JR, I've actually found the "demonically congested" exit 14 to be the best route as long as one uses the stairs rather than the escalators. Great for exercise, but not promising for the summer heat.

I find all the cattle-herd guards they have around yelling and directing everyone to be especially annoying. I'm wondering how long they can keep that up considering the staffing costs. I guess the thinking is that they will train all the commuters into certain traffic flow patterns. Maybe they will replace them with border collies soon!

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Posted in: Nishikori wins 5-setter against Cilic in 5 hours See in context

Good for him! Nishikori supposedly has top 10 talent so hopefully he can stay focused and injury free for a while. Would love to see tennis regain some popularity here. And that soft tennis ball crap they play in the schools is not tennis!

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Posted in: The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka sets the pace See in context

Yes, and it's nice and for those of us that do, it is a little unsettling to know that there must be a mandatory "tuck in" time so this guy can go home. Even scarier is the fact that there must be no employees on duty at night as they are all home with their loved ones.

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Posted in: SMAP to begin nationwide tour July 31 See in context

Are those numbers correct JT? 19 concerts with total attendance over 1 million? I have trouble imagining they could average almost 53,000 per show so I checked a japanese report on the tour and it said that the idea of the tour is that SMAP will be the first Johnny's group to play to over 10,000,000 fans in their total career. They are forecasting they will clear 10,000,000 at the final show in the Tokyo Dome. Again, this is over a 20 year career.

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Posted in: Expo pavilion See in context

Of those 70 million visitors, I wonder how many will be bussed in by the Chinese authorities so they can claim the Expo was a success!

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Posted in: Fire festival See in context

I've seen and participated in similar fire walks in the past. This is still early in the day. They will let the fire burn all the way down to the coals, then rake them out and then the monks and others will walk across the coals. It's a short walk and your feet move quickly so you never feel a thing. The monk in the photo is probably just throwing water on any embers that fly out of the fire. While these bonfires of purification are traditional, it certainly shows an utter disregard for the "natural preservation" that most of these religious groups claim to value so highly.

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Posted in: Nine for Aya See in context

Y'all do realize that Miss Aya was just another talentless talent 20plus years ago, right? She has always been sexier than most and probably her only real talent has been her ability to milk that for so long.

From her younger days http://torori.ptu.jp/aya_sugimoto_usagi.jpg

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Posted in: 'The Cove' wins Oscar for Best Documentary See in context

Look the reasons that people don't want to slaughter whales and dolphins are: 1. They are sentient animals. 2. They live in highly-developed and effective family units. 3. They are intelligent with high IQs. 4. They have an effective language/system of communication. 5. They are free, happy creatures that express emotion.>

All of those reasons could apply to pigs. The reasons people don't like to slaughter dolphins are: 1. They look like they are smiling. 2. They are very social animals which like to play and cooperate. 3. We in the west have been taught to see them as very intelligent, friendly, cute and innocent. 4. It is too much effort and expense for a food source that is not necessary, not particularly good-tasting, and potentially loaded with harmful mercury.

No doubting dolphins are smart, but that is not the reason people don't like to kill them. The dolphins cleverness may actually be the source of their own problems. I wonder if the fishermen of Taiji and the Faroe Islands didn't learn their methods of hunting by watching those sentient, intelligent, emotional dolphins engage in their own favored methods of slaughtering prey.

From Wikipedia, "One common feeding method is herding, where a pod squeezes a school of fish into a small volume, known as a bait ball. Individual members then take turns plowing through the ball, feeding on the stunned fish. Coralling is a method where dolphins chase fish into shallow water to more easily catch them. In South Carolina, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin takes this further with strand feeding, driving prey onto mud banks for easy access."

Another touching marine documentary this past year was "Oceans". However the scenes of dolphins, sharks and birds of prey cooperating to massacre schools of terrorized fish and of orcas (a species of dolphin) slaughtering innocent baby seals were a bit much for my young daughter to take.

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Posted in: Kick-off See in context

KSB - I should have been more specific. My comment was directed at bicultural's statement that only kids watch the variety shows and adults watch the news. That is quite a statement from someone who earlier chastised another poster for not knowing japanese culture. I would bet that the variety shows get far more adult viewers across japan than any news show. Just look at all the TV's tuned to Waratte Ii To Omou in the middle of the day when kids are in school.

I agree that many of the "talents" have an education and probably above average intelligence. Of course, that alone does not make them "talented" in the western meaning of the word.

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Posted in: Kick-off See in context

bicultural - if that is really what you think (and not just acting), then I guess you don't know much about japanese culture.

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Posted in: Whitney Houston See in context

Are you serious Moderator? How can you put a picture of Whitney Houston performing in Japan for the first time in 13 years, on a "news and discussion" site, and say talk of her allegedly old drug problems are not relevant?

<strong>Moderator: Because it isn't. Why don't you discuss her music, her latest album, her world tour, her popularity in Japan, her costume, what the concert was like, and so on? There is no need to rehash dirt on people, which lowers the level of discussion. Why would you even want to mention it? That is just being malicious. And with that, we put an end to discussion of her alleged old drug problem.</strong>

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Posted in: Hot tub See in context

Kudos to the Saitama Zoo marketing team. They been able to get people to come out in the cold and rain to watch rodents sit in a pool of water. Brilliant!

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Posted in: Autumn glow See in context

I bet there's a line for this spot to take a photo with the leaves framing the building!

November is absolutely the best month of the year in Kyoto. Unfortunately, as so often happens in Japan, the crowds at the famous spots really ruin the experience. Look at all the people just in this random photo! Much better to go on weekdays or to lesser known places if at all possible, and go by foot or bicycle! They should ban cars in many areas of Kyoto.

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Posted in: Actress Takako Tokiwa gets hitched to Keishi Nagatsuka See in context

OK, now I can get on with my life. You're a lucky man Keishi, I hope you realize that.

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Posted in: Happy birthday See in context

What a bizarre photo! As Yelnats noted, her hands are way too low. Secondly, his huge head looks photo-shopped onto that small body. Finally, how can any of you say they are "so classy" or she is "cool" when you don't really know anything about them. Nobody does. All we know are staged random photos like this which tell us nothing about them as people.

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Posted in: Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains See in context

"This should be a national shame for Japan."

This is not a Japan specific problem. It's problem wherever large numbers of people are crammed together and men think

Moderator: The discussion is about Japan, not other countries.

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Posted in: Japan studies noisier hybrid cars to protect blind See in context

"How about cyclists, those of us who ride defensively, don't listen to music players, pick our noses,"

You're kidding right? Picking one's nose while riding a bicycle is one of life's great pleasures. How can you call yourself a cyclist?

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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

Since this almost always seems to happen at pachinko parlors, why not make them partially liable and force them have checkers walking the parking lots looking for children left in cars alone? They make a ton of money encouraging people to get addicted and spend hours in front of those machines. Come to think of it, why not have childcare rooms at pachinko parlors where the parents can leave the kids in a safe, smoke-free place?

Or make a law saying that any child found alone in a car will immediately be cause for calling the police and the adult responsible will be fined or worse. They do it for illegal parking, keitai use, safety belts, etc.

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Posted in: Trouble in the hotel industry See in context

A very questionable piece based on a lot of unresearched assumptions.

"While the break-even for hotel occupancy in the U.S. is around 65%, the cost of land and employee numbers/costs mean that the break-even point for hotels in Tokyo is probably more likely to be around 70%—so there appear to be a number of operators in town who are losing their shirts right now. Maybe the first closures aren’t far behind?"

A very big difference in US and Japanese hotel revenue is the high percentage the restaurant/banquet/wedding revenue plays in japan, often higher than the rooms revenue. Often japanese hotels can stay in the black with occupancy rates at or below 50 percent.

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Posted in: 2012 See in context

Yes, Megumi the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012. As fate may have it, my schedule is entirely free on Dec. 20, 2012. Shall I write you in to spend the final 24 hours of existence together?

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Posted in: Packing heat See in context

The boy doesn't look at all like he is going to or from a sports day. And that bag does not look like something a kid would carry to a sports day. My guess is that the bit about the sports day was added to the caption because of the posters on the wall in the background, but that does not necessarily mean that this boy or this photo has anything to do with the sports day in the posters.

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Posted in: Runaround See in context

Why is Shinjo always referred to as "a former major league player" on this website?

If I remember correctly, he had 3 disappointing years in MBL and about 12 or 13 great years in Japan.

Huh? He was a mediocre player in both Japan and the US. Check the records. He is famous here because he was "different" and engaging with the fans, not because of his skills. I'm sure the "former MLB" label is added because the assumption on english websites would be that people did not follow Japan baseball. I also guess that your label of Shinjo's MLB years as "disappointing" are a reflection of him having to return to Japan. In reality he probably outperformed a lot of expectations for a player of his caliber in the US.

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Posted in: Mother and son See in context

Thanks for the great photo TokyoHaze! I'm sure you had a nice day at the Tamagawa.

Unfortunately, I still cannot figure out what is "on topic" and what is "off topic" when making a comment about a photo.

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Posted in: Mother and son See in context

Cute picture - but is that kid's hair dyed?!

Doubtful, most likely his hair is that color because one of his parents is Caucasian.

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