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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 20, injures 96 at mosque in Pakistan See in context

Tragically, theFu is wrong. (Sorry, Dude!)

Religion is just a tool to those people. Take religion out of the equation and you still have the crazies. Look at US 1880s-1920s. Terrorism was worse then (per capita) and it wasn't about religion. Socialism & Anarchism led the pack. And, of course, we had KKK & Friends reign of terror against blacks, Jews, Poles/East Europeans, Italians, and of course, Catholics.

Suicide Bomber traits vary by region and conflict. AFG/PAK SBs are usually throwaways...mentally slow, physically impaired, etc. They often don't even know they're about to die. "Abu, do me a favor and drive my car to my brother's house. It's next to the Embassy"

Also, AFG SBs got paid A LOT! When you're a non-producer and a drain on your starving family's limited resources, this is a good option. Especially if you're rotting away from TB!

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' fan favorite Mr Sulu is gay in new film; Takei disapproves See in context

Why stop w/ a gay Sulu? Why can't Kirk where an Ensign Rand style uniform? Then he'd have a good reason to cross his legs when sitting in the command chair.

I'm not a real fan of the LBGW movement (major ick! factor) but I really don't care overall. We've got bigger, more important societal issues in the makings. So as long as the scenes are modest, I've got no problem.

BTW: Perhaps an overpopulated Earth's gov't encourage heterophobia. (cf: Ben Bova's Forever War.)

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Posted in: At least 5 killed, several hurt in shooting near Pittsburgh See in context

For those foolish enough to think gun control w/ help: The biggest mass murder of school children in the US didn't use guns. The San Bernardino terrorist spent $thousands to murder 16 Americans. Two days later, 2 thugs used a couple of gallons of gas to murder 17 people in Cairo. The murder rate in white communities appears somewhat higher than Japan's (but definately much lower than Europe's) but my data is currently incomplete.

The mass shootings of last week were all white people, were they not? Which shootings are you referring to? According to gunviolencearchive.org, since 01 March, the US has had 8 "mass shootings" w/ 5 resulting in 1+ deaths. Attackers were black (2 events), Hispanic including one illegal alien (2 events), and 4 events w/ no description.

It’s sad when a bullied white kids shoot up Columbine (other fellow white kids) for being "in" The Trenchcoat Mafia.

Sorry but you're a victim of the libel press. As in most school shootings, the Trenchcoat Mafia were the bullies.

Keeping in mind only 12% of the US population commits no less than 50-60% of the shootings perhaps we need to concentrate on changeing the sub-culture that encourages that behavior.

In states that have the weakest gun laws, they tend to have more gun violence. You've got it backwards. There is a correlation between higher violent crime and stricter gun laws. For ex: DC has the strictest gun laws in the US. Their murder rate is more than the next two states, also w/ strict gun laws, combined (as of 2014).

Folks - Don't get hung up on the tools of violence. Nor the term "violence" itself. That's a ploy used by victim wannabes to make everyone else a victim as well. Violence, even "gun violence", can be good thing - Unless you want to be raped or beaten to beyond recognition."

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Posted in: At least 5 killed, several hurt in shooting near Pittsburgh See in context

Considering that, according to the FBI database, 95-98% of blacks killed in the US are killed by other blacks, it's reasonable to believe this is black-on-black crime. Given there are two shooters, in an area known for violent drug crimes, Wc626 can reasonably suspect this was "gang" related.

I don't agree we should assume the victims are gang rivals. There's been some major drug bust in that area since 2013. One or more of the victims could have been informants or witnesses. Shooters could have hit the wrong house (common problem w/ cops & crooks alike).

Of course the victims didn't return fire. Most gang-on-gang ambushes are one-way affairs. Even white racists don't think black gangstas are stupid enough to attack a dozen armed people.

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Posted in: Asia News Weekly: Japan’s whaling program, China's military restructuring and all the news from the region See in context

What has "Next some one rips you off" got to do with it? The Japanese aren't ripping anyone off. They're whaling in international waters.

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Posted in: Asia News Weekly: Japan’s whaling program, China's military restructuring and all the news from the region See in context

Japan is a Rogue Nation? Seriously? The IWC Moratorium, in its own words, was supposed to be a short time affair to allow the proper accounting of the whaling stocks & give certain species the opportunity to rebound. By its own definitions, it should have removed by now. But Germany's Boot on the neck of of the EU states insures 23 votes to Japans one. The Australians can't allow JPN to reduce its dependency on AUS Beef again, so they gladly spend millions in court to protect billions in profits.

Japan is not a Rogue Nation. They're practicing that civil disobedience the west is so fond of.

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Posted in: Sources say Japan may give planes to Manila for South China Sea patrols See in context

toshiko - $Sell or give? Seems Filipin forgot WW II history of own country vs Japan

Seems the Filipinos haven't forgotten. But the aggressor this time is Neo Imperial China, not Japan.

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Posted in: Olympic stadium to cost Y252 bil, sports minister says See in context

@sf2k: She didn't win a competition. That would mean she had the best design. Yes, I Japanese committee selected her design. So what? Are you saying they were incapable of making a bone-headed politically motivated choice just because they're Japanese?

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Posted in: Olympic stadium to cost Y252 bil, sports minister says See in context

Why wasn't one of the cheaper and far superior designs proposed by Japanese architects selected in the first place? Hadid has a long history of overpriced, and arguably low value, designs. Hadid has a history of designing overpriced junk. A Japanese architect is more likely to design a building that's quake resistant and would more likely take responsibility for flaws.

But to put things back in perspective, this is just the Olympics, a multi-billion $$$ economic debacle for any country that's stuck with it.

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Posted in: Tom Hanks returns as symbologist Robert Langdon in 'Inferno' See in context

None of them are nearly as good as "The Norman Rockwell Code", which is intentionally funny. https://vimeo.com/24662759

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Posted in: Abe expected to skip China's Victory Day parade See in context

China's constant whining about Japan's past aggression has only one purpose; to disguise China's present aggression.

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

Firstly, I love good satire. The cartoon in question is neither good nor satire. The real joke is the French people who thought this is the least bit funny.

Secondly, IMHO, Japan's Gov't needs to let this go...for now. It's not worth the effort & any complaints will be used against the Japanese people. I would just let it slide...for now. And remember the wise words of the great philosopher, Sum Dum Goi, "Paybacks a (censored)"

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Posted in: Woman forced to wear bunny ears as penalty for missing sales targets See in context

Sorry, folks. I'm (conditionally) siding w/ the Company in this case (at least until better info comes out).

ChibaChick is right. They couldn't practically fire her for refusing to wear the bunny ears. However they could fire her for failing to meet the requirements of her job ie meet sales goals. This article doesn't give any reason to believe bullying was the intent even if that may have been the result.

That said, if this had been US business and if she is a consistently poor performer, the company may have been trying to get her to quit so she couldn't sue for ageism. Or it could be a set-up so they won't have to pay her retirement benefits.

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Posted in: J J Abrams a good fit for 'Star Wars' See in context

I'm not holding my breath on this one. The JJ Abrams Star Trek story was mostly uninspired and dull. Great special effects but unlike Star Wars, nothing ground-breaking. The Kirk character alone was greasy, moronic, and totally unbelievable.

On the plus side, with Abrams at the helm, Darth Vader will be brought back from the dead as a good guy and Luke & Leia will discover that are not related after all, opening up a love triangle.

Oh, well. I'm getting too old for Star Wars/Star Trek anyway. Time to make way for a generation w/ low expectations.

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