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Experts and academics remain cautious about his vision of symbiotically merging minds with super-powered computing.

Experts and academics...and everyone else!!

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Posted in: Christian group launches campaign to get Folau back into NRL See in context

Now I understand why he was fired. The actual Bible quote is...

”9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 

 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.”—1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Who does this quote apply to?

All of us, which is why we all find it soooooo offensive and why Folau got the can.

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Posted in: Christian group launches campaign to get Folau back into NRL See in context

...after he posted a meme that said hell awaited "drunks, homosexuals, adulterers" and others.

Fired for quoting the Bible?

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Posted in: In apology, Amazon admits some drivers in U.S. have to 'pee in bottles' See in context

Amazon workers need unionization.


Also, the American and Japanese governments need to look into Amazon’s business practices. Specifically their growing ability to engage in the censorship of books.

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...but Kobayashi still refused to comply because he said they had not contacted him in person about the retraction.

Something smells wrong here. Me thinks this article is not offering the full story. What was the content of the two same-sex associates’ demand to Mr. Kobayashi?

In any event, they comply, and he will act accordingly.

No harm, no foul. And maybe these same-sex companions will have learned a lesson.

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@Thomas Tank

Thank you for speaking up against a social experiment that affects society and, therefore, every member of society. Especially children.

Children without a father or mother are missing important nutrients. They are anemic. A child is entitled to a relationship with and care from both of the people who brought him or her into being. But no child can defend these entitlements themselves. These entitlements must be supported proactively, before harm is done, for those rights to be protected at all. Depriving a child of relationships with his or her parents is an injustice to the child, and should not be done without some compelling or unavoidable reason.

And no such reasons have been offered in this thread yet.

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@Lazarus Knows

Thank you for your intellectual honesty.

That a new generation could only be born if lesbian and gay men ignored their sexual preferences and used artificial surrogacy.

That “family” is a social construction and, therefore, families were arbitrarily created by society and hence consist of a nonsensical foundation.

That sexual minority couples are anything “similar,” and therefore this is also a nonsensical description.

That you are unaware if all sexual minorities will be treated as equal.

Also, that two people are the “norm,” which means this is another social limit that is capricious and is subject to arbitrary changes.

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Moves to recognize sexual minority couples have been spreading among municipalities...

What are “sexual minority couples”? Who defines what “sexual minority” is? Are all sexual minorities included? All of them?

And why “couples”? Why are the “moves to recognize” limited to couples? Who decided this?

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What is a family? There are only two possible answers to this question: Either “family” has a fixed, natural purpose (a natural “teleology”) or it does not.

If the definition of family is teleological, then no liberty exists to redefine it.

If not, then a family is some kind of social construction, an invention of culture, and is fluctuatingly undefinable.

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"This is impossible, but if all Japanese women were lesbian or all Japanese men were gay, then do you think the next generation of people will be born?" Mr Shiraishi said.

Putting aside whether one likes this statement or not, is it factually or objectively incorrect?

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Posted in: Raised fists, kneeling during anthem OK at U.S. Olympic trials See in context

If you are an American athlete, then your fist should not be raised nor should you be kneeling on the ground. To do so is to reject the notion that all people are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights, which notion is the basis of all human rights.

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"Madame Claude built her mythology. She was a great liar, a fraud who said she wanted to 'beautify vice', which meant brushing all the ugliness under the carpet," said Verheyde.

Will Netflix come to support more films that state the truth that prostitution is not a victimless crime?

One could hope.

In place of glamorizing fornication, sex trafficking, and sex grooming, Hollywood could learn a lesson from this film.

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...she asked one of Japan's most famous writers, Haruki Murakami, why so many women in his novels seemed to serve a purely sexual function.

Is not the opposite true for "romance" novels for women? In either case, the femine qualities of women need to be celebrated more as well as the masculine traits of men. Men and women are different. Men are not women and women are not men. Let's celebrate this diversity.

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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' introduces new muppets in videos on race See in context

Are children naturally racist? If two boys are in a park at the playground, will they avoid each other because they are of different ethnicities?

Or will they play together because they have not been taught to be racist by programs “educating” them about white supremacy or white fragility or that they should judge others not by the content of their character but by the amount of pigment in their skin?

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Posted in: Mie becomes 1st prefecture to ban outing of sexual minorities See in context

Would persons who out someone to a suicide prevention center or a psychiatrist who deals with suicide be protected in the future if this becomes a binding ordinance?

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Rather than remove them all, would one phone per train be a compromise between the cost of maintenance and the cost of human life in a disaster?

Just a thought.

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Posted in: Videos of parliament sex acts rock Australia's government See in context

Is objective sexual morality still recognized in Australia? Does this mean that other countries will follow suit and reject sexual immorality?

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Legally every Japanese citizen already shares the rights and restrictions of state-sanctioned matrimony. Hence, same-sex marriages not being recognized is an act of equality, not a violation of Equal Protection.

Also, genuine love seeks total union with a beloved, and then the question is, what is that going to look like? You have to have a total union of persons, which these two women will never have. According to reason, we can see that people are heart, mind, and body, so marriage is going to have to encompass all of those and that is a vision that points to the male-female model of marriage.

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Posted in: In landmark ruling, Japanese court says same-sex marriage ban 'unconstitutional' See in context

Sexual orientation cannot be changed or selected by a person's will...

False. Sexual orientation is fluid and people move up and down the scale.

It is discriminatory treatment... 

True. However, it is justified discrimination. In other words, it discriminating between the proper use of a vital social institution, marriage, and a false one, same-sex unions.

...they cannot receive even some of the legal benefits that heterosexuals do.

False. The rights and restrictions of state-sanctioned matrimony are shared by all Japanese citizens equally.

Anyone with any sexual preference can marry whomever they love depending on that person’s age, familial relationship, sex, marital status, required documentation, required presence, and willingness to swear under oath.

No one may marry a close blood relative, a child, a person who is already married, or a person of the same sex. However much those restrictions may disappoint the incestuous, pedophiles, polygamists, and the gender confused, the issue is not discrimination. It is marriage itself.

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Posted in: Mississippi becomes first U.S. state to ban transgender athletes from women's sports See in context

Well done, Mississippi!

Pretending that a male is female helps no one, let alone the gender confused person. Lying to him by pretending that we are all confused, i.e. falsely affirming he is a woman, is unloving. We should speak the truth in love.

Pretense is not the solution. Therapy is.

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Still no stimulus checks due to certain Democrats holding up the COVID relief bill so that they could add pork to the point that only 9% of the funds combat the coronavirus.

If this is a Biden victory, what will his failures look like?

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Posted in: Japan says timing of Biden-Suga meeting undecided See in context

President Pro Tem Biden has not held a press conference yet. Is he really going to meet PM Suga while he is still hiding from the American press?

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Posted in: Next 'Star Wars' series to hit Disney streaming service in May See in context

“The Bad Batch” has a chance of being successful if...

...Kathleen Kennedy is not involved.

...the tales remain in Star Wars canon, i.e. abide within the universe of the Star Wars Trilogy, e.g. the Disney Trilogy is not Star Wars canon.

...character development is important to Disney. justice is NOT what the show will focus on.

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Japan's Civil Code requires a married couple to share a surname, and conventionally, the burden has largely fallen on women to change names after marriage.

A marriage is one man and one woman becoming one for one lifetime. Japan’s Civil Code did not create arbitrarily marriage or surnames but simply protects the basic social structure of society, the family.

Taking an axe to the root of civilization, the family, by interfering with marriages through superfluous legislation, i.e. demanding double surnames, helps no one.

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If women do not want to be objectified, they should not show off their objects.

Possibly this will be a continuing and growing positive trend in Hollywood where plot, rather than fornication, is the center of a film’s focus.

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House Democrats deliver Trump impeachment charge to Senate

Along with resignations signed by those Democrats who incited violence and insurrection since last March.

IF this were a perfect world.

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Posted in: U.S. to reverse Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies, Biden tells Mexican president See in context

The United States plans to reverse the Trump administration's "draconian" immigration approach...

The "draconian" immigration approach that legal immigrants support.

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China was also emboldened by a President pro tem Biden crying on camera and for also stumbling angrily at a question by a reporter.

China is more afraid of Biden taking China down along with America.

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Posted in: Biden pushes to get food, cash to crisis-hit Americans See in context

Americans would have had more financial relief several months ago if the Democrats had approved the stimulus check proposal...but they denied it in the House because they wanted extra money added for their pork projects and also due to an upcoming election. They did not want Americans to see another stimulus check with President Trump’s name on it before Americans voted.

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Posted in: TV audience for Biden inauguration tops Trump's viewership four years earlier See in context

Only 4%!?!

Pretty low considering how many people are in lockdown and stuck at home.

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