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Posted in: Switzerland, Scandinavia top global 'happy' index See in context

I'm a swiss living in Japan. I will survive :0...

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon dumps rain on Japan See in context

I'm located in Miyazaki City... It has started now, it's pretty rough outside. just sit it out and wait for tomorrow's sunshine...

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

They just arrested a 47 year old neighbour...

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Posted in: Driver held after car slams into 7-Eleven store, killing employee See in context

They showed the story this morning in the news. The victim had a brother, who died by car accident when he was a child (dunno exactly the reason). Now there is only mom and dad left... How sad...

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Posted in: Magazine survey picks Japan’s 10 best places to live in See in context

Miyazaki City, here... Great place, far away from the trouble, noise and crime of the big cities. Slow down, take it easy...

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Posted in: Weakened typhoon leaves 2 dead as it churns past Okinawa See in context

I'm living in Miyazaki City, at the moment strong rain and wind. Schools are closed for 2 days and no trains will run tomorrow. Guess stores, shops and offices will follow. Typhoon expected here from midnight until tomorrow late afternoon.

Got me and my family locked in with enough food and drinks for the next 48 hours :)...

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Posted in: Japan forward Kakitani to join Swiss club Basel See in context

Welcome to mighty FC Basel, Yoichiro-kun. A pity I just left Basel to live in Japan and will not be able to see you playing :0...

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Posted in: Japan's population target unlikely without migrants but door stays shut See in context

Uncontrolled and not well planned immigration will only let a lot of punks come with, as seen in europe (where i am) and america. If opening the door to immigrants, do it wisely planned, then it's useful. What's the point if you will survive as a country, but faces more crime, social problems and losing your own identity?...

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