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Posted in: Abe keen to cut corporate tax rate, says Suga See in context

NICE! Not that the likes of us will benefit from this in any way, though. Or does anyone REALLY believe companies will use the tax cut to raise their wages? Dream on... Just higher dividends for the shareholders, as usual.

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" While deflation is apparently good for individuals, it is bad for the economy as a whole because it encourages shoppers to put off purchases in the knowledge the same product will cost less next month."

Why do I hear or read this statement almost daily now? And is there actually any proof of this? It seems to be suggesting that people just put off purchases indefinitely, which does not make sense. If I want (and especially if I NEED) to buy something, what good will it do me to just wait for the prices to drop further, and in the process ending up NOT to buy it altogether? I think the logic in this argumentation is totally flawed.

As for that practice of handing your entire paycheck over to your wife: If both are happy with this practice, so be it, however weird it may seem to me.

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Posted in: Hamaoka nuclear plant to get higher seawall See in context

They may want to check for active fault lines underneath the plan first, before they go through the trouble of building that wall...

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Posted in: TEPCO to drop nuclear exports See in context

I don't think anyone should be interested in their so-called expertise...

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Posted in: Japan may be 'momentarily' without nuclear power: Edano See in context

@smithinjapan: Totally agree, and some good suggestions there. I'm sure businesses and individuals could come up with much more. The Japanese public has the momentum now, and that should not be lost!

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Posted in: Gov't gives preliminary OK to restart 2 reactors at Oi plant See in context

The two reactors "more or less meet the safety standards" with "37 out of 91 necessary upgrades still incomplete". Very reassuring...

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