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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context

Actually Emmanuel Macron did present a text (voted not yet acted) on security. The text is way more repressive and pro-active than any other before. There was a harsh debate about it but the pandemy made it a footnote on the news. He has already enough to counter the accusations of concessions.

But it's true that at a local level some elected mayors or others (of a very large range of political parties including Macron's party) made pacts and concessions over their own communities.

For the rest it's also nostalgia of the algerian independance war. The first letter was published on the anniversary on the attempted coup d'Etat (21 april 1961).

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Posted in: Female monarchs to be debated as Japan looks to secure imperial line See in context

There was the perfectly good system of the Shinnôke before the Meiji emperor. the Shinnôke were branches of the imperial family able to succeed the throne in case of extinction. it did happen in 1779 after the death of emperor Go-Momozono with the ascent of emperor Kôkaku, ancestor of the actual emperor.

There is still members of the old shinnôke, they could probably reintegrated the kaya-no-miya family with Kaya Masanori as family head (the fushimi-no-miya will be extinct soon).

They could authorize young Hisahito to have concubines in the future...

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Posted in: Top U.S. commander fears Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027 See in context

Usually a country stays with the same geopolitical interests, no matters what political regime it has. In the case of China that would be the old extent of the Qing empire, so they need to regain direct control or influence by client State over Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia. You have to add to that the new interest in the overseas (South China Sea, Philippines) and the places with important chinese population (Singapore). This go without talking about a wider sphere of influence (Central Asia, Africa). Traditionnaly China had control over the Amur watershed (in a larger definition of Manchuria) conquered by Russia during the XVII-XVIII centuries but for now Russia is not their foe.

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French government and french people aren't that skeptical but the government was too much aware of a backlash against a mandatory vaccine (french people dislikes mandatory things) and took too much extra cautious steps in the vaccination process. The consequences were to slow the vaccination process and to make people too picky on the matter. The article mentions that the proportion of persons ready to take the vaccine is quickly rising as the example of others countries show us that we are too slow and overcautious (thinking that others people can pass over us in unbearable). In brief, we aren't anti-vaccines, we are French making things in the french way (messy, over debated and individualistic)... and we don't like others people criticizing France, is our thing!

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I made a test yesterday and I am negative. Cheers!

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If no symptom and no real need for a test, it is better not to go in my opinion.

And what about ill people without symptoms? That could happen. You can see that place in Shimbashi isn't crowded and you have to make a reservation, I did not take another person place.

I always wondered about the privacy aspect of these photos ? Did anyone asked for your permission to be on the front page ?

Nope, just saw a guy with a camera, I asked myself what he was doing taking photos with a so nice camera (but others were taking photos with smartphones).

This photo has been staged the gaijin in the middle of the photo is staged, if you cannot see that then put down the crayon and step away from the keyboard.

The force isn't strong with this one.

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Posted in: 2,796 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan; 572 in Tokyo See in context

I made a reservation a week ago. The process was simple : I paid. I was given the kit. I took myself a sample of saliva. I closed it and handed it. It was over in 5 minutes. There was 5 spaces inside so I think 60 tests in one hour, more or less.

Thank you for the kind welcome.

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Posted in: 2,796 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan; 572 in Tokyo See in context

I was surprised to be on the news today. I don't have symptoms but I made a trip for the work and after a week in self isolation I wanted to make a quick test (just if I am asymptomatic). Seems pretty normal to me. Nobody was social distancing, that's why I am not looking in the same direction as the rest of the group.

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