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Not to mention, 'fully auto weapons' are already illegal to own for regular gun owners. Being educated about existing gun laws should be a requirement for anyone who wants to discuss gun control.

just because theyre banned in one state doesnt mean they illegal in another, there are still millions of semi / fully auto weapons , high capacity clips, owned legally by average Americans, until those weapons are reduced substantially the slaughter will continue. What is it with Republicans why dont they car about AMerican lives!?

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Australia does not have as many rich suitors to bring in cash and know-how. There are some, not many.

That's a fact.

heres the facts China is Australia largest export partner buys almost 3 time as much as Japan and is increasing yearly, ironically these same resources and agriculture products is what Japan need also. If Japan doesn't want it Australia will sell it to China India, Korea. Once again Australia doesnt need Japans money to be told what to do by them plenty of others wholl happily take their products

China: US$68 billion (29.6% of total Australian exports)

Japan: $23.6 billion (10.3%)

South Korea: $12.5 billion (5.5%)

India: $10.2 billion (4.4%)

Hong Kong: $9.1 billion (4%)

United States: $8.6 billion (3.8%)

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comprehensive study of statistics from Australia , Germany, USA , Canada, Norway , France, HongKong, Singapore, Sweden concludes that Helmet use is associated with odds reductions of 51% for head injury, 69% for serious head injury, 33% for face injury and 65% for fatal head injury. Injuries to the neck were rare and not associated with helmet use. Statistical facts backed up by research. So enough with all the propaganda BS please.

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Who says that the loser of an election is entitled to an equal deal or that they have any say in what is “acceptable” or not for them? dido, didnt stop the Reps stonewalling Obama when they lost the election . Karma always catches up with you in the end. LOL

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j weddings are just a money pit, best wedding I went to had around 200guests, live band , professional BBQ staff/catering , "Pig on a Spit". all you can drink and eat, everything was a fraction the price of a J wedding. informal weddings are the best by far

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but by and far japan's business practices has helped this island country to have the 3rd largest economy in the world. not too shabby of a mindset, if you ask me. yet it hasnt helped Japan dig itself out of economic stagnation for the last 25+yrs, within 20yrs Japan will be passed by India and be 4th. Japans economic miracle wasnt from its mindset it was from its was from circumstance, they made a good products at are very cheap price while having very few asian competitors. Now China has come along done basically what japan did in the 70s/80s and their economy has surpassed that of Japan, so that must make Chinas mindset better than that of Japan, by your logic

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