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Ron Barnes comments

Posted in: Japanese fighters conduct air drills with U.S. bombers close to Korean peninsula See in context

Some one Nameless is Begging for Trouble in a Very Big way could be resolved with a massive Nuclear Devices that Will Wipe North Korea Of the World Maps forever into Barren Land .

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Posted in: Headless corpse found floating in Osaka harbor See in context

Andy A very deadly ending

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Posted in: Strong typhoon approaching southwestern Japan See in context

To all of my Japanese Friends Stay safe.

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Posted in: Headless corpse found floating in Osaka harbor See in context

This is a Miracle Murder.

He Tied his hands together so he could chop of his Head.

Makes one Laugh at the Drivel in this report

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Posted in: Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet See in context

Burring Co2 is not the Answer to our earths Problems It has to be converted into a solid Like Limestone then Used as a Construction Material eg Cement for Concrete Simply Shale Limestone or Lime Co2 mig then into long tube rotary angled tumbler furnace The clinker then Crushed Bagged and gorn forever as a solid.

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Posted in: Cardinal Pell denies abuse charges in Australian court See in context

Sorry folks Id love to comment but now its in court we are not allowed to comment either way in Australia

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Posted in: One year after mass murder, culprit retains hatred of disabled See in context

the chap that did this Should be , The first person Japan uses against the North .If this ever happens.

just tell him Kim is disabled and needs help

As for all of those he killed my sorrows for ever remembering the sad endings they had.

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Posted in: Gov't to survey unpaid medical bills by foreign tourists See in context

This could back fire badly where Japanese in other countries as Tourists and University students and back packers could be refused medical help and lives will be lost.

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Posted in: Canada fires drive thousands more out of their homes See in context

Not good is any one taking notice of the climate change.

Japan has floods.

America , Canada has heat

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Posted in: Australia military powers beefed up for terror attacks See in context

Really I bet It was a last minute decision, But a Wise one,.

The Police Should Not Be Involved In Defending Against Terrism .

The only Answer Is a Bullet between the Eyes or a Heart Shot.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe admits having had extramarital affair See in context

Naughty Boy But if not Having affection at home then a bit on the side is not the answer

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Posted in: China invites foreign cancer experts to treat Nobel laureate Liu See in context

Well you can Remove 2/3 rd of the Liver and it will re grow But What portion of the Liver is Cancerous will depend on his survival Good Luck with This one But me Thinks its too late

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Posted in: Abe vulnerable but who can succeed him? See in context

Abe No 2 will follow Abe in Next election He will pull Something Extroidany out of the Ballot box

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Posted in: N Korea vows more 'gift packages' of missile tests for U.S. See in context

Simple Don,t let anything in or out Including Missiles Can be Electronically intercepted and turned back if the governments tried to research this.

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for stealing women’s underwear says he’s been doing it for 20 years See in context

One wonders Why he did not Buy his own thats very Kinky

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Posted in: Kyoto University demonstrates rescue robot See in context

With the risk of having my comment deleted as being non relevant.

I still think a small model will make great Christmas presents and give kids the knowledge to become future robotic researchers.

By making it in kit form and less complicated for assembly .

Making all components plug in .

Then follow up with a wall climbing tracked crane that climbs buildings for demolishing. which is very easy to design . both of which have space and Army possibilities.

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Posted in: Last Japanese peacekeepers pull out of South Sudan See in context

At present the way the world is going Japan is going to need all the help it can get and retrain these chaps for all possibilities

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Posted in: Eco-friendly bioplastics are in the bag for retailers See in context

Cardboard and plastics can be replaced by using cornstarch and rice starch for making paper and cardboard for packing

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Posted in: Eco-friendly bioplastics are in the bag for retailers See in context

Rice and corn starch can make editable paper and cardboard type products in replacing plastics

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