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Posted in: Y20 million in cash found at garbage collection site at hot spring resort in Ishikawa Pref See in context

Its Mine I put it accidently in the Garbage instead of the Fridge as the Money was hot Straight from the Laundry

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Posted in: Korean leaders, U.S. open door to diplomacy in nuclear crisis See in context

To solve this Conflict Little Fat boy and Big mouth Need a Boxing Ring to sort out their differences for once and for all times it would be a great site a sumo north k versus the big mouth from the states

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Posted in: Tougher than steel: Japan looks to wood pulp to make lighter auto parts See in context

it's a great wish but where are the trees going to come from as trees help us breath fresh air through photosynthesis.

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Posted in: Trump insists both sides to blame for Virginia violence See in context

Trump Father was High up in the KKK when he was growing up

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Posted in: Philippine police kill 21 in overnight anti-drug raids See in context

good luck to him drug suppliers are the cause of misery and death many users become mules for drug lords

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Posted in: Thousands evacuated as floods kill 143 in India, Nepal See in context

poor people always having tragedy and hardships

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Posted in: 312 dead as mudslides, flooding sweep through Sierra Leone capital See in context

poor people need help from the world

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

Designer in theory you can destroy a nuclear missile without creating a nuclear explosive chain reaction

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Posted in: Abe vows to protect people from N Korean missile threat See in context

Say if North Korea sent one missile Towards a nearby country would Japan be ready to protect itself first then intercept any missile coming its way while at the same time be aware that north Korea has Submarines as well also Insurgents Waiting to cause havoc in most countries as well

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Posted in: Takata makes another attempt to hold off U.S. air bag lawsuits See in context

If you make a genuine mistake you are forgiven

When a fault is found

you are expected to rectify it

When you dont rectify Correctly resulting in deaths

You are Responsible

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Posted in: Planet marks new highs for heat, pollutants, sea level in 2016: report See in context

We Know Climate change is real

Anybody listening

The planet is begging for help

Who cares not big Business

So every one has to do their Bit to support the slowing and Reversing of Climate change

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Posted in: Tropical storm brings heavy rain, strong winds to Honshu See in context

its Terrible there's Flooding and No comments Whell readers Do something Constructive and Help clean up this mess as it could be your place next time.

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Posted in: House consumes CO2 by using artificial photosynthesis See in context

Be warned dont breath or get it on your skin it Stings like all hell and can stop you breathing by swelling your tongue then closing your throat unable to breath

Formic acid is what is in the Sting of Scorpions Wasps and many other Insects can cause anaphylaxis

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy left in car dies from heatstroke See in context

This is so sad.

But Dementia onset can start a lot younger than most think and it gradually creeps up on you till you go some place cannot find your car and you are standing next to it .

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Posted in: N Korean missile tests spook U.S. base neighbors in Japan, but what to do? See in context

There is also a Possibility No 3

That a Third unknown party will beat all other nations and *will use the Biggest ever Nuclear device on North korea.*

Their way of telling Kim He is out of step with this world's reality of Nuclear war

They could reason if he Felt the result in his country ,No one ever from North Korea would ever Taunt the East or western world by threatening the World.s security ever again .

Not hard in this day an age of outer space Missilery thats kept top secret from all mere mortals.

This will be the Beginning of true star wars .

Also the end of the World we now live in.

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Posted in: Transgender convict seeks to be treated as female inmate in prison See in context

Well how does a prisoner get on that is born with both.

Years back when i was an apprentice we showered with an Mediterranean kid that was genuinely an amorphadite .

He/she was called Brice as a first name ,

I took her to an Apprentice ball where she dressed like a very pretty young woman.

She then later slipped out came back looking like a boy, but the breasts gave her away ,

All of us that knew her differences kept it hush at Trade Technical college and other places but was very funny to see the looks of some of the other trades apprentices look when she changed to guys cloths.

At the ball then danced with all the guys that she trained with.

She turned out a top boilermaker and pressure welder .was more female down stairs than male

So give this messed up trans a break needs to be where he can get physic help and medication then placed where it can work of its debt to society in safety from rape.

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Posted in: Nissan equips new Leaf EV with automatic parking system See in context

Wont need a drivers licence next but a degree in electronics

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for drug possession; claims he didn’t know it was drugs See in context

Honest Boss its Herbal tea and Granny puts it into scones to eat its Great for depression .

Try it their were some in the other bag what happened to them.

Silly Fool Who does he think he is I bet he Nicked it and for his own use.

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Posted in: 4 Southeast Asian nations, Australia, NZ vow cooperation on growing militant threat See in context

Ossan its Been smoldering in this Area for Years.

Now they are been beaten in the Middle East they want to destroy the world by spreading out their hatred .

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Posted in: Philippine mayor, 6 others killed in raid linked to drugs See in context

We in the West dont realy understand the Drug problem its Massive in the Philippines

It needed drastic measures to put fear into the sellers and users

To save the next Generation of youth from a drug ridden country running on with Rebels killings and drug empire killings of opposition sellers and informants . Drugs are a scourge on society so extremely harsh penalties are required where their is no respect for the countries laws .

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Posted in: Two dead, four wounded in German nightclub shooting See in context

This Is a Terrible act on Humanity and Innocent victims

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Posted in: Japanese fighters, U.S. bombers conduct drill off Korean Peninsula See in context

Sad to say Japan do not have a choice on this one as America is the one protecting the west and Asia from the unstable North Korean Asylum

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Posted in: Australia foils terror plot to bring down plane See in context

I hope they can make it stick this time

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Posted in: S Korea speeds up U.S. missile defense deployment See in context

The Country that Every ones not Happy with is North Korea It cannot Feed its citizens But Wastes Billions on War machines when it knows no one will attack it as they have nothing other countries want

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Posted in: Aso announces emergency tariffs of 50% on imported frozen beef from Aug See in context

Japan this could be a very Big mistake .

The Countries like Australia could put import duties up on All Japanese cars.

Not Assembled in Australia.

As well also port duties and even on every item Japan exports to Australia .

Then increase all prices on Iron ore Limestone Coal Lithium Minerals of rare earth Copper Nichole Lead Zinc etc

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Posted in: Oct 2 trial date set in Kim Jong Nam's killing in Malaysia See in context

They are Innocent

Some one has to take the blame .

So they took 2 dumb bimbos and now are going to appease Kim who whatever,

His name Nuclear charlie

So Kim who ,. - wont attack Asia only the Western countries like Australia that has kept mostly out of his face.

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Posted in: Cardinal Pell denies abuse charges in Australian court See in context

No his lawyers have pleaded not guilty .till they hear the evidence then the farther will enter his plea

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Posted in: 4 bodies found in park, believed to be missing family See in context

Its so sad these people dont seek medical help before it comes to this . A family lost forever for what one will never know what this family went through for this to happen . May they now rest in peace.

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Posted in: Olympics: Tokyo 2020 living with specter of killer quake See in context

Terrorism can strike any where its a matter how smart the Police and organizers are also cost over runs are usually not caused by allowances of finance but Greed from builders and local councils . Their should be built into the Contracts that any cost over run is to be met by the contractor that won the winning bid on Construction that forces them to be more open and not greedy .

Ps All contracts Written by me always had this over run clause with no objections.


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Posted in: Assemblywomen ask Miyagi governor to take down suggestive PR video See in context

To all the Knockers and Miss readers .

I personally think this add is great and gets across its message very clear .

Not sexual but sensual like having the Love of Food etc

So knockers leave her past alone and be happy with the add as that is all it is a very well constructed add that has created comment and interest.

Its not promoting underage sex or any thing else of a sexual nature so knockers grow up become of age its the twentieth century now.

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