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Posted in: Vouching for Trump, Obama says U.S. will maintain alliances See in context

Trump is not a critical thinker and is uninterested to learn policy. Presidents that are unintellectual (Trump, GW Bush, Reagan) always claim to surround themselves with "good, strong people".

In other words -- Clueless policy and critical thinking presidents are easily manipulated by their handlers when it comes to decisions. It will be interesting to see how Trump will "govern"...with Pence (building a Theocracy), Bannon (shaping his vision for white nationalists), and perhaps John Bolton (a militant neocon with an enthusiasm bombing other countries into 'peace')

Obama's legacy will undoubtedly rise after a Trump presidency.

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Posted in: Melania Trump ignites GOP convention after gloom, turmoil See in context

Interesting how the "family value party" is the first in history to have a former nude model speak at a presidential party's national convention !

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