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The credible source, someone in Wash DC codenamed FEARMONGER, has delivered this info to coax would-be travellers to the US to accept the uber-privacy invasions by TSA for your "safety". Best solution is: DON'T FLY TO/THROUGH USA. So anyone with any implant may soon experience "enhanced security procedures". Land of the Free?

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The main problem is US GOV is WAY TOO BIG!! To reduce the national debt : -eliminate the welfare state altogether, the New Deal would have been more aptly named The RAW Deal. -return the power from federal to the local level as envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. -cease and desist from Imperialist Expansion/Interventionalism, stop the spending on the war machine.

Raising the debt ceiling (again and again) will only lead to a bigger fall. The Republicans are partially right, but the ENTIRE government needs to be downsized to the bare minimum. The ForeFathers would have placed many more and clearer limitations to power had they forseen the fiscal irresponsibility that has been pervasive since after the Civil War, not to mention the abuses of powers and perversions of legislature. NO NEW TAXES!!

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