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Posted in: Ukraine PM says his country needs missiles, but expects new U.S. aid to come through See in context

Russia will eventually crush Ukraine but Zelensky will be safely housed in the US with the massive wealth he’s skimmed off the money from numerous countries believing his lies.

Japans government has fallen off this scam and the Japanese taxpayers will be ‘on the hook’ for payback! Japan needs to care for itself and let the fall as they may in Ukraine!

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Posted in: Kishida grateful to N Korean leader for quake sympathy message See in context

With the endless need for World Peace…PM Kishidas cordial response was the sign of a statesman. The American/ WEF and globalist lust to control the world will result in horror beyond imagining. Japan is its own nation and being a puppet of America will serve no positive purpose for Japan!

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Posted in: Kishida says policies necessary; doesn't care what names he's called See in context

Financial mistake #1 the massive cash infusion to Zelensky!

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Posted in: Foreign minister Hayashi visits Ukraine with business leaders to discuss reconstruction See in context

Ukraine is a ‘black hole’ when it comes to money…zero accountability for any cash that Zelensky gets from donors’ world wide!

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Posted in: Fukushima treated water release spawns misinformation See in context

China/CCP has a desire to destroy Japans economy! This is one avenue to achieve that goal!

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Posted in: Typhoon moves north over Sea of Japan, leaving 60 injured in wake See in context

Heavy powerful wind in Wakayama where we live not much rain but the house shook like an earthquake hit it. The intense wind went on all night!

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Posted in: Renewed interest in sumo proves big pull for tourists See in context

I recall the great days of Kaio and ‘Robo Cop’…Asashoryu and Haramafuji! Those were truly great years!

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya deputy mayor resigns for calling assemblywoman 'pig' See in context

‘Tempest in a teacup’! DEI will create more of these!

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Posted in: Kishida apologizes for My Number card mishaps as ratings slide See in context

One more self indulgent political party…as in the US! The folks are basically on their own!

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Posted in: Kishida apologizes for My Number card mishaps as ratings slide See in context

PM Kishida needs to spend a lot more time in Japan fixing serious issues here rather than hanging out with the WEF, G-7 and world leaders who could careless about Japan!

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Posted in: Japan boosts cooperation with NATO, aid for Ukraine See in context

Kishidas pandering to the G-7 and Biden will lead to a bad end…I’ve seen war…it’s beyond anything you can imagine!

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Posted in: 27% of Japan's nursing homes face bankruptcy due to price hikes: survey See in context

Money being wasted on a border clash between Russia and Ukraine is better spent here on the citizens of Japan.

Kishida needs not be Bidens yes man in Japan!

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Posted in: Heavy rain lashes western Japan, leaving 1 dead, 2 missing See in context

That storm here in Wakayama was like a typhoon…huge amount of rain and off the charts wind!

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Posted in: Tokyo area enters power-saving period amid tight supply forecast See in context

If there’s not enough power to keep folks cool…where’s the power going to come from to power all the Green New Deal projects.

All that taxpayers cash being sent to Ukraine might better be spent here to help with the electric power issues here!

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Posted in: Japan to provide $5 mil in support after Ukraine dam collapse See in context

A simple question…where’s all the money Kishida has given Zelensky coming from? Higher taxes, cutbacks on social welfare, lowering wages. As long as Kishida follows the bidding of the G7 and Biden the future is dim!

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Posted in: Japan says it will destroy any North Korean missile that violates its territory See in context

With the continuing border war debacle between Ukraine and Russia Kim sees an opportunity to launch missile s and now a satellite. He his a war monger. Left un-leashed he will eventually reek havoc!

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Posted in: Japan to mobilize $1 billion to help nations around Ukraine accept refugees See in context

Seems as though Ukraine is more important to Kishida than the citizens of Japan. The Russia/Ukraine border issue goes back hundreds of years. And it’s foolish to throw good money that could benefit Japan at this border conflict that could have been stopped early on if Boris Johnson and Biden had not interfered. Reading the history of this area is very important to get the entire picture on this.

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Posted in: Biden hints at skipping G7 summit in Japan trip due to debt ceiling impasse See in context

One must wonder who he will send in his stead!

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Posted in: Four minors detained after Rolex store heist in Tokyo's Ginza district See in context

In the US it’s called ‘smash and grab’…it’s very popular in big cities like LA, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City.

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Posted in: LDP resistance imperils passage of Japan LGBT law before G7 summit See in context

To quote William Shakespeare…” A tempest in a teapot”!

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Posted in: Kishida seeks closer ties with Africa in bid to woo 'Global South' See in context

As with Ukraine throwing money at Africa while ignoring the needs of the Japanese people is irresponsible!

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Posted in: Railway's 150th anniversary in Japan See in context

Nice to see the Emperor and Empress out and about!

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Posted in: Flying green See in context

Abandoning a proven energy source (fossil fuel) for the GND pipe dream is idiocy beyond the pale!

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Posted in: NPO, citizens call for Japan aid for poison gas victims in China See in context

Mao’s regime killed at least 20 million of his own people!

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Posted in: The controversy over Abe's state funeral See in context

Kishida loves to spend the taxes on money for this funeral as well as massive amounts to Ukraine…neither of which has a financial return!

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Posted in: Kishida calls for U.N. reforms to address Russian aggression See in context

Job 1 Kishida…take care of JAPAN! Folks here have suffered since you sanctioned Russia!

LNG now must be imported from Australia! What about kerosene for the heaters we use during Winter. Japan is it’s own nation it’s not part of Biden’s America.

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Posted in: Obama to skip Abe's state funeral; Hagerty to attend See in context

If nothing is to be gained…Obama will disappear.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress leave for Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

Wishing the Imperial Family a safe journey…but IMO it is an unwarranted expense as well as the chance of an infection that could have a less than positive effect! The PM Kishida should make the trip caring condolences from the Imperial Family!

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Posted in: Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide See in context

Solar and wind are not a viable source of energy! The world whines about Nuclear power while it is sustainable!

China builds numerous coal powered electric energy plants as does India as the eco-warriors clamber against fossil fuel China has no trust in fantasy renewable energy. It’s a fools errand to continue to tout renewable solar and wind when the battery technology and grids are unable to meet the demands that will be thrust upon them if the ‘green’ folly takes serious hold in the world!

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Posted in: Japan to pledge around $30 billion in African aid at conference: report See in context

Why??? Japanese citizens need help! The accountability for that is zero..,China has huge interests in Africa and the African rulers happily take Chinese money and will happily take Japanese money as well where it disappears into the Black Hole called Africa!

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